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Naamkaran 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Avni praying for Neela at temple. Pandit gives them prasad. Pandit sees Avni’s feet hurt and stops her. He gives her Bappa’s Raksha thread, which will always protect her. He blesses her and ties her thread. Hemant’s lawyer gives Neela’s bail papers. CBI officer comes there and greets Hemant. CBI officer says now we will handle this case, you have one hour, give all witness, proof and documents to me. He asks inspector to run. Dayaben looks on and worries. Officer asks Hemant not to worry, its my track record, criminal inside in 10 days. Neela asks Dayaben is she shocked seeing her out, kids’ prayers have much effect. She hugs Hemant.

Hemant sees Dayaben and takes Neela with him. Reporters ask Neela is this true that she is arrested for Aisha’s murder, Ashish has illegitimate relation with Aisha, did you kill her because of that. Neela says you will know truth, I m glad Aisha’s case reopened, Aisha should get justice, Avni should get justice, I trust our laws, real culprit should be caught. She sees Dayaben and goes.

At home, Dayaben holds Hemant’s feet and apologizes. She lies that she is innocent. Hemant asks her to to stop this drama now, you have sent Neela to jail. He coughs. She says Avni did this, police took Neela, I was trying to free her. He says no one is kid here, whom are you fooling, there is limit to lie, you crossed even that, the Daya I knew, you are not that. He feels unwell. He says I helped you and you succeeded by ethics and hardwork, but now you are burning in hatred fire, your hatred was less before and today you made revenge high, you did not spare me in revenge fire, you cheated me, you broke my trust, I gave you Neela thinking you will love her a lot, you have sent her to jail, leave from here, I don’t know you. Diksha looks on. He says I will pray for you, Lord should give you sense. Dayaben asks Lord to show her the way.

Ali likes the modak. Avni says we will go police station and give this prasad to Neela. Ali asks what, by walk. He lies on the road. Avni asks him to get up. He says I will not walk. She says fine, we will take taxi. He says I m tired. She goes to get taxi. Neela comes there. Avni gets surprised and runs to hug her. Avni asks her are you fine. Ali asks are you happy seeing Neela now. Avni says I was scared, you got hurt. Neela says no. Avni apologizes to her. Neela says you did not do wrong, situation was like that.

Avni gives her prasad. Neela feeds her also. Avni breaks half thread and ties to Neela, saying pandit gave this to me, it said this will protect us. Neela asks did you come temple barefoot. Avni says yes, can’t I do this for you, if you can do so much for me. Neela says Bappa heard you, Aisha’s case reopened, it means we can fight for Aisha again. Avni hugs Ali. Neela says case went to CBI. She hugs Ali and Avni. Avni says we can’t go. Neela asks why. Avni says who will do dance. They all dance.

CBI officer asks inspector how did footage get missing, witness changes statement, will I think this is natural death it signs its a murder case, you took money and shut this case, get lost. He asks the man to call hackers. He asks doctor to call his staff and get all details related to case. He finds out about taxi driver. The man says Sir, its attempt to clear evidence and witnesses, it will take some time. Officer says so this case is given to me, every criminal leaves some clue, we will find out the culprit. Avni comes home with Neela and Aladin. Aladin asks what, CBI will handle case. Avni says yes. They see Dayaben worries.

Avni gives prasad to Dayaben and says my mannat got fulfilled. Aladin says CBI overtook case, its impossible to buy CBI. Neela says don’t trouble Dayaben, you know she got panic attack, doctor said we should not give her stress, else she can…. She asks Dayaben to rest, real culprit will be caught. Aladin says I m scared seeing her, she is seeing us as if she will shoot us. Neela says no, I see fear in her eyes, look. Dayaben gets angry and goes.

Aladin says I feel something is less, why. Neela says its first time, Dayaben did not say anything. Aladin and Avni say yes, and laugh. Neela goes.

Diksha comes crying and meets Hemant. Hemant asks her what’s the matter. She says I fought with Dayaben, she always scolds me, I left home and came here. He says fine, but what’s the matter, will you say. She says I can’t tell you. He says then how will you help you. She says promise me, you will not tell anyone. He says fine. She says Aisha… He asks who killed Aisha, tell me, stop crying.

Ashish asks who took my bottle. Avni says I took it, you won’t get bottle, you won’t drink wine. Ashish raises hand.

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