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Nimki Mukhiya 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Nimki Mukhiya 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Nimki Mukhiya on

Scene 1
Abhi says to Nimki that she wont win race, she says I am an actress and I will win, he says I challenge you, you wont win, she says challenge accepted and takes selfie.

Grandma is playing carom with Babbu and Dublo. Tettar comes there and says this Dublo is a failure and can play games in house, what happened to your agency? he says I will get licence soon. Ritu comes there and says we have got cycle race invitation, women can come too. Mai says what rubbish is this? that BDO has gone mad to have girls race. Babbu says we wont go. Grandma says I will shoot that BDO Abhi. Ritu says transport minister is coming as chief guest, Tettar will get chance to meet him and can talk about MLA ticket, he has more authority than Sunil. Tettar says thats good idea, we can have photo with transport minister, Babbu agrees.

Nimki comes home and asks Tunee why he is miffed? he says you dont give me time, you are with that BDO Abhi all day, she says you are my best friend only. Tunee says yes, I know you are going to win, Nimki says Abhi thinks I wont win. Tunee says I will make you win at any cost, Nimki says yes my respect is your respect. Tunee gets happy hearing it and is proud.

Cycle race function starts. Announcer is hosting. Abhi whispers to him that I have done this race for my name so take my name in speech. Announcer welcomes Abhi and says Abhi have made this race happen, all chant for Abhi, he says now its good, where is my manager? Announcer says he must be busy with his wife in hospital, all laugh. Mauha says to Mono that Abhi is so handsome. Announcer says BDO Abhi has done so much for us. Tettar and Babbu comes there. Abhi says its so good to see you. Tettar asks where is minister? Abhi says you want photo with him? he is coming.

Abhi says to Babbu that forget past, we have to work together, Ritu says you are right, he makes Babbu and Abhi shake hands. Babbu gets seated. Nimki drools over him and says he is so stylish. Mauha says I like Abhi more, he is so humble and has no ego whatsoever. Host says winner will get scooty. Ram says to Nimki that you have to win scooty, Nimki says where is Tunee? Tunee is tempering with cycles of all candidates. Nimki comes to him, Tunee says now you are going to win only, I have tempered all cycles. Nimki says you are my hero, she tries to give him flying kiss but Abhi comes inbetween. Abhi says I feel like that girl is going to win. Ram says but you have trained Nimki? Abhi says yes but its about girl’s potential. Nimki asks where is scooty? host says you will get it from Patna showroom. Abhi says Nimki wont need to go to Patna. He leaves.

Babbu says to Tettar that when minister comes then talk to him about MLA seat. Abhi brings transport minister Soraj there, all welcome him. Abhi requests Tettar to make him wear garland. Tettar does it and have photo with Soraj. Soraj asks Ritu how is he? he says great. Abhi gives binoculars. Manager whispers to him that I have given low quality binoculars to them.

Nimki is ready for race, Tunee says to her that I have tempered all cycles. Nimki says if someone gets hurt then you will go to jail, he says I didnt think that. They all take their places. Nimki looks at Abhi, he looks away, she looks at Babbu, he gives her thumbs up, she says Abhi has so much attitude, Babbu is nicer than him. Cycle race starts. Tettar requests Soraj to give him MLA seat. Soraj says but you are from Sunil’s party. Ritu says leave him, he is sitting beside you so now he is with you. Abhi says to Soraj that we dont have funds to get all these cycles so if we get some funds? Tettar says what rubbish are you saying? Abhi says just enjoy race.
Nimki is running cycle, she says what is happening? why no one is falling down? Tunee tempered all cycles but all women are ahead of me and no one has fallen down.


Nimki Mukhiya 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Nimki is cycling in race and says to candidate on first number that you will look good with makeup in your wedding, its second prize in race so you can take it, candidate says you can take makeup and become beautiful. Nimki says you wont agree like this right? candidate asks what she can do? Nimki says what all heroes do,she tries to kick her cycle but candidate moves and Nimki falls down and hurts herself, all are stunned.

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Nimki Mukhiya Details

Nimki Mukhiya is an Indian television serial that airs on Star Bharat. Bhumika Gurung, Abhishek Sharma and Indraneil Sengupta play main protagonists in serial.Bhumika Gurung plays the title role of Namkeen Kumari


Bhumika Gurung
Abhishek Sharma
Rita Bhaduri
Indraneil Sengupta
Garima Vikrant Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min