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Naamkaran 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Avni asking Dayaben to see Aisha, who taught her to be caring, Dayaben can’t be a mother, who can just hurt everyone. She says my mumma stays in my heart. Dayaben says fine, I will shoot at your heart. Avni runs. Dayaben shoots and runs after her. Avni reaches the cliff end. Dayaben asks where will you go now, you said your mum stays in heart, then bullet should be hit there, I will fulfill this promise. She shoots Avni. Avni gets shot and falls down the cliff. Dayaben sees her falling in the river. She gets hugely relieved.

After 15 years, a guy is seen making breakfast for himself. He hears thunder and goes to window. He keeps hand out of window and says I learnt to make your type of coffee. He goes out in rain and enjoys, while people on road run. He says come to meet me this way, I miss you. Constable DD holds umbrella over his head, and says if you don’t take umbrella, your mum will get annoyed, you will fall ill. The guy Neil says no, I have a solution, our Ali’s cafe tea. Ali serves tea to him. He says this rain is like Avni, she used to do anything, tell me what will you have.

Ali says the desi dish with english names gives gives impression to customers. Neil asks DD to leave. Neil asks Ali about Poha and besan laddoo. Ali says besan ladoo is my fav and… Neil says and Poha is Avni’s fav, when will you make me meet her. Ali says let me meet first, I m waiting for her since 15 years. Neil asks what, are you serious, you talk as if you meet her every day. Ali says so what, I feel her, she is in my heart.

Neil says let me get this very right, you are waiting for such girl whom you did not meet since 15 years, brilliant, are you crazy. Ali laughs. He does shayari. Neil says if you get Avni, what’s guarantee you will identify her. Ali says heart GPS will not get wrong. Neil says this case has become problem for me. DD gets a call and says I m coming.

Neil says we have one thing common, your passion for Avni and my obsession for case 123. DD says we got news about case 123. Neil gives money to Ali. Ali refuses and wishes him all the best. Ali sees Avni’s life and says you are my life, your naughty eyes, when will you come Avni.

Avni goes to a hospital. She sees Neela and Aisha’s picture in locket. She puts the money in the donation box and hears police siren. Avni goes to change her clothes. Her locket cover falls. Neil and police team reach there. DD says this time its sure news, the thief has loot a bank and also a politician, we should praise such thief. They see the hospital donation box full. Neil says donation box is full, lock is broken, it means case 123 is around, find her.

He sees the dirt marks going towards girls’ toilet. Avni comes out and leaves. Neil turns to see her. Music plays………Avni smiles. Neil does not get the thief in the washroom. He gets the pendant cover and sees the clothes dumped in the bin. Neil says case 123, catch you soon. Avni reads about Dayaben on some hoarding and gets angry. She says the real guest of honor is going to come and meet you Dayavanti Mehta. Diksha reaches temple and gets pictures clicked by media. Dayaben takes a semi modern and younger avatar. She prays in temple and throws color. Pandit thanks her for coming. She tells media about Riya’s proposal getting fixed. Reporter asks her about Avni. Dayaben scolds her. Diksha asks Dayaben to pose for a selfie with Mata Rani. Avni sees Dayaben on news. She sits at the edge of the railing. She says I m preparing since last 15 years, now its time that your truth comes out. She recalls the gun shot and holds her heart.

She says you ended Avni at this place, your end will start from here, Avni’s naamkarann happened today, Ananya Verma, I m coming, Mrs. Mehta be ready. She sees locker cover missing and recalls. She says hospital, my plan will get ruined before starting if anyone sees it. Neil comes there and collides with her. They both fall down in the river.


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