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Naamkaran 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Neela getting arrested. Avni says sorry Neela aunty. Neela stares Dayaben. She says I know this is not your plan, always remember one thing, whatever happens is for good, trust me. She asks Aladin to take care of Avni and Aman. She hugs Avni and goes with police. Dayaben asks is this vanar sena not less, some ran away and some was made to run, lets think what to do of left over, Avni wanted to get me punished, see someone else got punished.

Diksha talks to Ketan. She tells about Avni and Dayaben. Dayaben comes and asks what happened. Diksha says you are mistaken about the success which you did not get till now. Dayaben asks her to keep the car away. She says if you knew everything, you would be Dayavanti, Avni wanted to use that purse against me, I trapped Neela, Neela is in jail, can the cat run if I cut its leg, no right, same way I have cut Avni’s one hand and now other hand, Aladin, I will send him too, then game over. Diksha says then its game over, make me marry Aladin. Dayaben asks what is she saying Ketan. Ketan asks Diksha is she mad, we should send her back.

Diksha says you are worried he is younger than me, I got to know he is just 3 years younger to me. Ketan reminds she is married. She says I will give divorce to him, then Aladin and me will be together forever, no one values my plan, Ketan is a donkey, think Aladin will become mind and not help Avni, Dayaben’s money will get saved, we won’t have to buy him like last time, I will ask him to help you, we will stay together as one big happy family. Ketan says Diksha needs shocks. Dayaben says now we need shocks. They leave.

Avni and Aladin have a talk. Avni says Jamla has done that, I m feeling very bad, she had to go to jail for second time, even then she did not say anything, I did not believe her. Aladin says me too. Avni says we have to help her. Aladin says we can’t do anything, police will not listen, we don’t have money for her bail, we can pray for Neela, else Hemant can help her. Avni removes her slippers and says I will go to temple while praying, mumma used to go there and said prayers would be answered. He says I will come along. She asks him to go home and be with Aman. Ali comes and says I will come along. Avni says no, I will walk barefoot, you can’t come.

Inspector and lady constable interrogate Neela. Neela asks constable to find out. Inspector signs constable. Constable slaps Neela. Neela asks how dare you slap me, its not proved that I m a culprit, don’t touch me. Avni and Ali walk to temple. Avni says I can do this for Neela. Ali asks her to come. Dayaben comes to meet Neela. She asks inspector can she talk to Neela in private. Inspector goes. Dayaben pities Neela.

Avni gets hurt and sits. Ali worries. Avni removes the thorn. He puts water on her wound. She thanks him and gets up. Dayaben says look at your face, it would hurt a lot right, for that girl, you are bearing this, I m hurt seeing you here, there is still time, you can manage the matter, just understand who is yours and who are outsiders, then I will free you from here.

Neela smiles and says you think I m helpless woman, who got arrested, I did not say anything and came here, did you think why did I do this, I would have stopped it there if I wanted, I m Hemant’s daughter, one phone call and I would have not reached here, but I came here by my wish. Dayaben asks what do you mean. Neela says you did good for us and you don’t even know it, you made Hemant’s trust on me certain, he used to trust you before, you got Aisha’s case opened yourself, which was impossible for us. Dayaben gets shocked.

Avni and Ali come to temple. Avni sees a beggar lady. She buys wada pav and gives to old lady. The lady blesses Avni. A man looks on and smiles. Ali says money got finished, we would have given food to her some other day. Avni says if everyone thinks so, then lady will be hungry always. The man stops Avni and makes her wear chunri. He gives her puja plate and chadava. Avni says I don’t have money to give. The man says I have seen today that Lord are in kids, I m doing my devotion by giving my chadava to you, you go and pray.

Media comes to talk to Neela. Neela says see press has come now, everyone wants to know, who is Aisha’s murderer, thanks for helping us, you have spread the little spark by reopening the case, you wanted to hide names and now Aisha’s name is known in every house. Avni and Ali pray for Neela. Avni prays to Bappa to help Neela.

Naamkaran 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Avni gives prasad to Dayaben. Dayaben takes it. Avni says I went to temple to pray that Neela gets free and case reopens. Aladin says CBI has overtaken the case. Neela asks Dayaben to rest, and think what will happen when real culprit gets caught.

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