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Naamkaran 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gurumaa telling Juhi that she got another precious gem now. She sees Avni and says she has much courage, she believes her husband but he can’t do anything. Dayaben says none can touch us, as we have Maa’s blessings. Avni taunts her that she is a devil. She reminds how Mahishasur and Raavan died, we will see will your ego end or my belief in Neil. She asks Juhi not to cry, if she breaks down, their courage will get high, Neil will come to save them, there is no wall that can keep her away from Neil. Ballu asks men to get Raavan idol well. Neil and others are hiding in it.

Gurumaa introduces Avni to men. Neil asks them are they ready and recalls the plan to enter Rangmahal. Gurumaa asks the men to see Avni’s dance. Avni sings Jag ghoomeya…. and dances. Neil reaches in rangmahal. Avni feels Neil is around. Gurumaa and Dayaben get the men to Avni and Juhi. The man likes Juhi. Avni stops him from touching Juhi. The man says amazing, so much fire. Gurumaa asks Ballu to take guests. Dayaben taunts Avni for losing soon. Avni says Maa gives a chance to every devil to change. Gurumaa asks them to make girls ready fast. They go.

DD says we should take action. Neil tries to open door. Neela worries for Avni. She asks Fatima to stay with her. Fatima says let me see Amol once. Neela says we tied him well, I will see him when Avni returns. The man asks for making all girls sit in truck. Juhi says none can save us now. Avni says I trust Neil, he will come.

Juhi says you know what happens with these girls, some die and some give their lives. Avni says this time it won’t happen. Gurumaa comes. Ballu says a girl tried to take her life. Gurumaa slaps him and scolds him for loss. She asks men to take them. She asks Dayaben why is she worried, she should be happy. Dayaben says Avni will be going to right place. Neil asks the team to get ready. Neil beats the men. Fatima thinks there is no voice coming from room.

Neela talks to Prakash and wishes Neil and Avni meet. Bebe prays and says Mata visarjan will happen when my children come back safe. Shweta says I m a bad mum. Prakash says repentance tear wipes all sins, nothing will happen to them. He hugs her. Bebe wipes her tears. She asks Shweta to pray. Fatima thinks to see Amol. She looks for him, Neela says he has run away. Ballu says give them injections fast. Avni scolds him. Ballu says that man is jallad, he will remind you your place. Avni shouts for help and cries. Ballu laughs and gets injection. Avni asks him to leave her hand and attacks Ballu. She injects him. He falls down. She asks all the girls to be strong, they have to get together. Neil looks for Avni.


Naamkaran 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil and Avni hug. Avni says I knew you will come to take me. Neil promises to take her out of this hell. Gurumaa points gun at Juhi.

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