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Naamkaran 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ali wishing Avni. Shweta says I have to do something. She asks everyone to come, we will cut cake. Avni cuts the cake and feeds to Neil. Neil feeds her. Avni feeds cake to elders. Neil applies cake to her nose. Everyone smile. Bebe says your jodi is good, none’s bad sight should catch you two. Avni says I will clean this and come. Shweta says I will just come. Riya comes there to meet Shweta. Shweta asks guard to let her come in. She asks Riya what is she doing here, you came to get problems in my life. Riya says you have just one problem, Ananya.

Avni’s inner self says Neil has given this family to me, he did many favors, else I would have not fulfilled my motives. Avni says yes, this family, Bebe needs me, I have to pay for this favor. She unpacks bag and says Neil did favor on me by his goodness, how can I think he can have something in heart for me.

Neil says so finally you decided to stay back. Shweta says why shall I believe you, it means that girl is Ashish’s illegitimate child, did she just get my son, she can’t be here. Riya says she has used Neil, she married him to take revenge from my Dadi, she did same which her mum did with Neela. Shweta asks why did Neela raise her. Riya says maybe she did black magic on her, throw her out. Neil asks are you doing this for Bebe or… Avni says I m doing this for Bebe, I won’t go leaving her. He says don’t do anything for my family, I will explain Bebe. She says no, I will stay here, you did a lot for me, if I do this for your favor. He asks favor…. is this a favor on me. He holds her and asks her to answer, is she doing a favor on him. Bebe comes and sees them. She jokes and asks them to come to party, it does not look good. She takes Avni.

Riya says you think since this girl came in our life, how the storm came. Shweta says right, you go, Avni is enjoying party now, everything will be clear tomorrow. Bebe asks them to sing, its Avni’s birthday. Prakash says we will start antakshiri. He sings Kya Kehna with everyone. Riya comes home and sees the house messed up. She shouts Amol. Amol looks at her angrily.

Ali sings Nahi saamne….. He gives her a rose to Avni. Riya asks did you get mad. He says this is our life now, your Dadi is responsible for this. Riya says this happened happened of your sister, Avni, she snatched everything. He gets angry.

Shweta sings hoton me aisi baat…. and dances. Riya says my family is in jail because of your mum and sister. Amol says Avni has tolerated many problems. Riya says you both are same blood. Neela sings Hogaya hai tujhko bhi…. and gets Neil and Avni together. Riya says Avni does not care for you, she could have sent Neela for you. Amol says no. She asks him to have poison and die. She goes. Neil sees Avni and sings Tu safar mera…… Avni sings Lag jaa gale….. and dances with Neil.

Neil asks her not to go work. Avni says I m doing this with my happiness. Shweta asks Neela to have some food, you are special guest, we did not know you are Ananya’s mum, you are Ashish’s ex wife I heard he had an affair. They get shocked. Avni asks what’s the need to say all this. Bebe looks on. Shweta says why, you don’t need to interfere.

Shweta asks Neela was there some other woman. Neela says yes, there was a woman, my sister in law Diksha, her mental state was not fine, she stayed with us, we had many issues because of her, she killed my dad. They get shocked. Neela says I did not get my husband’s support that time so I left him. Shweta says it means Diksha is the reason. Neela nods.

Maddy cries and says Bebe I need a house for my stay, I don’t want anyone to point on me. Neela says don’t take my talk personally. Maddy says don’t know till when will everyone support me, Shweta can say anything. Shweta says I m not saying anything if you left husband’s house and came here. Bebe says this is Prakash and my house, its our business, so Maddy also has right on it, Kareena has equal right like Neil. Prakash says Shweta did not mean that. Shweta says yes, I was talking to Neela, Maddy started drama. Bebe says you started drama, we came for Avni’s birthday, you started questioning, why do you care for someone’s life, you wanted drama, tell everyone your life also has drama, tell how you got married to Prakash, you were unmarried widow. They all get shocked.


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