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Nimki Mukhiya 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Nimki Mukhiya 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Tunee comes to Nimki’s house and I will get Nimki, I will make her head then marry her, he applies cream. Mauha comes there and says Nimki has not comeback, she slept at Abhi’s house. Tunee says how dare she can sleep there? I mean how can you people let her sleep there? Nimki comes there, Mauha hugs her and says we missed you, Nimki says what will you do when I get married? and why are you wearing my clothes? I am in good mood so I am forgiving, I brought something for you and Mono. She shows them pasta and says to Tunee that have you ever tasted it? Tunee says you are insulting me from the time you have met Abhi, I bring things for you from my money. Nimki makes family taste pasta, all like it. Ram says its so tasty. Nimki says we will make it too. Nimki shows her picture of bathtub, Nimki says its bucket for bathing. Nimki says no its tub where we can lie in, she asks Ram to bring it for her, he says I have to go, he leaves.

Babbu comes to Nimki’s village and starts beating villagers, he says Dublo wanted to deploy gas agency, how dare you people deny it? Dublo asks him to not beat too much, he starts taking signs. Abhi comes there and asks whats going on? Babbu says this is our village’s matter so leave. he is about to beat with stick but Abhi comes there and holds his stick, they glare at each other. Abhi says I am filmy too. Babbu points gun at Abhi, Dayya asks him to stop it. Abhi asks Dublo who is he? Ram says he is Tettar’s elder son. Dublo controls Babbu and leaves. Villagers say they were making us sign forcefully, do something. Abhi says I cant do anything if you people dont take action, file report against Babbu in police station.

Nimki says life should have bathtub, pasta and big car like Babbu’s she says to Mono that I want to sit in Babbu
Nimki says to family that I will run elections and will bring justice to villagers, all get elated, Nimki says but I have one condition, Ram looks on. Nimkii says car should be open. Mono says you should have born in prince’s house. Nimki says I had Ram’s fate. Mauha says do you regret borning here? you dont proud your father too? Nimki says God could have made father rich. Mono says wish Ram had Tettar’s palace. Nimki says you said such nice thing, keep it up. Mono asks what keep it up means? Nimki says you dont know anything. Mauha says you tell us what it means. Nimki looks around and says when younger one does nice then others should say it, Abhi said it during practice.

Ram is tensed in office. Abhi asks what happened? Ram says we are indepedent nation but still in clutches of landlords, Tettar have made Jhumri run elections and she will win too. Abhi says then find a candidate that can win votes of elections. Ram says thats why Nahar wanted Nimki to become head. Abhi says she is famous, Nimki had photo in paper, I am sure she is best candidate to win.

Nimki is still looking at bathtub. Ram comes there and scolds Tunee for keep coming to his house. He asks why Nimki is drooling over bathtub, Nimkii says I saw in Abhi’s house magazine. Ram says to Nimki that everyone wants you to become head this time. Nimki says but I want to marry, Tunee says will do that too, I mean you will get power, like politicians, you will get dresses. Ram says you will get to meet government officers too. Mauha says she will have many jewelry too. Nimki says I will have good sarees but I dont want to fight against Babbu. Ram says politics is not ownership of one person. Tunee says if we dont take responsibility of world then who will? Nimki says I dont want to become head and have so much responsibility. Tunee says you have to think about others. Mauha says you are better than Jhumri,you are edicated. Ram says you will become head, you will make us powerful. Nimki says Tunee is right, I am born heroine and I will bring justice, I will fight elections but I have a condition, all look on.


Nimki Mukhiya 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tettar says to Nahar and villagers that I am going to file Jhumri’s name for nominations, tomorrow is last date for registration and it seems like Nahar didnt get any candidate to register.

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Nimki Mukhiya Details

Nimki Mukhiya is an Indian television serial that airs on Star Bharat. Bhumika Gurung, Abhishek Sharma and Indraneil Sengupta play main protagonists in serial.Bhumika Gurung plays the title role of Namkeen Kumari


Bhumika Gurung
Abhishek Sharma
Rita Bhaduri
Indraneil Sengupta
Garima Vikrant Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min