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Naamkaran 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bebe Slips In Coma


Naamkaran 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 6th December 2017 Episode start with Gurumaa and Ballu coming to some old factory. She climbs on the tanker and taunts Maddy and Kareena to bear this as they are policeman’s relatives. She asks Ballu to give them Jal samadhi. Ballu opens the water taps. The water starts filling up. Gurumaa says now we don’t need them and Bebe. Neil comes with the police and says now you won’t need Bebe, you said it right. The police staff stops the water supply and free Maddy and Kareena. Neil hugs them. He says I knew you will come running here and I came here following you, I made Bebe call you. He shows the video recording of her crime. He says you look much fit in this. She asks that phone call….. He nods and recalling calling Bebe and telling her to call Gurumaa and alert her. He says your medical leave is over now. He asks DD to leave Ballu free. He asks Ballu to go and tell Vidyut that he has lost, this time we will call media.

Neil talks to Bebe on call and says Maddy and Kareena are fine, I m getting them home. Bebe says come home soon, I have to tell something. Bebe thinks I will tell him that Mishti is not his daughter. Juhi looks on. Bebe says now this marriage drama is over, I should tell Prakash first. Juhi says Bebe, come with me, someone’s life is at stake. Prakask asks Bebe what’s the matter. Bebe says nothing, let me understand first.

Avni smiles seeing sindoor and jokes. Neela applies her some sindoor and asks how did she get allergy. Avni says I got the sindoor in dustbin. Neela asks who knew about color allergy. Ali hears them and says Juhi knew this, I have told her. Avni says I have seen her in my room, I have no doubt now. She sees Neil coming. Neil says Bebe’s fear and our tension got over, now we don’t need to stay separately. He tells Neela that he is taking Avni home, this time he will make her cook rotis and serve him. He thanks Ali for always helping them. Ali says I will always be with there. Neil says now all the problems got over. Avni says Vidyut didn’t get arrested. Neil says he will be behind bars soon. Ali asks her to take cupcakes. Avni asks Neil to go, she will just come. Neil goes. Ali asks Avni why does she not tell Neil. Avni says we just have a doubt, we have no proof, we can’t tell him.

Bebe says such a big lie, you cheated us Juhi. Juhi begs her to forgive. Bebe asks her to stop the drama. Juhi says I did this to save Neil and Avni’s life. Bebe says one more lie. Juhi says no, I was helpless, Vidyut and Gurumaa forced me to do this, they used to threaten me every day, what could I do, please believe me, I know it very well that Neil’s life has no place for me, why will I want such a marriage, I promise I will go away, don’t tell anything to Neil. Bebe says I know you were helpless, but mistake is a mistake, you have to accept entire truth in front of the family, Mishti is not Neil’s daughter. She goes. Juhi gets angry and says I will get Neil any how. Vidyut gets angry and throws things. He says mum is in jail, if that old woman tells something, old plan will fail. He gets dizzy. Ballu comes and gets the injection.

Vidyut injects insulin and feels better. He gets Juhi’s call. He answers and says listen foolish woman, if that old woman speaks up, I will give you a worse life than Rangmahal. Juhi says I have to do something of this Bebe, else Vidyut can go to any extent. Ballu says how will Juhi stop Bebe. Vidyut says she can stop Bebe if she can break Neil and Avni’s relation. Bebe asks is the geyser on, I m getting bodyache. Shweta goes to help. Maid says Juhi will switch on the geyser. Juhi sees the washing machine and removes its plug.

She spreads some tissues in the drain pipe and burns some oil to make Bebe faint. She thinks no one will know anything. She hears Bebe and runs out. Shweta says I will just come Bebe. Bebe gets the essence and falls down. Water reaches the current wire. Bebe gets electrocuted. Neil gets Avni home. He asks are you not happy after coming home, now marriage is not happening. Avni thinks shall I tell him about the doubt on Juhi. They hear the family members shouting for Bebe. Doctor checks Bebe. Juhi thinks I thought she will die, but she survived. Doctor says Bebe is in coma, the electric shock was a major one. They get shocked. Doctor asks how did this happen. Prakash says she was in bathroom. Neil says please make her fine.

Doctor says we will do our best, nothing will happen. He asks nurse to monitor BP. Neil falls down in a shock and cries. They all hold Neil. Neil says I can’t tolerate this, some problems are coming on my family, I m not able to do anything. Avni asks Neil not to lose courage. He says I m tired, save Bebe. Juhi says Bebe will get fine, we shouldn’t think about marriage, we should cancel it. Shweta says I will never let that happen, Bebe was quiet by the fear which went behind bars now. Juhi says Bebe will get fine, I will explain Mishti, single mothers raise children too. Shweta says any ways Mishti is not Neil’s… Neela stops her. Avni thinks something is wrong, how did this happen.


Naamkaran 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Juhi threatens Avni and gives her 24 hours to convince Neil for marriage. Avni says Juhi won’t go away till we expose her truth. Neil takes Avni’s lie detector test.

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