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Naamkaran 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Naamkaran 24th May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Dayaben calling Hetal to know about arrangements. Hetal does Neil’s aarti and tilak and welcomes him. Riya greets Neil. Prakash praises Dayaben. Neil looks for Avni. Shweta asks Riya where is Ananya, I m getting bad dreams about her. Riya asks her to keep Neil and her pic in front of her, then horrible dreams will end. Neil thinks to take Avni and Fatima’s Dna samples. Riya asks him is he ready for the performance. He says yes. They go.

Diksha says we hope this function will not get spoiled. She calls Neil and Riya to perform. Neil stops Avni and asks her where is she going, she has to be here to encourage Riya. Neil and Riya dance on Ainvayi ainvayi….. Ali and Avni dance along. Neil and Ali get Fatima and Shweta for dance. Neil gets Fatima’s hair.

Dayaben sees the bank clerk and worriedly goes to him. She asks why did you come here and goes with him. Avni sees bank clerk and Dayaben together. Dayaben gets shocked knowing about auction. He says sorry, its bank papers, if you don’t pay bank loan, auction will happen, you can start shifting. Dayaben says we will not go anywhere, its Riya’s marriage tomorrow. He says sorry, bank order can’t be changed. He goes. He calls someone and asks him to meet right away. Neil stops Avni and dances with her. Main tenu samjhawan…..plays……

He tries to get her hair strand. They fall down. Everyone see them. Neil plucks her hair strand. They get up. Riya shouts Neil. Neil says this was just an accident. Shweta asks why does accidents happen when she is around, where is Riya. Diksha says she is not worried that Neil fell on Ananya. Avni follows Dayaben. Dayaben goes upstairs. Avni thinks where did Dayaben go. Dayaben calls someone and says yes, book tickets for me and Amol. Avni thinks I can’t let this happen, she wants to run away.

Riya cries and asks Ali why does Ananya comes in between always. He says its okay, maybe Neil did this by mistake. Riya says why does Neil does mistakes always, does he see me or not. He says Neil is a donkey, who does not see a beautiful girl like you. She hugs him and cries. He holds her.

Shweta walks there. Riya says this always happened with me. Avni sees Riya and Ali. Shweta sees Neil. Riya asks why did you come here. Avni asks Riya why is she marrying a guy who does not love her. Riya asks her to shut up and go. Avni says you can slap me and get anger out, please love yourself, if you don’t stand for your self respect, you may regret all life. Neil asks Shweta not to make it an issue. She asks what about everything I have seen, why are you doing this.

Avni says Neil does not love you, it will be good if you accept this, stop cheating yourself. She goes. Riya asks Ali to see what Avni said. Ali says whatever she said is true. Avni says she is my sister, I scolded her a lot in anger I feel bad for her. Neela says you did right to bring her to right path, if Riya agrees, she will cry for some days, not entire life.

Riya stops Neil and asks him is he happy with this marriage. He says I just slipped, I did not do anything. She says I want to spend my entire life with you, what do you want. Neil gets silent. Avni and Ali look on. Shweta says what are you guys talking, you will get much time to talk after marriage. She takes Neil along.

Riya gets restless in sleep and recalls Avni’s words. She wakes up and sees Neil’s pic. She says I can’t think of marrying someone else. She thinks of Ali’s words. Dayaben comes to her and asks her to marry Neil any way, else their future can be ruined. She sees Dayaben disappeared. She gets thinking and shouts. She calls Ali. She asks him to meet her. He asks at this time. She says yes, I need to talk something imp. He says fine, I will come. Neil comes to lab and says I have to get urgent Dna test done. He gives the samples. He says I want the reports today itself. The man says I will try. Neil thinks once Nanno and Avni’s DNA samples match, it will be proved she is Avni Mehta.

Avni thinks I just have 48 hours to stop this marriage. Dayaben thinks once she gets money, Amol and I will leave from this country.


Naamkaran 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil checks the DNA reports and gets shocked. He says positive, it means Ananya is Avni, she cheated me till now. He takes handcuffs and says be ready, I m coming to arrest you.

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