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Naamkaran 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe getting nek for Avni. She says you got food from hotel that day, this is your nek for first rasoi as you made food today, take these jewelry, its Streedhan, people say woman is secure if she has jewelry, woman can use this in tough time, she does not need to take care of even husband, when Raavan kidnapped Sita, Sita has dropped her jewelry to show path to Ram, she has given her ring to Hanuman, its old story, this is your property now. Shweta thinks Ananya is clever, who will take her. Bebe makes Avni wear her marriage necklace and jewelry. She compliments Avni. Avni cries. Bebe showers love on her. Neil smiles.

Bebe says we cancelled our plan, I did not see Bebe so happy till now. Avni says I experienced what’s a family, you maybe hurt because of me, I did not wish you get caught in this, I promise I will not let problem come on you, I will go from here soon, then you will get free in your life, I promise, just my revenge with Dayaben completes. Ali sees them holding hands.

Ali comes to them and says everything went wrong. Dayaben caught Mitali. Neil says I told her to cancel plan. Avni and Neil ask him to say something. Ali says I did not cancel plan, I started questioning Diksha, Dayaben came there, I left from there, but Mitali got stuck, I did this for Avni. Avni says you know Dayaben. She is a murderer, she is not an ordinary woman. Neil says relax, Mitali is trained police officer. Avni says Dayaben has killed me and my mum, she snatched Aman, she shot me when I was 12 year old, she is a devil. Ali asks her not to take tension. Avni asks him not to do anything now. She asks Neil to help her, she does not want anyone else to lose life. Neil promises to get Mitali safe and asks her to promise, she will not go out of this house. He asks her to promise. Avni promises. Neil says Ali, Avni needs a friend at this time, be with her, make sure she does not come out of this house today, take care of her. Neil leaves.

Neil asks DD about status. DD says backup force will come. Neil says we can’t make any risk. DD asks about Avni. Neil says she is fine, I made her promise that she will not go out of home. DD reminds of Sita’s promise to Ram, girls’ promises are meant to be broken.

Neil calls Shweta and says Bebe went to take Maddy from airport, you have a chance to train Ananya as she wants. Shweta likes the idea and ends call. She says I will see Ananya now. Neil asks Neela to think again, I will come along, you should not go alone. Neela says no way, she feels you are with her. Neil asks her to provoke Dayaben and make her confess things. Neela says I will be okay. Madhavi takes her. Ali asks Avni not to take tension. Shweta asks Avni to clean that room which they unlocked that day, Maddy is coming home. Ali asks her to supervise the servants. Shweta says I have back ache, fine I will see. Avni says I will clean the room. Neela and Madhavi pray and hold the flickering diya. Neela goes to meet Dayaben. Diksha and Riya see her. Neil asks Neel to make them confess once. Diksha thinks why did this new problem come. Neela looks around.

Avni gets hurt and sees Ashish’s room. She gets angry and scolds Ashish. Neil asks DD about drone camera. DD says yes, its set. Neil asks DD to zoom in from the ventilation. Avni says I deserved everything, what about your son, why did you leave him to Dayaben, come back for him, he always loved you, your mum can’t get saved now, come and prove that you can be called a father. Dayaben calls Avni. Mitali screams. Dayaben says now Ananya will bear punishment of Avni and laughs. Avni gets shocked.

Neil sees Mitali tied up. Neil says I will get Mitali and goes. Avni answers Neil’s call. He says we got Mitali, she is with Dayaben, don’t come out of the house. Avni stops at the door. She says fine. Shweta asks whom are you talking to. Avni says I was missing Neil. Shweta says he is not free like you, don’t disturb him, finish the work before Bebe comes, go. Avni goes.

Dayaben sees Neela. Neil enters the house. Ali asks Avni was she missing Neil. Avni asks what are you saying, I m worried. He asks till when will you lie and make them feel you are happy with this marriage. She says shut up, Neil is my friend, I married him and ruined his life, I have to do this acting, this is my life, I can’t think of anything else. Ali says fine, I will never meet you again. She cleans the room and gets a chip. She thinks what does it have, and plays it. Ashish says I will capture proof against mum, her place is behind bars, this proof can send mum to jail, keep this safe, I m Avni’s culprit, sorry my superstar, forgive me if possible. Avni gets shocked. Ashish asks the servant to hide. Dayaben comes to Ashish and asks what happened. Ashish shows the picture of Dayaben killing Aisha, and says you killed her. Avni gets shocked.


Naamkaran 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni cries seeing Ashish dying and shouts Dayavanti, you are the murderer of my mum and dad too. She stops at the door and recalls Neil’s words.