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Naamkaran 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Neil And Avni Make A Plan Against Juhi


Naamkaran 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 8th December 2017 Episode start with Avni saying Juhi has threatened me that I have to get you married to her in 24 hours, else she will go away with Mishti, she is dangerous than Vidyut, she has got Bebe’s accident done. He sees true on the screen. She says please trust me. He sits in shock and says who asked you for proof, Juhi did all this. They cry. He says I didn’t remember of engagement night, she used this thing, she cheated me, I loved her before, we risked our relation for her.

She asks do you think…. He says Mishti is Vidyut’s daughter, not mine. She looks at him. He says its my mistake, I believed all her lies, I made you do all this for Juhi. She says Vidyut and Gurumaa did this with us. He says Juhi was supporting them. She says Shweta tried to show us truth many times, we felt she is a liar. He says I thought so, I will make Juhi admit her truth. She says she will never accept. He says she will accept if we make her believe that marriage will happen. She says don’t marry else… He says never in any birth. They hug.

Ballu comes to Vidyut and says Juhi called and said she threatened Avni a lot. Vidyut asks him to get his gun. He keeps an apple on his head and asks him not to move. Ballu gets tensed. Vidyut says its fun to have enemies like Avni, Juhi is a fool, she doesn’t know Neil and Avni are together. Ballu says Neil is more clever. Vidyut says I m not Raavan and this is not Ramayan, this is Kalyug. He looks the other side and shoots at the apple. Ballu gets relieved.

Vidyut laughs. He says I got the thread, I have to tie it to bird’s leg, I have to get Mishti, I will see will Neil-Avni win or Juhi and Vidyut, call that foolish woman, she would be dancing happily. Juhi adorns herself and says now I m close to marry Neil, Avni loves Mishti so much that she got ready to sacrifice Neil. She applies haldi to herself. Neil comes and holds her hand. He taunts her. She says I thought haldi rasam is imp, else it will be abshagun. He asks marriage. She says I know Shweta is against, but I have a hope… He says your wish will be fulfilled, this marriage will happen. Shweta hears this and shouts. She goes and says I have to talk to Avni.

Prakash says Neil, Bebe is in coma, how did you agree for marriage. Juhi comes and says for Mishti, she wants a normal family, when Avni agreed, why are you opposing. Neil says yes, we will have a simple marriage, Avni is gone. Shweta asks where. Neil says Avni is where she should be. He pints to his heart and signs them. He says Avni is at her mum’s house, sorry you have to support me. Shweta and Prakash agree. Shweta asks him to tell Juhi to touch her feet and take her blessings. Neil says fine, apply mehendi to Juhi’s hand, she doesn’t like abshagun. Neil hugs Shweta and asks her not to do overacting. Juhi smiles.

Neil and Avni meet. He says why do we always need to get away, Juhi and Vidyut shouldn’t talk, we have to stop them. She says I will keep Vidyut busy. He says you will keep Ali along, promise me you won’t do this alone. She asks what if I run away with Mishti and hide. He says you again said about breaking laws, shortcuts takes person towards crime, promise me, when you think of breaking law, think about me once, promise me. She nods and hugs him. She says I will never do, I promise, happy birthday and sorry. They get close. Music plays….. He writes I Love U on her neck by his fingers. She says I love you. Teri dhadkano se….plays…. they have an eyelock. He says none should give me a better birthday gift than this. They hug.

Its morning, someone rings the door bell. Vidyut looks on and sees a sack. He doesn’t touch it thinking who kept this. Ali says he is very clever, he won’t check. Avni plays Gurumaa’s voice to stop Vidyut. He gets a chit under the sack and reads it, last sign of your mom. He checks the sack and gets shocked seeing some bones. He falls back. Neil tells Neela that they have 20 mins, Vidyut will be busy, I don’t trust mom, she loses temper. Shweta says don’t you trust me, I will do what you say. He apologizes. She hugs him. Prakash signs Neil about Juhi. Neil says Juhi is coming. Shweta goes. Vidyut sees some men and scolds them. Avni and Ali say our plan worked, he did wrong and now he will know the pain of losing his mum. She says we will leave other things to Neil now.


Naamkaran 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil plays recording and says your truth came out Juhi, Mishti is Vidyut’s daughter. Juhi gets shocked. Vidyut kidnaps Mishti and runs. Mishti cries. Avni shouts Mishti.

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