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Nimki Mukhiya 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Nimki Mukhiya 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nimki is running around with Abhi’s cycle and says its good Tunee’s cycle brokedown and I got this great cycle. Ram says Tunee has nothing good. Mauha says you got good cycle and now scolding Tunee? he brought his cycle and got it broken. Nimki says he is my friend. Mono asks Nimki to give cycle to him but she says Abhi gave it to me only. Ram says Abhi gave me so much respect in village, he is from higher class but came to our house, Mauha says he is nice man. Nimki says he is handsome and young. Mauha says atleast he is very nice than Babbu, he came to our house without thinking about lower class. Ram says nobody is ready to take part in elections from lower class, Nimki says dont worry.

Sweety says to Babbu that Mai is thinking about your wedding. Grandma says I like one bride for him, Babbu looks on. Mai says I dont like that girl. Dayya comes there and villagers are selecting their head, Abhi and Nahar was there too. Ritu says he is not getting power so he wants to rule from behind, he wants to make some simple woman become head and then he will rule behind her, her name will be used but power will be yours.

Abhi is jogging with Nimki, Nimki says its cycle race then why you are making me run? he says you have to have stamina, she says I cant run more, Abhi says then I will take your name back, she says no its about my marriage, she starts running.

Ritu says we can find a woman who is incompetent and will remain under us then we will get power and run head position from behind. Tettar sees his servant Jhumri, she is cleaning cow dung, he gives her money and says she is our new head, Mai says have you gone mad? Ritu says Jhumri will become head and power wil be of Babbu, he will get all incentives. Tettar says right now servant Jhumri works here then head servant Jhumri will work here, all smirk.

Nimki makes her family members clean her hands and give her massage.

Nimki goes to sleep but is peddling in sleep too, Ram is shocked.

In morning, Abhi is training with Nimki, she says you have good body, you are handsome and s*xy, he blushes and says dont say that word. Nimki says you must have many girlfriends in college, we are friends so tell me, he says yes I had some girlfriends. Nimki says we didnt have one good boy in our college, he laughs.

Nimki comes home and says I ran 10kms cycle today, clean my cycle, Mauha says dont order us. Nimki says I am winning scooty for papa, he wont have to earn for my dowry, think about him. Mono and Mauha starts cleaning cycle. Ram comes there and smiles, Nimki asks if he found groom for her? I knew once they know that I am winning scooty they will come running to me. Ram says you say anything like your mother. Nimki says what else about mother? Ram says she used to laugh like you, she was fair and had features like you, Nimki gets sad and leaves. Mauha says to Ram that arent we like mother? Ram says you are like her, she used to get angry on injustice just like you, she used to handle house like you. Mono asks how did she die? what happened to our mother? Nimki hears it and is in tears.

Tunee comes to Ram and greets him. Ram says you have spoiled Nimki. Ram says Nimki is practicing race with Abhi, Tunee says its not good that they are alone, Ram says dont talk rubbish. Nahar comes there and calls villagers, he says Tettar is trying to make his servant Jhumri head so he can have power indirectly, we have to choose candidate soon, Ram says no one is interested here and scared of Tettar. Nahar says whoever becomes candidate will get my support and gift her too, all leave without answering him, Ram leaves too, Nahar is miffed.

Abhi is practicing with Nimki, she is silent, he asks if Ram scolded her? she says no its nothing. Nimki says take my video when I am running cycle, Abhi says focus on cycling. Babbu is passingby from there. Babbu stops and Dayya what is happening here? Dayya says she is practicing for cycle race, Babbu says why this BDO Abhi giving her training? Dayya says he is open minded and doesnt think of lower or upper class. Babbu stares at Nikmi. Abhi says start moving, Nimki says Babbu is looking at me, she blushes, Babbu leaves. Abhi says you Babbu left now practice, she says take one selfie first. He says tomorrow is race and you are pathetic in cycling, Nimki says dont say that, I am focusing on it, I want good groom, I want to win scooty for dowry, Abhi says what? you want to win it so you can give it as dowry? now I am sure you are not going to win, Nimki gets sad.


Nimki Mukhiya 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Girls cycling race starts in village. Abhi is watching it, he is judge with Tettar and Babbu. Announcer says Santa is at top and Nimki is at last. Nimki sees all girls going ahead of her, she says they are cycling too fast, why no one is falling down?

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Nimki Mukhiya Details

Nimki Mukhiya is an Indian television serial that airs on Star Bharat. Bhumika Gurung, Abhishek Sharma and Indraneil Sengupta play main protagonists in serial.Bhumika Gurung plays the title role of Namkeen Kumari


Bhumika Gurung
Abhishek Sharma
Rita Bhaduri
Indraneil Sengupta
Garima Vikrant Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min