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Naamkaran 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 21st February 2017 video watch online on 

The Episode starts with Ashish asking about Avni. Inspector says she is smart, she has thrown the sim. Ashish says I want both kids, I want results, Maa got bail, I can’t let her say in jail, interrogate Avni’s relatives, call Neela if needed. Inspector gets call and says fine we will reach there. He says its good news, we got Avni. Ashish says I will come after you, enough Avni, not more.

Avni looks for Aman. She asks people on road to help her and let her make a phone call. The lady gives her phone. Avni thanks her and calls Ashish. Ashish asks where are you. She says Aman is in tempo. He asks what happened to Aman. She says I went to get milk for him, tempo left, please save Aman, I did mistake, I missed Aman. He asks where are you now. The lady tells the road name. Avni asks Ashish to come fast and save Aman. She gives him truck number. Ashish says stay there, I m coming. She says come fast, I m worried.

Inspector says I think she is diverting us. Ashish says she gave us nearly same address, come. Inspector beats Tiku and asks about Avni. Tiku says if we don’t know, how will we tell you. Fatima says Avni is little and innocent, she has Aman, we also want them. Ali shouts on inspector for troubling them. He scolds them. Inspector goes to raise hand on Ali. Fatima hugs Ali and says I know laws, you can’t slap him. Inspector slaps Tiku. She prays for Avni.

Avni tries getting lift. A man asks where do you have to go. She tells truck number. He asks are you alone, did you forget way. She says no. He says sit, I will drop you to bus stop. She says I lost my brother. He asks her to sit. She thanks him. Ashish and police are on the way. Ashish’s car breaks down. He tells inspector. Inspector gives him lift. Avni asks a man about tempo and Aman. She cries and worries for Aman. She says Aman is hungry, its my mistake. She prays. The guy asks her to come fast, we will find Aman, we will inform police.

She says no, I informed Papa. A man tells inspector about a tempo accident. Ashish worries. Avni sees the tempo’s accident. The man tells about the accident and everyone in tempo died. Avni cries and sees the driver. She gets shocked. A lady runs away with Aman. Avni hears Aman crying and turns to see. She runs after the woman and asks her to return Aman. She apologizes to Aisha. The guy who helped Avni catches the lady.

The lady returns Aman to her. The guy scolds the lady and sends her. Avni hugs Aman and apologizes. Ashish asks what do you mean she was here, she is 12 year old girl, she is fooling you. Inspector says we are also worried, we are after Avni, but no results, we have to got any thief till now. Ashish says she would be around, find her, I m going police station to get Maa bailed out.

Neela says you can’t keep me here, I m not scared of your threatenings. Her lawyer comes and gives Neela’s bail papers. He gives bail papers of Fatima, Tiku and Ali. Neela says I will take all of them with me. Inspector leaves all of them. Fatima asks Tiku are you fine, come. Neela hugs Fatima. Fatima asks where is Avni. Neela says I will find her, don’t worry. Fatima says don’t know where is she. Neela asks them to come.

Avni feeds milk to Aman. The guy asks her to have food, you are a brave girl, you are rockstar, I heard your story, do you have plan where to go. She says no, I can’t go even to Fatima’s house. He says I will pay bill and come, think of something. He goes and calls Dayaben. He says I have Avni with me, the baby is fine. She says you know what to do, Aman should not get harmed. The guy ends call. Dayaben thanks Lord. Constable asks her to come, she got bail.

The guy asks Avni will you have anything else. Avni says no thanks, help me one last time, I want a room in good hotel, get a room for me, I can’t see Aman in problem. He says sure, come. She says thanks, I will wash hands and come. She gets dizzy. He asks what happened, are you fine. He smiles. She faints. He says I was thinking why did medicine not affect till now.

Dayaben gets freed. She hugs Ashish. He apologizes to her. He says I could not find Avni. She says I have found out, come. Media asks Dayaben who killed Aisha, Neela or Avni. Dayaben says I trust laws, so I m out of jail, culprit can’t get free, Avni will be punished, my heart is badly broken by the bad blame. She cries and asks them to support her, save my grandson from Avni, I have forgiven Avni, she does not know what she is doing, she is mad.


Naamkaran 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dayaben says I don’t let shadow come between me and my victory, I made such state of Avni. Avni wakes up and gets relieved seeing Aman. The guy comes. Avni says I was scared thinking I fell in some problem. The goons come there. She gets shocked.

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