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Naamkaran 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Neela saying we will shift America, I did all arrangements. Avni asks what are you saying, why will we go from here, Aisha is buried in this land, I have my family and friends here, mumma gave me Aman’s responsibility, I will not leave him alone with Dayaben. Neela says stop crying, listen to me, when a soldier loses in war, he moves back to fight again with all courage, you lost everything in this war, we can’t stay here, we are not going forever, we will come back here, but now we have to leave, else don’t know what will happen, if anything happens to you, I have no one, I can’t lose you. Avni agrees to her and says you are my mumma, I promise to agree, but you have to agree to three things. Neela promises her.

Avni says I have to go mumma’s house to meet Fatima and Tiku, I have to visit mumma’s grave and meet her, I have to see Aman once. Neela says this is not possible. Avni says please. Neela says you want to go back to that trap, its going back in danger, we can’t do this. Avni says you promised me. Neela says no, we can’t. Avni cries and says everyone made many promises to me and broke, you also break. Neela says drama queen, I will fulfill all promises, you also promise me, we will go America. Avni hugs her.

Dayaben sees Fatima and Tiku, and asks watchman to throw dirt out. Fatima holds Dayaben and scolds her. Dayaben argues. Fatima asks where is Avni, if anything happens to her, I will not leave her. Dayaben asks maid to call police. Tiku gets a call and stops Fatima. He tells something and they leave.

Dayaben asks maid to get gangajal and do her Shuddikaran. Maid puts gangajal on her. Fatima and Tiku come home and hug Avni. Neela says I wanted to take your permission and did not get time, I m doing this for Avni’s good, we decided to go away from here, we will shift America. Tiku says Avni won’t go anywhere. Neela says this was not easy for Avni and me, what’s imp for us now, Avni’s safety right, I convinced her with difficulty, you both also agree. Tiku says we can manage Avni.

Fatima asks Tiku to stop it. She says how to thank Neela, I have no words, Neela has right to decide for Avni’s life, we can’t do this for Avni, Avni is very lucky that Lord gave her two mum’s love, Lord made Aisha away, but sent Neela. Neela cries.

She says I can just give you prayers, I will always pray for you Neela. Neela says I m lucky that Avni came in my life, else I had no reason to live life, after Hemant died, its just Avni, who became my daughter and gave me new identity, we all will fulfill her happy family dream. Avni cries. Fatima blesses Neela.

Diksha gets a call for Neela. The lady from travel agency gives flight details of Neela and Avni. Diksha gets shocked. She tells Dayaben if I tell you about Neela and Avni going abroad. They are going Newyork tomorrow. Dayaben looks for Amol and worries. Diksha asks her to calm down. Main gets Amol. Dayaben hugs Amol and asks maid to tell everyone to guard Amol. She says Avni is like bad spirit around Amol, she will snatch Amol. Diksha says you think Neela and Avni will dare to come here to take Amol, Avni knows she has run away from jail and police is finding her, relax.

Avni asks Neela can we take Aman along. Neela says I refused for it, I m fulfilling my promise, you have to fulfill your promise. Diksha and Dayaben come there to find Avni. Dayaben says I m sure Avni is sure, and gets a gun. Avni cries and says maybe I won’t be able to come here again. She hugs Aisha’s hugs and cries. Fatima and Tiku hug her. Dayaben sees the house locked.

Avni visits Aisha’s grave and thinks of her. She talks to Aisha. Neela promises Aisha that she will not let Avni miss her, she will raise Avni and make her a good and brave person. Avni cries. Neela says Aisha is here, she did not go leaving you. Fatima says if anyone comes here, it will be problem, come. Neela asks Avni to come. Avni hugs grave and cries. Neela says let Avni be with Aisha and take farewell.

The travel agency girl calls Neela and says I hope you got this info, that your flight is delayed, I called your home and passed message. Neela asks what did you tell them. Lady says I gave flight details. Neela gets worried and ends call. Fatima asks what happened. Neela says Dayavanti got to know Avni and I are going US. They worry.


Naamkaran 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Avni says I will not go without meeting Aman. Neela calls Dayaben and asks her to let Avni meet Amol for the final time, or decide if you want to send Diksha to jail, I got to know Diksha killed my dad. Dayaben gets shocked.

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