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Naamkaran 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Diksha advising Dayaben not to shorten her team. Dayaben says no need to take gyaan from you. Diksha says Neela and Avni are perfect team, you always ask me to leave, I wish you valued me, you always things alone, you can’t do anything and don’t let anyone else do, you are old tigress, who can’t hunt, if I had killed Avni like Hemant, this would have not happened. Servant hears them and gets shocked. Diksha says let me handle Avni. Dayaben says don’t touch Avni, I will kill Avni, what does she think, she will cheat me and go New york, I have to bury her here with her mum, till I don’t see her dying, I won’t get peace.

Neela says Avni, Dayaben will try to harm you, we have to leave, I spoke to airlines, they will shift us to other flight. Avni asks when will we go to meet Aman. Neela says situation got spoiled, please understand, its tough to meet Aman. Fatima asks Avni to understand. Neela says it will be risk again, please understand. Avni says one last time, you promised me we will meet Aman. She requests Neela. Fatima says Neela is right, its sensible to leave, you will be safe, I beg you, don’t be adamant, did you see what happened after Aisha’s adamancy, she died.

Tiku comes and says Hari came home….Avni asks is Aman fine. Neela says let Tiku say. Tiku says Hari said Diksha killed Hemant. Neela gets shocked and cries. Neela calls Dayaben. Dayaben asks how did you get time to call me. Neela scolds her. She says Avni and I have to board flight, I want you to get Aman at airport, Avni wants to meet him once. Dayaben says I will never let Avni meet Aman, you are commanding me. Neela says yes, I m ordering you, its about Diksha, decide if you want to make Avni meet Aman, or send Diksha to jail, I got to know Diksha killed Hemant, I have witness to prove this. Dayaben gets shocked.

Neela says I can’t get Hemant back, I want to do a deal with you, let Avni meet Aman, then we will go away, we will not interfere in each other’s lives, Lord will punish you, tell me what did you decide, I don’t think you can see Diksha dying. Diksha asks Dayaben did she threaten you or run away. Dayaben scolds Diksha. She says you killed Hemant and did sin, I told you to repent, Neela got to know and threatened, she will tell everyone. Diksha asks how did she know, who was there.

Dayaben says if I make them meet Amol, will they do silently. Diksha asks Dayaben to go with Amol. Dayaben scolds her. Diksha says if Neela goes to police, what will I do, whom will I blame. Dayaben says I m still alive, don’t do anything, I know what to do. She goes. Diksha says matter can get worse, Dayaben will send me to jail, I can’t trust her, I have to something.

Avni asks Neela do you want to go without doing anything. Neela says yes, worse has happened with us, now we have nothing to lose, this place will not heal our wound, Lord will make Dayaben pay for her deeds, my dad was Devpurush, he helped us even now, Dayaben agreed to make Aman meet you by his fear, are you happy now, I m fulfilling your last promise. Avni hugs her. She says I had to take a gift for Aman, shall I go with Tiku. Neela says fine, go and buy, Tiku be careful. Glass breaks. Tiku says it will be good luck, we will go and buy gift for Aman.

Avni hugs Neela and says I wished to hug you. Neela and Fatima leave from house. Neela gets Tiku’s call and says we are leaving. She says I forgot passport and goes back home. Tiku says Neela will come soon. Avni says she will have much bags with her, its safe place, I will take care, go there and help Neela. Tiku says fine, I will go and get her. He goes. Dayaben comes there. Avni asks where is Aman, you promised Neela. Dayaben says you are fool to get trapped, Neela was acting smart. Neela is on the way. Diksha reaches Neela and apologizes to her.

Neela asks why did you come here, how did you know we are here. Diksha says I had to find it out, as I had to kill you. She gets the gun from car and aims at Neela. Neela kicks her and runs. Diksha follows her. Neela hides. Diksha asks her to come out. Neela worries for Avni. Avni says I won’t be scared and won’t go without meeting Aman, you gave us much sorrow, its enough now, I will make you reach jail and snatch my Aman. Dayaben asks is your lecture over, the day Aisha came in Ashish’s life, our lives got ruined, you are a disease which can kill entire family, I tried hard to explain, I have to end you from root, devil is killed by a mum, Aisha was a devil whom I killed, now you are left. She gets the gun and aims at Avni, and says I will give new life to my family by killing you. Avni gets shocked.


Naamkaran 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :The guy says run as much as you can by changing name, you have to come back. Grown up Avni is seen after 15 years leap. Avni says I just love my destination. Avni smiles.

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