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Naamkaran 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Avni seeing police saluting Neil. DD says you disappeared. Neil says relax, I m fine. He asks DD to drop madam home. He asks her why is she standing, come. Avni says I will go on own. He asks what happened, are you afraid of police, listen, its night, I will drop you home safe. She says i don’t need your help and goes. DD asks who was this girl who made you speechless, sorry. Neil says I want all details of this girl, I will give someone’s description, I want the sketch till morning.

Hetal says its not anniversary today, you have rated flowers high, take the flowers, we will manage. Dayaben comes and says its lovely flowers. Hetal says yes, but see the price. Dayaben asks the men to send same flowers daily, we will clear the bill. Hetal says I know you are excited for Riya’s engagement, but there are many functions. Dayaben asks her to think big for Riya, she is going in big house, this is an investment for our future, Riya and Amol will get everything in future. Diksha looks on.

Diksha says fine, shower love on grandchildren, I will also do something, Riya’s engagement will happen well. Avni comes home and smiles seeing Neela. Neela asks for icecream. Avni gets icecream from fridge. Neela asks about the shirt. Avni says I was waiting for you to ask.

Neela stares at her. Avni says you will not digest icecream till I answer, we will talk at breakfast time. Neela asks how did you get hurt. Avni asks her to ask questions later, the one who has mum like you, can she lose, I m feeling scared. Neela says fear is not your weakness, it will become your strength.

Avni says we lost many things behind. Neela says tomorrow morning will make you meet your past, chance and destination are ready, my Avni is also ready, right. Avni nods. Neela wishes her all the best.

Neil comes to police station and asks for sketch. DD says yes. Neil asks why are you laughing, show me the sketch, is it any monkey. DD shows the sketch. Neil sees his own sketch and laughs. DD says that’s why everyone was laughing, it was made by the girl’s description in recording. He plays the recording and realizes Avni told about him.

DD laughs hearing her. Neil says this girl is Ajooba, she removed a policeman’s shirt and then fooled me, I will find out, she has become a case for me. Neela says you made breakfast after many days. Avni says your fav Aloo puri. Neela says its nice, you got this from hotel. Avni asks how did you know. Neela says I m your mum, have it now, shall we continue discussion, about shirt. Avni says what to discuss, have one more puri. Neela says fine, tell me about the guy, was he handsome, every girl has boyfriend, you may also have, its cool.

Avni says what cool, I don’t like all that. Neela calls her mad and smiles. Avni hugs her and says now our happy days have come, you can ask me anything, you know my answer, my life’s motive is not a guy, its a fight to get family. Neela asks are you ready for this fight. Riya refuses to have food. Dayaben praises her. Riya asks can’t I buy a designer lahenga in my engagement. Hetal says its worth 15 lakhs, will you wear such costly lahenga for a day, you won’t see it again, we get life partner, that’s engagement gift. Riya says my followers will see me, what will they think if I wear plan dress, what will be my image.

Dayaben asks Riya to wear the designer dress. She gives her card and asks her to shop whatever she wants. Riya says Hetal is not happy in my happiness. Dayaben asks Riya to take her boyfriend on shopping too. Riya calls her too cute and goes. Dayaben asks Hetal to think about success always. A man delivers something.

Neela prepares Avni. Avni says I m Ananya Verma. Neela asks her to stand right, will you take much time to answer, you will face Dayaben by meeting her eyes, she is our biggest enemy, answer me, don’t forget, family matters a lot to Dayaben. She asks Avni not to be scared, now its time for our enemy to be scared, don’t forget you are Aisha’s daughter, you are a born fighter, you can’t lose this way.

The man says I got the jewelry, but its all mortgaged in our bank, my job is in risk. Dayaben says I got your job there. He says so, I got this jewelry, you can take jewelry now and keep the rest. She stares at him. He gives her the box and says none should know. She says this jewelry and your job won’t go anywhere. She says once Riya goes in that family, this bad time will be gone. She smiles. Neela says you have to win Dayaben’s trust, your should be confident. Avni says this fear comes as bad memory. Neela says when you feel scared of outer fear, you revive your inner light, you can do it. Avni says I m ready and smiles.


Naamkaran 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Riya asks the man to pack bangles. Avni sees the bangles and swaps the bangles. Neil is also at jewelry store.

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