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Naamkaran 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Neil Understands The Threat


Naamkaran 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 5th December 2017 Episode start With Neil asking Bebe to tell her problems to him, he will solve it. He reminds her words and says you are not a coward to end life. Bebe says I m not a coward. She gets dizzy. Shweta and Prakash take her. Neil thinks Bebe is not so weak, she can’t do this, she surely wants to tell me something. Neil goes out and calls Avni. He says Avni said she will keep her phone off, how to contact her now. He sees few guys passing by on bikes. Ali comes there on a bike and puts a phone in his pocket. Neil says Ali…. Ali says sorry and leaves. Neil sees Avni on video call. She asks what happened. He tells everything. She asks how will I know who is the informer in our house. He says I checked outside, I didn’t see anyone. She says maybe the person ran away, I will also try to find clues, talk to Bebe when she gets conscious.

Vidyut and Gurumaa are on the way. She says I m very happy, Avni has left Neil and his family, Juhi’s marriage preparations are happening. She says she thinks she will win, no… She says Juhi is very clever, I will punish her, she will be sacrificed, she acted of love to you so that she runs back to Neil, cheat’s other name is women. He says yes, women just cheat everyone, love’s other name is cheat, Juhi, Neil and Avni have to pay a price for this.

Ali and Avni come to Vidyut’s house. Ali says we will fix a tracker here. She says no, Vidyut will know of it, we have to show him that Neil is marrying Juhi. He says what did Vidyut do to scare Bebe. She says we have to find it. They search the house. Vidyut says once Neil marries Juhi, I will tell him that I m Mishti’s real father, Avni’s sacrifice will go waste, the same way as her mum’s sacrifice had gone waste. Vidyut and Gurumaa reach there. Ali asks Avni to come fast. He goes. Avni sees the idol and prays to Durga Maa to show some way. Ali calls her out. He hears Gurumaa and calls out Avni. The door gets locked. Ali and Avni hide. Vidyut opens the door and gets in. Ali says Avni got stuck inside. Avni hides in cupboard. Vidyut gives tamarind and sugar to Gurumaa. He goes to the cupboard. She stops him and asks him to come for a min. He goes back to her. Avni looks on. Gurumaa says Ballu would have kept them safe right. Avni thinks what are they talking. Vidyut says don’t worry, no one can know about them, I m worried for that Avni. Avni gets a paper from his coat pocket. He says Avni is very smart, I can’t believe she lost to Juhi so soon, she left Neil. Gurumaa says yes, its tough to understand her, call Avni’s house and find out. He says I won’t call her, she always cries, she is very irritating. She says I know she is a liar and fraud, call her once.

Neil calls out Bebe. Bebe comes home and says I went to temple. He says fine, come, there is no one, tell me what’s the danger. She signs him towards the men. Neil asks who are you. The man says Bebe called us, we are caterers, we have to set menu. Neil thinks someone from these men is a threat for Bebe, it won’t be good to ask them. Ballu looks at Bebe. Bebe says yes, I called them.

Neil thinks anyone of them would be keeping an eye on us, I can’t talk to Bebe in my own house, what shall I do. Shweta asks Prakash to tell something to Bebe. Prakash says Bebe is disturbed, calm down. Bebe says I will give menu list. Neil says we both will decide it. Juhi looks on. Neil asks Bebe to give him a clue. She sees Maddy and Kareena’s pic in drawer. Ballu comes and asks her does she want the food to be spicy. She keeps the pic back. Shweta shuts the drawer and says there won’t be any marriage party. Bebe says stop it, marriage will happen, menu will be set, jalebi and chicken tikka will be made, did you listen Neil. Prakash says so much is happening, and you care for jalebi and chicken tikka. Shweta says its Maddy and Kareena’s fav dish, I will call them here. Bebe says I can’t call them here. She signs Neil. Neil thinks oh no, Maddy and Kareena are in danger.

Vidyut calls Juhi. She doesn’t answer. Gurumaa says no need to try again, till we have Maddy and Kareena with us, Bebe is our puppet. Avni gets shocked. Someone rings the bell. Vidyut and Gurumaa check. Watchman asks them to see someone has broken his car glass. They go to see. Ali comes in and calls out Avni. She comes out of the cupboard. He asks her are you fine, we have to leave, come fast. They leave.

Ballu keeps an eye on Neil. Neil gets a call and thinks none should know I m talking to Avni. He says yes DD, fine.. Avni says you don’t answer, just listen to me, Vidyut and Gurumaa kidnapped Maddy and Kareena, reach Ali’s cafe fast. Neil says fine, we shall meet there. Vidyut sees his car fine. Gurumaa says its all fine here. He says something is wrong, we are purposely called here, that watchman is missing. She gets a call and gets shocked. Avni says Neil, I will come along. Neil says no, we can’t be sighted together. Ali calls his friends. DD says its a call from police station. He goes. Neil says Avni, you know our purpose…. Avni says I understand but… He asks don’t you trust me, its matter of few days, none can separate us. DD comes back. Avni asks how will we know about the location, there is an idea. Gurumaa says Neil lied, he got a doubt. She asks Ballu to leave and reach the place. Vidyut says I will come along. She says no, keep an eye on Avni.


Naamkaran 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ragini Pandit asks Maddy and Kareena to shout for Neil. She asks Ballu to fill water in the tanker. She says now we don’t need them or Bebe. Neil comes and says you said right, you won’t need Bebe now.

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