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Naamkaran 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

The Episode starts with the boy asking Avni to come and play with them. She refuses and asks him to go. He gets sad. She says fine, I m coming. Goon shoots and misses hot. He sees inspector Rathore and stops, asking the man to take car the other way. The goon shoots at the police jeep trye. The jeep stops. The goon says now way is clear. Rathore gets down the jeep. He gets the bullet and says this is not puncture. He recalls Neela’s words. He worries for Avni. He says change tyre fast, we have to leave soon. The goon enters the bus and asks driver to drive.

He sees Avni and asks her to come. Avni says please leave them, don’t do anything to them, I m ready to come with you. He says great, you are more than what I heard about you, you have no fear in eyes. He gets Dayaben’s call and says you called at right time, I m going to make you hear what you wanted. The kids scream. He shoots. Dayaben says I did not ask you to make me hear, I wanted to see you, why did you shoot, I want to see her dying. He says this old woman troubles. She says that girl is devil, till I see her dying and bury her, you won’t get money. He says you are scared of this little girl, I did not shoot her yet.

She says it means she is alive. He says yes, she is alive, she is fine. Diksha comes to her. She asks him to hold. Diksha says I just came, you continue. Dayaben makes her leave the room. The goon says we took all kids in this bus, reach to ghat and see Avni dying, don’t forget to get payment. She says fine, I will give you money after you do the work. She says how will I reach there soon. Neela hears her and rushes.

She cries and asks Lord why is he doing this with Avni, after snatching everything. She calls Ashish and says no, he does not worry for Avni, but he is her father. She calls Ashish. She says Avni… He says I don’t want to hear her name and ends call. She says your hatred is bigger than love, whom shall I call. She calls Rathore and gets number unreachable.

The goon asks Avni to laugh, Dayaben wants to see you dying, you got some hours to live, get happy, we have time, we will play game. He troubles the kids. He says I will throw this bullet, you have to find it. He throws bullet and asks girl to find it, go without glasses. The girl says I can’t see without glasses. He says its fine, I will close eyes and shoot anyone. The kids cry. The goon goes to find bullet. He says I will count till 10. Avni and everyone worry. Avni asks why are you scaring my friends, you came to kill me, let them go, please.

He says you are brave, it means Dayaben is right. The girl shows bullet and gives him. He asks another girl to play. Avni asks the boy Veer to see emergency window and make everyone leave, I will divert their mind. Maid tells Diksha that Aman is crying. Diksha says take him to Dayaben. She takes Aman and talks to him. She says I will not get peace till I find out her secret planning, lets go and see.

Avni asks the goon to stop it now and requests him to leave the girl. He scolds her and says I will not wait for Dayaben, we will get money by selling these kids. He slaps the boy for trying to leave from bus. He shoots and misses the shot. Driver asks him to see the girl lying on road. Diksha asks Dayaben where is she doing. Dayaben asks her not to ask anything, why are you making Aman cry. Diksha asks her to take him. She says I m leaving for imp work. Ketan comes and asks are you going anywhere. She says yes, I have no time. He tells business proposal. She taunts him. Diksha asks maid to take Amol. Dayaben takes Aman and goes to room. Diksha says Dayaben feels Aman is imp than you, where will you go Ketan. Neela lies on the road. Goon asks driver to check if she is alive or died. Avni looks on.


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