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Nazar: Ansh to marry Piya, Vedeshree finds Ruby’s truth


Nazar: Ansh (Harsh Rajput) to marry Piya (Niyati Fatnani) , not Ruby major climax in Wedding Mandap

One of the most thriller supernatural show Nazar is looking forward to keep the viewers hooked to the show with its unexpected twists and turns.Earlier it was seen that how Mohana plots Ruby in Rathod family to make Ruby marry Ansh so that she would come alive.

Where Ruby has smartly hallucinated Vedeshree Ansh and Rathod family, Vedeshree has fixed Ansh and Ruby wedding alliance.The viewers will see unexpected twists and turns getting unfold amid the wedding rituals where in mehendi ritual Daayan Ruby will also murder the mehendi girls who will see her daayan avatar.

But as soon as the wedding galore will be announced, Vedeshree will witness Ruby in her daayan avatar which will come as a huge shock for her and she will decide to break this wedding.However, Ruby will hallucinate Vedeshree and Vedeshree will fail to expose Daayan Ruby,

But in the wedding mandap, not Ruby but Piya will get married to Ansh.The rest has been kept as a big suspense for the viewers, let see if Ansh and Piya will get married successfully defeating the evil Daayans.

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