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Nimki Mukhiya 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Nimki Mukhiya 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
All are sadly eating at Tettar’s house. Sweety asks Babbu to eat his favorite but he is sad. Dublo’s wife serves him. Ritu says to Tettar that villagers were angry, they were coming to burn this palace. Babbu says how dare anyone say it? Ritu asks him to not do more damage, control your anger. Tettar is taking part in elections, they are the voters, higher politician Sunil called me and if we dont end this drama then we will lose MLA’s ticket, if Sunil gets angry and miffed then we will lose everything, Tettar gets tensed. Dublo says where is chicken piece? he keeps eating happily. Tettar throws water on his face in anger. Tettar says we are tensed and you are worried about food? Ritu says leave it be, I have called Sunil here tomorrow for dinner. He asks Sweety to make English dish, Mai says we will arrange everything. Ritu says we will do dealing here tomorrow. Mai and Sweety are tensed. Dublo still keeps eating.

Mauha is angry and says to Nimki that Babbu crushed on man’s leg and you are not worried? Nimki says he is fine, Babbu didnt do much, Mauha says stop taking his fight. Mono brings sweets for Abhi’s lunch. Tunee comes there. Tunee says I booked Salman’s movie ticket, he asks her to get ready. Mauha says who will take food for Abhi? I wont go there, we decided that I will make food and you will take it. Mono says yes it was decided, Nimki says this Mono have started talking too much, Tunee is about to punch him but Mauha says dont you dare. Nimki says Mauha you like SRK? I will make you see it, she asks Tunee to book online ticket for Mauha, she winks at him, Nimki says we will bring ICE cream for you. Mauha says I am not dying for it. Nimki says you have to cooperate with your sister. Mauha brings lunchbox and says I am going to school, you can decide, she leaves.

Abhi is in office,. He divides money of bribe and says to Mungri that this is your half, see how systematic I am, if you get TV then I should get home theater too. Manager says I want to touch your feet, Abhi says you butter too much. Ram comes there. Mungri says Ram stopped people from burning Tettar’s house, Abhi says you handled well, Tettar and Babbu wont accept someone else being head so soon. He asks Ram to tell his daughter to bring food, I have to go for field survey so tell her to make Elena eat. Ram says dont worry, she will make her eat and also stay with her till you dont return, Abhi thanks him.

Tunee sees lunchbox and says what is this problem? that BDO Abhi is no lord, he should sacrifice. Tunee says lets go to movie, Nimki says but this is my duty, Tunee says you gave BA exam for this service? Nimki says I did that to get good groom. Tunee says why that BDO wants you to bring food? Nimki says once he approves Ram’s car then I will stop taking food for him. Ram calls Nimki and says bring food to Abhi’s house and stay with Elena, she is alone, he ends call. Nimki asks Tunee to leave, he says what about Salman Khan? Nimki opens lunchbox and says we have to do something, Nimki asks Tunee to bring syringe, he goes.

Abhi meets farmers, they says Tettar left water in our fields from his field. Ram says this happens for years. Abhi says send all the water to Tettar’s field, all are tensed. Abhi whispers to Ram that Tettar will come here running and we will have good deal. Ram laughs and says I dont know what is your real face. Abhi says taking bribe is my real face, I do good work for my daughter so I can earn prayers for her. Ram says all earn money for kids and you prayers? Abhi says my father was a teacher, he used to say that kids can never lose blessings of parents.

Scene 2
Nimki comes to Elena. Elena asks why she is sad? Nimki says I wanted to go to Salman’s movie but I had to come here but leave it. Nimki shows her sweets. Elena says I like it. Nimki recalls how she filled red spice in one gulab jamon with syringe and thought that after Abhi eats it, he will stop asking us for food. Nimki asks Elena to not eat sweets which doesnt have silver cover on it. Tunee calls Nimki and says movie hasnt started till now,come fast.Nimki says I cant leave Elena alone,she is a kids not big girl, she ends call.Elena says I am not a kid, you can leave, I can handle myself. Nimki says dont force me, my father has asked me to stay here with you,Elena says you are boring me, Nimki says I dont want to bore you, she leaves. She calls Tunee and says I am coming, she leaves. Elena sees gulab jamon which Nimki asked her to not eat, she says I will eat this only. She eats spice filled sweet. She starts coughing and choking on spice. Abhi comes there and sees Elena coughing, fainting and lying on floor, he is shocked.


Nimki Mukhiya 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Elena is admitted in hospital. Nimki comes there and says what was the need to eat that gulab jamon Elena? I filled it with spice. Abhi gets angry hearing it and your thinking, your ways, everything is cheap, get lost from here, she tries to talk but he shouts on her to leave.

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Nimki Mukhiya Details

Nimki Mukhiya is an Indian television serial that airs on Star Bharat. Bhumika Gurung, Abhishek Sharma and Indraneil Sengupta play main protagonists in serial.Bhumika Gurung plays the title role of Namkeen Kumari


Bhumika Gurung
Abhishek Sharma
Rita Bhaduri
Indraneil Sengupta
Garima Vikrant Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min