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Naamkaran 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 6th November 2017  Episode start With with Avni saying Mishti is scared of Vidyut. Neil says we can’t punish him for this. She says its tough to change Vidyut and his thinking, we have to forget our dreams for Mishti, we lied to family, now its Juhi’s turn, she has to control her emotions, just you can explain her. He agrees. He says this is not that Juhi whom I knew, she was very strong, this Juhi has shattered. She says sometimes situation breaks a person, but you have to explain her, she has to become strong, Juhi is a mum, if she gets strong, Mishti will forget her pain. Bebe looks on and wishes this storm passes soon. Shweta comes and says Mishti got conscious. Mishti calls for angel. Neil says Juhi we can’t tell her any truth, you have to control your emotions, she doesn’t know who is her mum. Juhi says I m her mum. He says we don’t have to express it.

Mishti gets up and hugs Avni. Avni says we came to a new house, all of them are good, they are your friends. Mishti sees everyone. Avni says Juhi is also your friend. Juhi greets Mishti and asks friends. Mishti shakes hands. Nurse gives blood reports to doctor. Neil says we want Vidyut’s report, he is diabetic. Nurse says Mishti’s blood group is not matching with anyone. Doctor says its rare blood group, ask for Neil’s Dadi’s blood sample, it should match her. Ward boy gives Vidyut’s blood report. Doctor says OH positive, Mishti’s blood group matches to him instead Neil’s family, strange. Neil gets a call and says I will come. He asks constable to collect reports from doctor. Vidyut irritates DD. DD asks him where is Gurumaa. Vidyut asks will you become my guard, I will give double salary and make you tour the world. DD hits his face. Vidyut says my mum has taught me to bear every pain, do anything. Inspector stops DD from beating Vidyut.

Vidyut laughs. He goes to the mirror and says ACP Neil you are playing an old game, good cop and bad cop, stop playing these kiddish games with me. Neil looks on from across the mirror. Vidyut asks inspector to show his sympathy. Inspector says I would have punched Vidyut right. DD smiles. DD does aid to himself. DD says Neil’s thinking starts where your ends, its just bad cops for a bad man. Neil says he will not agree, let him go, keep an eye on him, call him tomorrow again, let him contact his mum, they can’t stay without each other, it will be best if we arrest them together. DD gets Vidyut’s blood report. Inspector asks Vidyut to leave. Vidyut comes to the mirror and says I m free to go, you also go to your wife now, Khanna house. He tells the address. He says your family needs protection, especially your wife, she likes playing with danger, are you scared to come in front of me. Neil comes to him. Neil says you will see me even in dreams, don’t waste your energy, you have to come here tomorrow, go now, your mum would be waiting for you. Avni waits for Neil. Juhi comes to her. She gives coffee. Avni asks where’s yours. Juhi says I just made for you. Avni gets an empty cup and shares the coffee.

Juhi says Mishti is sleeping, I wanted to say sorry, I forgot everything in excitement to meet Mishti. Avni says I should be sorry, I was very rude. Juhi says no, if Vidyut saw me, we would have lost. Avni says we will not lose, if you fall weak and cry, how will Mishti get her pain out, if you stay happy, Mishti will stay happy and forget everything. Juhi says I will try my best to stay happy for Mishti. Avni asks her not to cry. She says I have an idea, why don’t we keep diwali party for Mishti. Juhi says its superb idea. They hear a sound like gunshot and get scared. Avni asks her to go to Mishti. Avni takes a vase and goes to check. She sees Neil. Neil asks what did I do now. She says gunshot sounded. He says relax, its diwali cracker, you were breaking someone’s head by vase, wah my tigress. She says yes, shall I show. He asks really and gets close to her.

Music plays…….. Neil says you know when you get angry, you look very beautiful, your cheeks turn red, I see love in your anger. She says everyone has… He says I know they went out. She says but Juhi….He gets close and kisses her. Juhi comes there and gets shocked seeing them. Juhi turns to go and hits a vase. Neil and Avni get away hearing the sound. Juhi says I came to ask about gunshot. Avni says it was just cracker sound. Neil asks Juhi is she fine. Juhi says fine. He asks about Mishti. Avni says she is sleeping. Juhi says I m feeling sleepy and goes. Avni asks did you find anything from Vidyut. He says no, look at his courage, he is asking me to give protection to family, he is very dangerous, we should send Juhi and Mishti away. She says yes, I booked tickets, we can send them to Canada, once we get Gurumaa…. He says then they can come back home, you should also go with them, Vidyut can’t forget what you did, he will try to attack you, your safety is my concern. She says I m ACP’s wife, anyone should dare to touch me and see. He agrees.


Naamkaran 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni and Mishti play hide and seek. Avni says I will save Neil’s daughter from every threat. Vidyut lifts Mishti. He says you can’t hide from me, I m your real father. Avni looks on.

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