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Naamkaran 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Neela asking Neil what happened, Avni has belief in Lord because of you, else she lost belief in goodness because of Dayaben, she started understanding relations, she trusts you a lot, you are her strength, come Avni is waiting. The man comes in front of Juhi. He asks her to answer her call when he calls her, and she shouldn’t run away. Neil turns away. The man goes. Some people take Ganesh and pass by. Neil and Juhi walk towards the house. Jai dev……plays……

Avni looks for Neil. Neela gets Neil home. Shweta, Prakash and Bebe get shocked. Neil and Avni do the aarti together. Juhi comes there. Pandit asks them to show aarti to everyone. Juhi gets a call and turns. Neil takes aarti to her. Juhi turns to him. Pandit calls Neil and he turns away. He goes. Avni asks Juhi to come and says he is my husband, come I will make you meet him. The man comes and asks Juhi to come if her puja is over. They go. Neil says I will give you all answers, can you give me some time. Avni says of course, there is no hurry. Kareena asks Neil to meet her friends. Avni says I need to talk. DD thinks she can ask me about Juhi. Avni asks him to help her, she knows a man who doesn’t treat his wife well. DD agrees.

Bebe takes Shweta aside. Shweta says I know Neil didn’t forget Juhi till now, he love Juhi. Bebe asks is this your love for Neil, when Avni left home, did you not see pain in his eyes, he left us and house, but he didn’t leave Avni, this is love. Shweta says please Bebe, stop blessing them, their marriage was a drama, a compromise, knowing Neil still love Juhi, why do you want to stop Avni here. Bebe scolds her. Neela hears them and gets shocked.

Avni says I was waiting for you, don’t know you liked my surprise for me, my surprises always fail. He asks did you do this for me. She says your family miss you a lot, Shweta wants you to be with them. He asks what about you, do you want to go there. She says yes, I m ready, Shweta doesn’t like me but she got ready to adjust with me for your sake, what are you doing. He says you want this, so I m packing. She smiles and hugs him. She gets away. He holds her close.

He says its good to express feelings, especially for me, I don’t want any formality to be there between us. Bebe says who came at this time and checks. She smiles seeing Neil and Avni. She asks them to wait. She gets aarti plate and does their aarti. She welcomes them and says I m very happy. Shweta says Neela is also here, Neela came to see if we treat Avni well or not. Prakash says Avni is her daughter, she has full right to check, Neela is our family now.

Bebe asks Neela to come, this time I promise you that we will not give you a chance to complain, Avni would never say that she doesn’t have any loving Dadi, I m her Dadi. Avni smiles. Bebe promises Avni that none can behave badly with her till she is here, you deserve this love Avni, I will stand as your shield, even if I have to twist Neil’s ears for this. Neil says finally you have snatched my Bebe from me. Bebe says no, I m Bebe of both of you. Shweta feeds sweets to Neil and Avni. Avni says thanks, I m very happy. Prakash says I m very happy, my daughter is back, my family got complete. Neela blesses them.

Amol says Avni went back to Neil’s house. Dayaben calls Avni a devil. She gets angry and says how can she win always, there will be some way to kill her, what shall I do. Neela comes to Shweta and asks why are you worried, by Avni’s win or your failure. Shweta asks what are you saying. Neela says you tried hard to remind Neil the time spent with Juhi, his past, so that he hates Avni and makes her away, sadly you failed in your plan. Shweta says win and failure is just a perception, maybe you think of my win’s first step as my failure. Avni comes to room and smiles. She gets a gift. Shweta says let’s see what new gift the morning gets for Avni, you are an amazing mum, you are leaving Avni here to bear burden of fake relation, you are not her real mum, sorry.

Neela says when I made Avni sit in mandap, I was sure Neil and Avni are made for each other, I m not Avni’s real mum, you are Neil’s real mum right, how did you fix his relation with Riya knowing they don’t love each other, I m that mum who can hear Avni and even Neil’s heartbeats. Shweta says fine, I will tell you what Avni needs, this is my promise, you will know the strength of my motherly love. Neela says fine, but don’t underestimate my motherly love. She goes. Shweta says I will see, you love Avni, but I can go to any extent for my Neil’s happiness. She calls Riya and says it would be fun if you were with me, but no you would spoil my plan, I m enough for this plan. Avni gets Neil and Juhi’s pic. She is about to see Juhi. She sees Neil and puts pic. She says I have found you upset, what happened, everyone has seen you. He asks her to sit. He says you are right, I was much upset. She asks why.


Naamkaran 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta asks how many pics will you burn, Juhi’s place won’t get erased in Neil’s heart, better move out Avni from his life. Bebe slaps Shweta. Avni thinks of helping Juhi.

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