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Naamkaran 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update

Saisha’s lies get exposed


Naamkaran 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 2nd April 2018 Episode Start With Avni tells Neil to come for the function for Mishti’s sake. Neil says that he will come only for Mishti and asks Avni to stop her emotional drama. Neil asks Avni to stay way from him and also says that he will never forgive her. Neil tells Avni that she never trusted him.

Neil says that he wants to break up all relations with her. Later, Saisha complains that she has no time for shopping. Avni comes there with a bag and tells her that these are clothes which she may like. Saisha says that clothes are amazing. Avni says that they are her clothes. Neil and Avni think about the past when she got clothes from Bebe and Shweta.

Avni holds a pink dupatta which Neil used to like and the dupatta flies on Neil’s face. Neil pulls away the dupatta but it gets stuck on his wrist band. Saisha chooses the same duppata for her function. Neil asks everyone to get ready soon for the function.

Rahil tells Kamini that the engagement function is looking like a big event. Kamini asks Manmohan if he found some information. Manmohan shows her a file. Kamini reads in the file that Nilanjana is not her mother and Saisha is an orphan. Manmohan says that Nilanjana started sukoon house 10 years back and there is no information about her past. Kamini is shocked. Neil tells his lawyer on the phone that Avni’s alive news will have to come out and they have to take care of Vidyut.

Sunehri gives an outfit to Neil. Avni enters room, looking for Samrat but Neil is there wearing his clothes. Flashback shows Neil struggling to stich a button and asks Avni for help. Neil and Avni come close. Flashback ends. Neil stiches the button and Avni tries to help but he asks her to be away. Avni offers to help but Neil says he can do his own work. Neil asks Avni to leave the room. Avni is sad. Avni asks everyone to leave fast as they have to reach on time. Saisha comes dressed up and Neil and Avni have tears in their eyes. Neil and Avni are about to hug Saisha together but stop.

Saisha asks them why are they crying. Neil says that he remembered someone seeing her. Neil, Avni and Saisha reach the function in a cab. Neil gives away the note to the driver which has Avni’s thank you message. Avni enters the party and gets shocked seeing Media people. Kamini apologizes to Avni saying that media people came on their own.

Avni is quite tensed. Rituals begin. Avni imagines herself pacifying Neil and Neil being angry. Manmohan tells Kamini that he has an informer who will get all details of Nilanjana soon. Kamini asks Avni to come for the rituals. Avni refuses and Kamini tells her that she has to take part in the rituals as she is Saisha’s mother and has given birth to her. Avni says that she is like Saisha’s mother but she is not her real mother.


Naamkaran 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamini asks Avni why she lied and Avni says that she never told her she is Saisha’s mother. Kamini say that Saisha lied. Kamini says that she will not let her superstar son marry an orphan.

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