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Naina’s Flying Kiss and Flirtatious Behavior Shocked Sameer


First Day at College Naina’s Flying Kiss and Flirtatious Behavior Shocked Sameer Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai SBB/SBS 17th May Video WuSegment Start With Sameer is Back to Ahmedabad and He Got Same College as Naina and Today is Their First day at A College.

They all are in Different Look and Naina is So Happy She Shared In One Interview that She is So happy Because Sameer is Back They are Finally Meet and Their College is Same She has Boyfriend So She is Excited for College.

Her Excitement Seen In Her 1st Day as she took extra time to get Ready and Reached Late for Class Teacher Who is Telling Something to Sameer Allows her to enter in the Class.She Sits one Bench Behind Sameer When Sameer comes back to His Seat Naina Gives him Her Smiles and He Sighs and Sits on His Bench.

Naina Stands up and comes to his Bench and Tells Him to move He Somehow Let her Sit on the Same Bench But Seeing her Blushing and Looking at Him He Stands Up and Tells Teacher that She is Disturbing Him.Teacher Scolds her that She already came late Now He won’t allow her to Disturbance and He Shows her Door and Instead of Getting Angry She Smiles at Sameer and leaves the Class But Stands at Behind the Door and Smiles at Sameer again.

He Looks at Her and She Gives Him Flying Kiss and he Gets Shocked and Looks here and There That Nobody See Her Doing This Flirting Behavior.When Class finish Teacher Glares Her and Leaves When Sameer comes Out She Stands in Front of her He Passes her with Sigh and Naina’s Friends Surrounded her.

In SBS Segment There is One Dance Sequence too where Everybody is Dancing Around Sameer and Naina is Dancing too.He doesn’t give a Damn to Naina and Leaves from there.In his Interview He Tells that Finally they attend College that’s why he changed his Look But He is Still Stuck On His “Panuati” Thing.

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