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Naamkaran 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhavi saying Avni has no one, what problem you have with her. Neil thinks Ananya is Avni. She asks him to forget Ananya. He says enough, sorry, can you say who shot her. She says I don’t know. He says you want me to help Ananya. She says yes. He asks her not to meet anyone or say that you have told this to me. She says I did not tell you anything. He sends her.

Neil says it means Fatima is Avni’s Nanno, she is changing Aman to get him back in her life. Prakash calls Neil and tells what Shweta did at Dayaben’s house. Neil asks what happened. Prakash says Shweta heard Ananya and asked me to cancel business deal and marriage, come home, we will talk. Neil says sure. He ends call. Neil sees Avni’s pic. Neil says I just want to prove you are Avni.

Dayaben says I m not getting sleep, can you give me a tablet. Nurse shows her medicines. She goes. Dayaben takes it and adds in water. Fatima comes and asks how are you feeling here. Dayaben asks her to have water. Fatima says your bp is good. She drinks water and gets dizzy. Fatima faints. Dayaben changes and leaves from the ward. She gets shocked seeing Fatima.

Fatima makes her sit on wheelchair and says I m not Aisha, come.

Avni is at cafe. Neil comes and asks Avni what is she thinking. She gets shocked hearing Avni from him. She asks who Avni. He says Dayaben’s granddaughter, who was shot 15 years ago, whose mum was killed, whose brother Aman was snatched, Avni who is taking revenge from Dayaben. She asks what are you saying, you maybe mistaken. He says you are lucky, you should have died by getting shot but you did not, your heart is on right, wow, what a fate, heart and mind are right, but you can’t cheat me more now.

Neil shows the handcuffs. She asks him to see her as a friend, then he will understand. He says there is nothing imp than duty for a policeman. She asks did Dayaben buy you. He points gun at her. He says who said you are dear to me, you are a criminal. They fight. Neil gets shot by her. She gets shocked. Neil falls on the ground. She shouts Neil.

Neil comes to her and holds her, calling her Avni. She gets shocked and asks what did you say. He says company, I will give you company, why, is there any problem. She says no problem. She stumbles. He holds her. He asks is there any stress. She says no, I was seeing a bad dream. He says either you are hiding something or something is bothering you, relax, I will get water. He passes her water and tries to get her fingerprints. She says no thanks. He shows concern. He asks why did you come, to meet Ali. She says no, to spend time with myself. He says I also came to spend time with myself, have water. She says no thanks, your and Riya’s marriage is close, you should spend time with her. He says I don’t want to spend time with her, you know why. He holds her hand and says I will say truth, I don’t love Riya. She gets shocked and gets away. She asks what is he saying. He says its true, my family fixed this marriage, I know we are just friends, but I feel I can trust you.

Avni thinks if Neil breaks relation, my work will get easy. Dayaben asks nurse to let her make a call to her granddaughter. Nurse gives her phone. Dayaben calls home. Neela attends call. Dayaben says I m kept in hospital, come to free me. Neela says I know, its me Neela, your game is over, you can’t come here. Dayaben gets shocked.

She returns phone to nurse. Nurse goes. Avni asks are you sure Neil, marriage is lifelong commitment, if you are sure, you will give some time to yourself. Riya and Ali come. Riya says you are not too bad, I like your company. They see Neil and Avni holding hands. Riya shouts Neil and leaves. Neil asks her to listen.

Dayaben hits on Fatima’s head. Fatima faints. Dayaben says its tough to suppress me, see what I do. Avni asks Ali what was all this, why was Ali holding Riya’s hand, how did she get wrong then. Ali says I m getting close to Riya to break her marriage with Neil. She asks him not to get into her fight. Neil says I came here, I was just talking to Ananya, if you are not convinced, fine we will end this relation here. Riya gets shocked. She hugs him and asks him not to say this before, I m sorry.

Ali says I m sorry. Avni says fine, don’t play with Riya’s emotions, my motives are to take revenge from Dayaben and get Amol. Ali says I don’t think Neil and Riya love each other.

Neil says we are going to get married, please trust me, I will never cheat you. He sees Avni. Ali picks the glass and drinks water. Neil thinks I could not get your fingerprints today, next time I won’t leave you Avni.


Naamkaran 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil asks Riya to apologize to Avni. Riya asks what happened to you, can’t you see this girl is ruining our relation. Dayaben comes home. They all get shocked.

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