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Naamkaran 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Avni thinking of Ali. Neela comes and asks her what did she do in day. Avni cries and hugs her. Neela asks what happened. Avni says life always gets me close to dear ones, why do I need to stay away, I met Ali today. Neela asks what. Avni says Ali is still the same, he just got slim, he remembers everything about me. Neela asks did he recognize you. Avni says no, I promised you, Avni is dead for this world, when I saw him, I felt Avni is alive in him, I controlled myself with difficulty. I m not able to understand, I could not meet his eyes, I feel in my eyes, I failed Ali’s hope. Neela says you don’t think like Avni, I also feel bad for Ali, you have to keep eyes on your destination, you did not come here for Ali, you came for Aman. Avni nods. Neela says if Ali sees you like this, he will understand you are Avni. Avni says yes, he was just staring at me, as if he is finding Avni in me, don’t know how I left from there.

Neela says you are walking on this path, you have to go through pain, try to understand, don’t let emotions get high on me. Avni says Neil is spying, he came there and tried to make Riya and Ali patchup, how does he reach everywhere, he is a policeman, he is Riya’s fiance, he is Ali’s friends, I see he has ten heads like Raavan. Neela says we have to stop Neil, if Neil moves, Ali will also move, Riya hates Ali, it means we have to make Neil away from our way.

Avni says we have to break Riya’s engagement. Neela says yes, then there will be one color on Dayaben’s face. Avni says black color. Neela hugs her. Shweta asks Neil to hurry up, I m excited to go. She praises Prakash. He says thanks for kind words, who goes to play holi wearing costly clothes. She says its cheap clothes, I complimented it with my designer dress. He says you look good in whatever you say, none can have a beautiful wife like you, when you go Maayka, I miss you a lot, its costly clothes, we will wear this on Neil’s marriage. She says you are too much. He says person should wear new clothes in party, then at home, then as night suit, and later as floor duster. She says you always talk or eat food. She asks Neil to hurry up.

Avni comes in holi party at Mehta house. Dayaben comes and hugs her. She says you helped me in all this work, give some sense to Riya. Avni says I have habit to do everything alone, it will take time to change Riya. Dayaben says right, once Khanna family comes, everything will be fine. Avni says we will fix Riya’s engagement day, I had to write book, can we start work on it after this function.

Avni says I will go and call Riya. She goes and calls Neela. She says its time for acting. Neil and his family should not come here. Neela says that will happen. Avni asks her to start plan and ends call. Shweta asks Neil to come fast. Neela calls Shweta. She says I had to ask about the news published yesterday, afterall you are owner of Khanna industries. Shweta says ask Dayaben. Neela says she said you made news of the old bangles, it was fake. Shweta says it was our ancestral bangles, it had my mum in law’s love, who is Dayaben to tell, they won’t understand. Neela asks was the bangles old and fake. Shweta gets angry. Neela ends call.

Neil asks what happened. Shweta says chill at home, we are not going in holi party. Hetal says everything is ready. Diksha says I packed sweet boxes. Dayaben says pack your mouth, you have to apologize to Shweta. Diksha says all this happened because of Ananya. Avni gets Neela’s message and smiles. Avni says your bad time did not start Dayaben. Riya wishes her happy holi and clicks selfie. She says my friends have returned but celebrating holi, they invited me, but Neil’s family is more imp to me. Avni sees media and says I will just come.

Shweta says Dayaben gave wrong statement in press and insulted me, she said I gave fake bangles to Riya, our shares have high price, why is Dayaben showing attitude. Neil asks whose call did you get. Shweta says a journalist called and told me truth. Neil asks newspaper name. Shweta says our family name has sunk here, I will not go there. Neil asks again. Shweta says Mumbai times. He recalls Riya’s words. He calls on the number and could not connect. He says fake call from big newspaper agency, not possible, I will have to call editor. He calls editor and asks about Dayaben’s story. He says mom got a call from a girl. The man says none is covering this news from our paper. Neil thinks my doubt was right. The man says someone left this story at reception, we got to know it really happened and published it. Neil thanks him. Shweta asks what did editor say.

Neil checks newspaper. He thinks Diksha and Ananya are not in this pic, why will Diksha insult her family, just Ananya is left. Avni asks Dayaben to call to media. Media asks Dayaben about bangle theft. Dayaben says Khannas will be coming now, we will have interview together, till then have food. She says I won again, thanks. Avni smiles and says don’t be too glad.

Avni gets shocked seeing Neil. She collides with Ali. She thinks how to leave. Neil asks why are you here, I will find out.

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