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Nazar : Daayan returned to take Ansh, Ansh Piya’s first meet


Nazar Upcoming Episode: Daayan Mohana (Monalisa) returned to take back her son Ansh (Harsh Rajput)

And the day has come when Daayan Mohana (Monalisa) will return back in Rathod Family.In the Star Plus supernatural series,Nazar, it was earlier seen that how Mohana promises to Rathod family that she will return back in their life, as they can burn her but they cannot finish her.And now after 18 years, Mohana has finally returned back in Rathod family to take back her son Ansh with him,Mehdeshwari fights Mohana for Ansh.

Where the Rathod Family announced a grand pooja for Ansh’s sake, Mehdeshwari finally realized that Mohana has retured back thus now she gets alert as she will never let Mohana snatch her son.Mohana comes to meet Ansh in the midnight, where Ansh is sleeping and doesn’t realize Mohana’s presence in his room, Mohana tries to captivate Ansh by her supernatural powers, But then only Mehdeshwari comes, Mehdeshwari will confront Mohana while Mohana warns that she has returned back and will take her son back with her, it would be highly intense to watch how Mehdeshwari will protect Ansh from Mohana’s evil eye.

Mehdeshwari is doing pooja and hardship to protect Ansh from the evil eye of Daayan.Where Ansh has started realizing his supernatural powers, Daayan Mohana has returned back to Rathod family.And this will now follow Niyati Fatnani’s entry in the show as Piya, and is the only one who can save Ansh from Daayan’s evil eye.Piya and Ansh’s friendship grooves,Ansh will now be meeting Piya for the first time, where Piya doing prayer, Ansh will touch Piya that the God sign on Piya’s shoulder will hit back Ansh as he is a demon.

Ansh will realize his supernatural powers, as his eye color will change and he will get scratch on his body,It would be highly intense to watch how Piya will save Ansh’s life and how the duo will become friends.

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