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Naamkaran 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 21st April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Neil and Avni walking on the road. He says that criminal can’t get saved. She says so you got me along to catch him. He asks what did you think, I melted by your fake sorry. A truck passes. He gives her kerchief to wipe eyes and says you can’t fool me, I don’t trust you. Aman sees Rajat going with the inspector. Rajat says sorry Sir, I just stopped to have water. Inspector asks him to drive. Avni checks phone. Neil takes the phone. She asks him to return phone. He says so that you save Rajat, never. She asks him to go his way. He says I can arrest you for helping that criminal. He gives her phone.

Aman calls her. He says I think you don’t love your mum, so you called police. She says no, trust me. He says don’t lie, else I will kill her. Neil takes the phone and puts on speaker. Aman asks if you call police, I will not leave her. Neil gets shocked. Aman says your mum will die now. Avni cries. She says no, please don’t do anything to mum. Neil ends call.

Avni asks him to give phone back. He says relax, call criminal and ask what does he want, don’t disconnect call. She says I don’t want your help. He says I can understand what you are going through, please do this, trust me, nothing will happen to your mom. She calls Aman.

Aman says no need to call me again and again. Neil signs her to talk. She says please don’t do anything to my mum, I will do as you say, tell me what to do, I m sorry. Aman says you have sent police and saying sorry, just get the inspector out of my friend’s car, else… my friend has gun, inspector and your mum will die. Aman sees the police. He ends call. Avni says you have sent police. Neil says I did not send anyone. She says I will never forgive you. He says nothing will happen to your mom, come with me. She cries. He gives her water.

Rajat gets tensed. Inspector asks did you do anything wrong. Neil calls inspector and asks him not to react, just answer yes or no, the guy sitting beside you has gun, tell me to park the car. Inspector asks why. Rajat gets the knife from pocket. Neil says tell him you are giving him warning and leaving him. Inspector warns Rajat and gets down the car. Neil asks him to get away from the car, note the number and send me, he should not doubt. Inspector sends the number to Neil. Neil says sorry and thanks, there is investigation against that guy. Inspector says no problem. Avni hugs Neil and cries.

Rajat meets Aman. Aman says Avni stopped police, my threatening worked. Rajat says I will not leave this woman. Aman says look at her state, if she dies, what will we do. He calls Avni. She says I will never forgive you for this. Aman says I will call you tomorrow and tell you where to come. He removes the sim. Neil scolds Avni for losing the criminal. She says I know but… He says your mom’s state is in danger, they have destroyed sim, how will we find your mom, you think you will reach him without my help, tell me why were you trying to save him. Avni says I was not saving him. Neil says I risked inspector’s life for your sake. She says sorry. He says enough now, if there was anyone else, I would have arrested her, a criminal is on loose because of you, we have to find a place to stay in village, we have to wait for his call, we have no option.

Avni cries and sees Aman laughing. She asks him what happened to him, he is her brother. She sees Dayaben. Dayaben says wrong, he is my Amol.Avni shouts no, he is my brother and breaks mirror. Neil comes there and sees her crying. He says if you shatter, who will find your mum, don’t worry, trust me, we will find her.

Neil goes out and sits alone. He sees temple and asks what’s in that girl, why am I leaving her knowing she is a criminal, this can’t be true, there is nothing. He thinks of Avni and sees her. Jag ghoomeya….plays…….. He sits near bonfire. Avni looks on.


Naamkaran 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil promises Avni that he won’t let anything happen to Neela. Aman aims gun at Avni. She asks him to shoot.

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