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Naamkaran 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben asking Avni to come. Avni says you won’t get anything, if your eyes were sharp, you would have identified till now. Shweta asks Neil to come. Dayaben asks Avni to come. Avni asks what got stolen, everyone should know. Dayaben says you will understand when its found in your room. She asks Hetal and Amol to check everyone. Dayaben checks her room. Riya comes and apologizes to Avni. Avni asks her to just follow her heart. She thinks if Dayaben run away with Aman, I can’t forgive myself, no marriage won’t happen here tonight, auction will happen tomorrow.

Neil checks reports and gets shocked. He says positive, it means Ananya is Avni, she cheated me, now her game is over. He picks handcuffs. DD comes. Neil asks him to get old records about Dayaben. Ali says I hope Riya shows courage once. Shweta asks him to come and help her. Ali’s phone drops in flower basket.

Shweta gives him gift boxes. Hetal stops Riya and asks where are you going with bag. Riya says it has jewelry and clothes, my friends are waiting in parlor, they will help me in getting ready. Riya says no, let me have some peaceful moments, I m marrying for family’s sake. Hetal says fine, take care, send your lovely pics. Riya goes. Avni looks on. Riya calls Ali. Ali looks for his phone. Riya sees Dayaben and hides. She says if I don’t show courage now, no use to curse myself all life. She leaves.

Hetal tells Diksha that Riya went to parlor. Diksha sas she should have taken me. Dayaben asks them to make Riya ready. Diksha says she went to parlor. Dayaben asks alone. Shweta says Neil is not at home. Dayaben asks what was the need to send her alone, we could have called parlor ladies home. Diksha says we got poor. She calls salon and asks for Riya. Dayaben asks what happened. Diksha says Riya did not go parlor. Dayaben gets angry on Hetal and says I will send you to your dad if Riya is not found. Diksha says what will we tell Shweta. Shweta says even Ali is not here. She calls DD and says his phone is not reachable, did Neil run away.

Avni says now this house will be ours, I will get our nameplate, Aman and Avni’s house. Ketan says guaard said Riya went in a rickshaw. Diksha says Riya has run away. Dayaben says Prakash is calling. She answers call and asks did you all not leave till now. Shweta says we are coming to take our bahu.

Dayaben asks Avni where is Riya. Avni says she will be inside. Diksha asks did you like Neil so much that you kidnapped his bride. Avni asks what are you saying. Aman says watchman does not know where Riya went. Neil comes and sees Avni, through the handcuffs. He says you lie well Avni, first bangles, fake news report, relation with Neela and Madhavi, fake friendship with me, everything was a lie. Dayaben asks Ketan to find Riya, how did she get courage to run away, find her and drag her to mandap, this marriage will happen even if she wills or not, there is just one way to save this house, this marriage, else Shweta will not let Prakash sign deal. Neil hears her and gets shocked. He says so this is Dayaben’s true face, the woman who can force her granddaughter to marry, she can do anything, I have to find her records before arresting Avni.

Ali comes and meets Avni. He says my phone was lost, I found it and saw her missed calls, don’t know where is Riya. Riya gets her flight ticket and says I will get free, my life will be just mine. She calls Ali. She asks where are you. Ali says sorry, my phone was lost, where are you. She asks him to come to domestic airport. Ali says I m coming. He asks Avni to manage and goes. Shweta asks Neil where did he go, will he work even today. Prakash says who does work on marriage day, where were you, say something. Shweta says I handled situation by difficulty. Prakash says we worry for you. Neil says I m fine, I will get ready and come. Aman, Ketan and Dayaben find Riya. Dayaben slaps her. Aman says we tracked your phone. Riya apologizes and says let me go, I don’t want to marry, I have dreams to fulfill, Neil does not love me.

Dayaben says fine, don’t worry, Amol go and start car, I will explain Riya and get her. Aman goes. Dayaben says you are not of any use, you have to go to Avni, you remember, I have shot Avni. Riya gets shocked. She holds Riya’s neck and asks yes or no, tell me, you want to ruin everything. Ketan looks on. Dayaben stops Ketan. Riya says yes, I will marry. Dayaben takes her. Ali reaches there. Prakash asks Neil to get ready. Neil asks them to call Dayaben and ask once, of they are ready. Dayaben gets Riya home. Prakash calls Dayaben and asks are they ready. Dayaben says we are ready, Riya is looking pretty in bridal dress. Prakash says we are also waiting to see Riya as bride. He asks Neil to get ready. Neil says Dayaben would have pressurized Riya, I have to find truth. DD gets Dayaben’s files. Neil asks what nonsense, just signal breaking blame, these reports are tampered, listen to me carefully…. He sends DD. Neil thinks Avni’s mystery is solved, I heard about Dayaben but have no clues, just this is the only way now.

Naamkaran 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dayaben asks Aman to wait for her at airport, once I get cheque, I will meet you there. Avni says no, you can’t make Aman away from me this time. She points gun at Dayaben.

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