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Naamkaran 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Naamkaran you will watchDayaben reads news. Neil reads news that Dayaben is bangle thief. He says I will find the person who has spread this news. Avni says I think everyone should know your truth. Dayaben looks at her.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

The Episode starts with Dayaben walking at home. She asks newspaper guy to put all papers here, she will pay double. She thinks how to stop others, this news will spread like fire. Neil asks Riya to calm down, mom needs some time. She asks why did you not do anything being a policeman. He says don’t panic, and ask your family not to panic. He sees the newspaper and says I will call you back. He reads news and says who will spread this, Dayaben is bangle thief. He recalls Shweta’s words and says mom….

Shweta comes and says I got sandwiches, come we will have it together. Neil asks why did you blame Riya’s family in media without any proof. She asks what are you saying. Neil says your kitty friends would have spread this. She says I had to bear insult there, and today you are blaming me. She cries and says you are doubting on me because of them, you think I have done this, what will be difference between them and me, you have hurt my heart. He says sorry, I overreacted, I m so foolish, I thought maybe you gave news to media, as none from Mehta family can leak such news. He asks her to have breakfast. She asks him to have food.

Avni gets newspaper and shows to Neela. She says Dayaben will be angry. Neela says you brought her true face out, I m sure after this news, she will be shocked, and stocks would fall down. Avni says thanks, now its your turn, I will tell you well done. Neela says I can’t. Avni insists and says we practiced a lot. Neela refuses. Avni says fine, I will cook food for two days. Neela asks promise, then I m ready only for you. Avni thanks her and says I have to go to Dayaben, she would be waiting. Neela asks who will cook today. Avni says fate can ring anytime, be ready. Neela smiles.

Avni comes to Dayaben. Hetal says Dayaben’s mood is very bad, she did not have breakfast. Avni greets her. She acts sweet. She says we don’t see solution in tough time, everyone should know your truth. Dayaben asks who will believe. Avni says I fixed your interview, you should get a chance to tell everyone, my mum says, either coward or culprit stay silent, you are not that. Diksha asks what do you want to say. Avni says everyone should get chance to talk, words touch people’s heart, I want Dayaben to tell truth to everyone, I will cancel interview if you don’t want. Diksha says yes cancel, and take permission next time. Avni says sorry, Dayaben calls me granddaughter. Dayaben says no, its fine.

Ali reads news and smiles. Riya comes there and says Neil just got this place, I can’t say anything now. Ali sees her. Riya argues with him. He asks her to leave, sitting for free is not allowed. She taunts him on his poor mindset. He says your family has looted people well.

She says that was just a misunderstanding. He asks the servant to get all the stuff, else she can take that too. Neil comes and asks Ali to stop it. Neil says its my personal matter. Riya goes. Neil asks did you talk to girls like this. Ali says she is special case, I will tell you Mehtas truth.

Neela talks to Dayaben as news channel editor. Dayaben says your voice… Avni thinks did she identify Neela’s voice. Neela asks Dayaben to clarify about theft blame. Avni gives idea to Dayaben. Dayaben says there were many servants in party, we don’t know whose sight is bad, I went to do someone’s good, it was my Riya’s engagement, it affected Riya badly. Neela says this news will be printed in your favor. Dayaben smiles. She says how to thank you, sometimes dear ones behave like strangers, and sometimes strangers behave like dear ones. Diksha argues with her.

She says so much trust on this girl, whom we don’t know. Avni says I m sorry, I think Diksha did not like me coming, I will leave. Dayaben stops her and says I have seen result of believing family, I m thinking to trust strangers and see. She asks Diksha to go. Diksha says Dayaben’s love was for grandchildren and now outsiders, she just hates me.

Dayaben says you supported me in tough times. Avni says you call me grandchild and saying this. Dayaben says your parents gave you good values. Avni recalls Aisha and Ashish. She says I came to fulfill my motive and thinks of Neela’s words. Dayaben gives her permission to write book. Avni thanks her. Dayaben asks her to do a work.

Ali tells Mehtas are like snakes, they created many troubles for Avni. Neil says enough. Ali says be thankful to the person who got this news out. Neil asks are you done, you think I don’t know this, I know everything about Riya’s family, nothing was proved against Dayaben, as laws exist. Ali says now its proved Dayaben has stolen bangles. Neil says anyone can happen, its not true, I will not judge anyone. Ali says you don’t know Dayaben, she is clever player. Neil says she is elder, talk with manners, you don’t see anything except Avni, why do you always blame Riya, I will find out who leaked this news

Ali says find out, that person saved your life from ruining, go and thank him. Neil says time will say what’s right and what’s wrong. Ali says time is signing, you see it.

Neil workouts and thinks of Shweta’s words. He says just Ananya was there in the engagement party, just she knew what happened between both families, but why will Ananya do this, I have to find out. Avni comes to meet him. He gets shocked.

Naamkaran 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil says you came to make me and Riya patchup. Avni says yes, why. He says maybe you are acting and want to spoil things.

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