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Naamkaran 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Hemant asking Diksha who has killed Aisha, tell me. He coughs. She asks him to sit and have water. He asks her to say who has killed Aisha. She says what I m going to tell you now can shock you. He says don’t worry about me, tell me name. She says Dayavanti Mehta. He gets shocked. She cries and says yes, Maa has done this, I deleted hospital CCTV footage for her. He asks why did you do this. She says Maa went mad in madness and does not care about me, she made me marry Hasmukh and ruined my life, now when I m getting true love, she does not agree, she is doing many murders to hide one murder. He asks her to tell this to police, Dayaben can’t do anything, come. He gets dizzy and falls down. She checks his breath. She asks did you die so soon, who will go police station with

me, tell me.

She says medicine added in water affected you so soon, this is great, death reason heart attack. She laughs and says Kaka was a real good man, Devpurush, don’t worry, take rest, I will live my life now, thanks.

Avni and Aladin play with Aman. Avni asks Aman to come to her. She says we will go out home back, in our fairy world. Aladin says I will not go leaving Aman. Avni says your place is fixed in our hearts, you are fixed in our life now, good days will come. She goes to get milk for Aman. Neela comes home and rings bell. She calls on landline. She worries for Hemant. She asks driver to break the door, as Hemant is not opening the door. He breaks the door. Neela gets inside and sees Hemant lying on the floor. She finds him dead and cries in shock.

Ashish shouts and asks for his bottle. He calls servant. Avni says you won’t get any bottle now. Ashish raises hand on her and stops. She stares at Ashish. He turns away. She holds him and cries. She asks him not to drink wine, mumma will be upset seeing you this way, do you want her to get hurt, tell me. Ashish cries and hugs Avni. She asks him not to drink. She gets Neela’s call. She asks why are you crying. She gets shocked.

Diksha and Dayaben talk about Avni and her helpers. Diksha says Hemant is no more. Dayaben asks what. Diksha says those gone to heaven are spoken about in past tense and winks. Dayaben gets shocked. She feels unwell.

Dayaben goes to pray and says Hemant was my Devpurush, he left us, you always bless me, I know Diksha did mistake, but what shall I do, you gave me such daughter, her mental state was not fine, save Diksha. Diksha comes and asks her not to cry, are you really sad or acting. Dayaben says its big day tomorrow, one who does puja and keeps fast, their sins get washed, you will keep fast tomorrow. Diksha says fine, I will do it. Dayaben says this is repentance for what you did with Hemant. Diksha asks what about your sins, its not less, what you did with Aisha, what you are doing with Neela and Avni are sins. Dayaben says no, saving Dharm and family is not sin, I just ended evil, which even my Lord would do, I did a good thing, not sin.

Dayaben meets Shashank. He shows her some video. She asks how did you get it, I got this deleted. He says I recovered this for CBI, imagine if there was someone else in my place, you would have got jailed, chill I told CBI same thing, about computer fault, you have to pay me for this. She asks how much. He shows 5. She asks 5 lakhs. He laughs and asks is your life so cheap, crore… Jamla gets angry. Dayaben stops her and asks is it not big amount for a footage. He says yes, but not for a big business tycoon, I will give you additional officer, he reached the driver, I will give you free advice, next time don’t let stupid people do this work, you won’t be lucky, you will get my account details. He goes.

Avni sees Neela crying and consoles her. She says if we close eyes and think of our dear ones, we can feel them close to us, like I feel mumma. She makes Neela close eyes. Neela cries thinking of Hemant. Avni says he will be close to you, he will be sad seeing you crying. Neela says I did not feel so lonely before. Avni says no, you are not alone, I m with you, I can understand your pain. Neela hugs her. Avni says we have to become strong, to give good example to Aman.

Avni says how will this medicine work in Dayaben. Akash says this medicine will get her fears out. Avni says she is scared of going jail. Avni adds medicine in Dayaben’s food and smiles.

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