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Naamkaran 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with goon asking his friend to get Neela in bus. Avni smiles seeing Neela. Rathore catches a goon and fights. All the kids attack on other goon. Rathore and the goon fight and bullet is shot. The goon gets shot. Neela asks are you fine. Rathore nods. Goon sees his friend shot and runs. Avni says he is running. Rathore says its fine, it was imp to save you all, I will ask my team to find him. Neela asks can I take Avni to Nasik. Rathore says I will take you, give me some time to get security cover for kids.

Dayaben gets goon’s call. She says I m leaving now. He says no need, that girl has run away. She asks how. He says its because of you, you wanted to see her dying, I would have shot her, my friend died, I will not leave Avni. He threatens her for money. Dayaben says this girl is devil, I got saved, how did this happen, how did Avni run away, something is fishy, I have to find out. She goes. Diksha hears everything and says Avni… so this is Dayaben’s plan.

Neela asks Avni are you fine, did you get hurt. Avni says I m fine, don’t worry, just smile once, you all got worried for me. Neela says I don’t want to lose you. Rathore says Avni is brave. Neela says yes, I m proud of her. Avni asks how is Aman, is he fine. Neela says don’t worry, he is fine, we have to take you to safe place, where we can keep you safe. He says Neela has sent Ganpati for you. Avni says no, I don’t need him now.

Neela says we always need him, we are fine because of him, never lose faith in Lord. He says right, have this Ganpati. Goon says you will not get saved after killing my friend. He shoots. Rathore comes in between and gets shot. He shoots at goon and races the jeep. He stops jeep. Neela says you got shot, I will drive, its bleeding. He says no, take Avni and go, shooter will be around. Avni says no, we will take you to hospital. He says try to understand, police force will come here, I don’t want you to go remand home, Neela ji take Avni away, Avni you have to be alive for Aman, Neela don’t waste time, take her and leave soon, I will take care of myself. Avni hugs him. Rathore smiles.

He is hurt and asks them to go fast. He asks Avni to take Ganpati. Avni takes idol and leaves with Neela. They see the goon and hide. Goon steps on Neela’s hand. Police reaches Rathore. Goon says I will not leave Avni alive. Avni asks Neela did she get hurt. Neela asks her to come. They get Rathore going with police, and following goon. Goon runs away. Dayaben calls him. She says I m reaching, did you get Avni. He says I had to shoot inspector for Avni, I m running from police now, come if you want. Dayaben says tell me where is she. He says leave that girl, my life is in risk, why did you not tell that girl has support. She says she has no support. He says a woman came with her who took her. Dayaben says Neela.

Avni gets tired and sits. She says I m thirsty, I can’t walk more. Neela says where to get water here, just some time, we will reach, we have to cross this road. Avni asks where are we going, I got tired. Neela says police is around, we will wait for them to go, come. She asks Avni to have courage.

Diksha scolds maid and says Aman is crying, go and get milk for him. She says I think Aman got news and crying for Avni’s death. Neela asks Avni to hide. They see Dayaben’s car. Dayaben goes ahead. Neela takes Avni.

Fatima asks Tiku to call again, don’t know Neela reached Avni or not. She curses Dayaben. She cries and prays for Avni. She asks Aisha to pray for Avni. Tiku says everything should be fine. A man gives house keys to Neela. He says I have cleaned the house. Neela says thanks, none should know we are here. He says your dad did many favors on me, I will not cheat you, you call me if you need anything. Neela takes Avni inside the house and asks her to sit. Avni sees Ganpati idol and cries. Neela asks her to take bath, all tiredness will go. Avni says my mumma used to say, Bappa is always with us, when no one comes to help us, then he comes to help us, but he never came for my help, he made my dear ones away, how to belief on Lord.

Neela says where there is no love and warmth, we will not stay here, we will leave this country and shift to America. Avni gets shocked.

Naamkaran 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Avni says I promise to agree to you, you have to agree to my three things, I have to go to mumma’s house, and visit her grave, and see Aman once.

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