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Naamkaran 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Avni seeing the video. Ashish confronts Dayaben and says you killed my Ashudi, Avni was saying right. Ketan says no, its a lie. Ashish asks him to be quiet. Servant records everything. Dayaben says yes, I have killed that Daayan, you know what society calls such women. Ashish gets angry and asks what did you do, I have sent Avni to jail and hating her, she hates me, why, you don’t touch me, I hate myself to call you mum, you are not my mum, you lost the rights to be a mum, you are a murderer, I will take this proof to police and get you punished, if I don’t get you punished, Aisha, Avni and my son will not forgive me. Dayaben and Ketan ask him to stop. Ashish asks Ketan to leave him. Ashish slips and falls back. Servant, Ketan and Dayaben get shocked. Avni cries.

Ketan and Dayaben ask Ashish what happened. Ketan says Ashish is dead. Avni gets shocked. Dayaben shouts no, this can’t happen. Ketan says calm down. Dayaben says what will we tell everyone, that I killed Ashish. Ketan says I will bury Ashish, there is no option, we will tell everyone that Ashish went abroad. Dayaben says bury him. Avni gets angry seeing this. She cries for Ashish.

Dayaben asks Neela did Avni get scared to come to her. Neil reaches Mitali. Neela asks Riya how is she, how can she bear all this, does she not want a better future for herself, Dayaben will ruin your life. She thanks Diksha for asking, but I won’t have food, just get a glass of water for me, don’t add anything in it, like you added something in my dad’s glass. Diksha recalls Hemant and gets tensed. Neela asks Diksha to say if this true or not. Diksha says Maa… Dayaben asks Neela to leave, nothing will happen, you came to scare us. Neil cuts the bars and gets in. He hides from Diksha. Diksha says Neela has come here.

Dayaben says you did big mistake, you came here, but can’t go alive. Neela says I want this, if I don’t reach home in 10mins, maid will call police, doubt will go on you, its enough now, you have hurt Avni a lot, its time to pay for it.

Avni recalls Dayaben’s words and says I will take my revenge. She runs out of the room. She stops at the door and recalls Neil’s words. She steps out of the door and runs. Diksha goes. Neil frees Mitali and takes her. Neil says why is Avni not answering. He leaves from there. Avni walks to the temple and cries recalling Ashish.

Dayaben says Maa’s blessings are with me, lets’ see whom Maa supports, you or me. Neela says we will see. Avni sees Kaali maa idol and has a revolver in hand. Neil stops seeing the procession. The revolver falls down. Avni picks it. Neil does not see her and turns. He leaves with Mitali.

Dayaben comes to see Mitali. She says where did she go and sees the window. Avni comes there. Dayaben gets shocked seeing her. Avni shouts Dayavanti Mehta and holds her neck. Dayaben says leave me. Avni says you are a murderer, you are not a mum, you are a Daayan, you killed your son and my mum, you made me an orphan, I will not leave you today.

She aims at Dayaben. Dayaben asks did you mad, will you kill me. Avni says yes, like you shot me, I have your blood, see my hands are not shaking, how can you do this with Ashish. Dayaben says stop nonsense, I did not kill anyone. She pushes Avni. Avni says truth will come out one day, none knows you better than me, tell me, how did you murder Ashish and sleep at night, did you not regret, you are worse than any animal. Ketan and Diksha come. Avni asks Ketan does he not get scared of this woman, if she kills him too. Diksha asks what are you saying.

Avni says I m saying truth, this woman has killed my Papa. Dayaben says you have no relation with my son. Avni holds her neck. Ketan pushes Avni. Dayaben asks what will you do, I have Maa’s blessings, none can do anything, Ashish was my son, I gave him birth and raised him, I had right on him, who are you to ask me. Avni says you did not give right on Aisha, why did you kill her. Dayaben says yes, I killed her, she was feeding Amol and making him impure. Avni pushes her. Dayaben gets hurt. Avni asks Ketan to open eyes and see, your mum has bad blood, she is a murderer. Diksha asks who are you, all lives went because of you.

Dayaben says I wish that bullet pierced your heart. Avni says I m standing alive in front of you, I got saved as your end is written in my hands. Pandit asks all devotees to come in pandal to attend maha aarti. Avni points gun at Dayaben. Ketan asks her to keep gun down. Riya hits on Avni’s head. Avni sees Riya and faints.


Naamkaran 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni pushes Dayaben and kicks her. She says today evil will end, my revenge will get fulfilled. Neil shouts Avni and stops her.

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