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Naamkaran 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Neil And Avni Fight With Goons


Naamkaran 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 27th March 2018 Episode Start With Avni saying I m sorry, I created a nuisance in Neil’s life again, your friendship got spoiled. Mitali says no, I tried to revive your fear and lost my best friend. Avni says no, he will forgive you. Mitali says we will find Saisha, give me another chance. Avni says I m not upset with you, I promise you that you will get your best friend back, we have to find Saisha. Mitali says I won’t tell anyone about you, Neil would be waiting. Avni goes by back door. She leaves with Neil.

Saisha helps KK. He says go easy, its hurting. She says its just a thorn, you have become a kid, you fight with swords in film. He smiles seeing her. She asks what are you looking for, check the phone network. He says bad luck, no signal. She says its fine, we need to keep moving, I m sure my mom will surely come. Neil and Avni stop the car. Neil says location is somewhere inside the jungle. She sees goons and runs after them. Saisha says I think its my mom, let me check. KK says no, you said she is coward types. Saisha says don’t know how she gets courage when I m in some problem, I get a nightmare and see my mom saving me. She recalls Vidyut. KK says reality has become nightmare here, what if your mom can’t save us.

Neil says kidnappers are here, they will get alert if we call KK. Saisha hugs KK. They run. Neil and Avni look for them. Saisha falls down. KK shouts and runs to her. He says lets go… He sees her forehead bleeding and ties his kerchief. He sees goons coming. He lifts Saisha and runs. Neil says goons are running after Saisha and KK. Avni throws a stone at them. Neil and Avni get surrounded by the goons. Neil beats them up. Avni gets caught. She shouts to Neil. He runs to save Avni. They fight with goons. Goons catch Neil and try to stab. Avni runs and stops the goon from stabbing Neil. Neil looks at her. She gives her hand. Neil holds her hand and gets up. They beat the goons. Neil sees Avni’s anger and bravery and smiles. She signs to ask. Neil signs nothing. Avni asks the goons to get up and attack now. Goons run away. Neil says thanks Avni. She says Avni is dead, because she had no other way. He says come, we have to find them. KK finds a hut/shade and gets Saisha there.

He makes her lie down and says open your eyes, see we are safe. He sprinkles water on her. He says I wonder how we will get saved, please help us. Reporter says KK is missing, let me check if its true or its some gimmick. She calls KK. KK says please help us, we are in the jungle, there is some shade here. Reporter says we got the news and leaves. Neil says KK is busy on call. He calls again. KK sees Saisha’s bleeding foot and worries. Saisha wakes up. He asks her to be careful. She looks around and hugs him. She cries. She says I m my mom’s fav, she comes running to me when I get hurt. He says you are her daughter, she will love you the most, you are very sweet, no one can hurt you intentionally, trust me, everything will get fine. He kisses on her forehead. They get close.

Neil and Avni are in jungle. He says nothing will happen to Saisha. She says I wanted everything to be fine, I didn’t wish to hurt you. He says you have broken my heart and now it can never heal. She says if I had stayed back, I would have lost you and our perfect family. He says I don’t gave a good life even now, you can’t understand my pain, just once, put yourself in my place and see what’s love, how would you feel I did this with you, you promised to love me and cheated me, didn’t you trust me that I would fix everything, did love fade away, why did you leave me, didn’t you hesitate to get away, answer me. He pushes her away and says go away once you find KK and Saisha, I will go away from your life, I will never return. He gets Kamini’s call. She says there is a news flash, KK is in jungle, I want you to go and check, get me my son. Neil says trust me, I will find you. She says of course you will, but do it before the media. Saisha and KK are seen sleeping.


Naamkaran 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamini and KK come to meet Nilanjana. Kamini says we are here to talk about KK and Saisha’s engagement. She gets shocked seeing Avni.

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