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Neil claims right over son Mowgli accuses Avni for betrayal (Upcoming Story)


Naamkaran: Neil (Zain Imam) bursts at Avni (Aditi Rathore) for hiding son Mowgli’s truth

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is up for some interesting twist and drama.

Sunheri asks Avni to unveil major truth which she has hidden from the world while Avni refuses to unveil truth.

Avni don’t want that secret to come out and fears the outcome, while Avni’s fear will turn reality as Neil will find truth.

Neil will learn that Mowgli is his and Avni’s son and Avni had been hiding this truth from them.

Neil learns Mowgli’s son truth, bursts at Avni

Shewta, Bebe and everyone gets shocked knowing this and questions Avni, while Avni has no answer.

Neil claims his right over Mowgli and accuses Avni for betraying and keeping his son away from him for ten years and shows his hatred.

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