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Naamkaran 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 19th December 2017 Episode Start With Vidyut shouting stop the car, Neo is planting a bomb in the truck. He sees the truck blasting and gets shocked. He says how did he disappear. Neil says the one who doesn’t get caught by the law, Neo ruins them like this, you will face this for the injustice done with Avni. Tara and Sitara praise Avni. Mausi says go and call Avni. Sunehri comes there and dances happily. They all ask for Avni. Vidyut says Neil has done this. The man says how can Neil do this, he is in front of us, at his home. The men see Neil’s 3D image. Avni recalls Vidyut and Neil’s words.

Neil comes to Neela. Neela says if I didn’t fix the bug to Vidyut’s coat, you would have not known the risk, till when will you play this dangerous game. Neil says till Vidyut gets ruined, till he accepts his crime, this was the only way to save Avni from Vidyut. Vidyut says I know Neil is behind this, he wants revenge from me, I attacked on his heart, so he is attacking on my business. The man says Neil is at his home. Vidyut beats them up and says its Neil behind these attacks, I m not able to understand how.

Neil thinks of Avni and says I wish I was there that day, I would have not let Vidyut succeed, I can’t change whatever happened, I have the pain in my heart about the injustice happened with you, I promise I will get you back in my life. Everyone asks Sunehri to stop dance. Monica and her gang comes there. Constables worry seeing Monica and leave. Monica jokes on Tara and Sitara. She asks them to start the movie from the beginning. She asks Sunehri to get tea for her. Sunehra says I don’t like taking orders, I ignite fire in people’s heart by my dance. Monica asks her to show her dance and ignite fire. She drags Sunehri and throws away the burning coals, asking Sunehri to dance over it. A girl asks Avni to come fast, a new prisoner is misbehaving with Sunehri. Sunehri says I won’t dance, let me go. Monica says remove your shoes.

She forces Sunehri and laughs. Avni asks can’t you hear it, she is saying no. Mausi says just Avni will make this girl fine now. Avni asks Monica to leave Sunehri. Monica says sorry Avni Didi, or Dada, I have heard your name a lot, Monica rules the place, you stop showing concern for these prisoners, it will happen what I want. Avni predicts and analyses how the fight will happen. She makes the entire fight plan in her mind. It all happens as Avni thought. Avni fights with them. She punches Monica.

Everyone smiles. Avni gets the fire extinguisher and blows off the fire. Sunehri cheers for Avni. Jailer and constables come. Monica says Avni has beaten us. Sunehri says no, fire caught up here. Monica says no, ask Avni, she has beaten me. Avni says I have no marks on my hands, you can see, I didn’t beat her. Jailer scolds Monica. She says Avni is an ideal prisoner here, she doesn’t fight with anyone without any reason. Monica says I m willing to go. She signs Avni and goes. Avni thinks Vidyut, Avni has learnt a lot in six months, I can guess the enemy’s plan in advance, I don’t leave any evidence behind, its time for my escape, wait for me Vidyut, I will come out soon.


Naamkaran 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni prays. She makes a tunnel through the wall. Neil promises commissioner that he will protect Vidyut from Neo. Vidyut says tonight, we will know about Neo.

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