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Naren to fulfill Pooja’s special request in Piyaa Albela


Naren and Pooja have got married. Pooja is still behaving like a kid. Naren and his family come to meet Pooja at Satish’s house. Naren wants to take Pooja home. Satish and Kusum permit Naren to take Pooja. Pooja plays with Naren. Anuj opposes Naren. He gets into a fight with Naren. Anuj doesn’t trust Naren. Satish stops Anuj and slaps him. He calms down Anuj’s madness. Pooja makes Naren promise that he will take care of her. Naren promises her. Harish gives his assurance to Satish about Pooja’s welfare. Satish does Pooja’s bidaai.

Pooja and Naren turn best friends. She hides from Naren. Naren looks for her. He sees Pooja playing with toys. He asks her to drink the milk to get healthy. She tells him that she wants to go in a fair. She doesn’t agree to finish the milk. Naren adds chocolate in the milk. He tells Pooja that he will finish the milk glass as he likes chocolate a lot. Pooja stops him and drinks the milk. She insists him to take her to the fair. Supriya asks Naren how will he arrange a fair. Naren promises Pooja that he will take her to the fair. He tells Pooja that he will first go and change. He thinks how to fulfill his promise. Pooja waits for him. Naren thinks of arranging a special fair for Pooja.

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