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Nimki Mukhiya 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Nimki Mukhiya 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nimki falls on new hero (his name is Abhimanyu Rai). Nimki is looking at the Abhimanyu. Elena comes to her and says you again? Nimki says to Abhimanyu that your daughter doesnt know how to talk. Nimki gets up from the Abhimanyu. Ram says to Nimki that he is the boss, Nimki gets tensed, she says hello, Elena says she is a cheat, Abhimanyu says she is the girl who fooled us on the way, Elena asks if she is his relative? Nimki thinks if he knows about Ram and me then they wont take father’s car, she says I dont know this man, Ram says what are you saying? Nimi says I dont even know his face, Ram says what are you saying? Abhimanyu says stop it, tell me who is who to him? Ram says she is my daughter, Nimki says yes he is my father, I thought you wont take his car on rent because of me so I said it, I know I did wrong but I had to reach home on time,groom was coming to see me, I did everything for my father’s honor, girl has to take care of respect of family, father, whole village, she shed tears. Ram asks her to say sorry to him. Nimki holds her ears and says sorry, she smiles at her lightly.

Tettar’s elder son Dublo comes to his wife and says why did you need to talk about Babbu’s marriage? she says am I not valuable to this family, you dont have value in this house. He says you think that, nobody talks to me in loud tone, she says you keep getting fooled but we dont get respect in this house. Babbu comes there and hears them. Wife says I am elder daughter in law of this house but still they treat me like a servant and Sweety handles everything here. Babbu says dont talk about sister Sweety, she lives in her father’s house. Dublo says leave her, bring tea for me and Babbua. Babbu says bring tea, your tea is so good, there is no competition to that, she gets happy and goes to bring it.

Nimki shows Ram TV and says I wanted this TV. Elena says this is wide screen, Nimki says I know. Nimki shows refrigerator to Ram, Elena says this double door, she says I know. Nimki says this is microbhave, Elena says microwave. Manager comes there and says carpenter will come and set Elena’s house, he will bring food too.

Babbu says to Dublo that your wife is so easy, just praise her and she gets happy. Dublo says leave her, I am so happy that you are becoming head and I will start my gas agency but there is a problem, Babbu asks what? Dublo says I need 5lacs, Tettar wont give me, my wife wanted me to fight for elections but I said my brother is going to win it thats why she was scolding me, when you dont have money then wife even insults you. Babbu shouts that if she insults you like this then slap her, you are no less, dont worry I will give you 5lacs, Dublo gets happy. Mai hears all that.

Abhimanyu says to Ram that you should leave, I am going to eat food. Ram asks Nimki to come, they have to leave. Ram asks Abhimanyu how was chicken dish? he says it was good, he asks Ram if car is his own? Ram says yes, it would be good you rent it, manager says he would reach his family on time if you rent his car. Abhimanyu asks if they have halved commission? Ram and manager both say no.
Nimki comes in washroom of Abhimanyu , she finds shower and gets excited. She tries to open tap, suddenly shower start running and she gets wet. Abhimanyu comes there and closes it, she says it mistakenly opened, Ram says lets go. Nimki looks at washroom in awe then at Abhimanyu, he smiles.

Scene 2
Tettar and Ritu are going in car. They see Nahar pasting his posters on Babbu’s poster, Tettar comes out and shouts at him, Nahar says this is my village and I will paste posters here. Tettar says I am the lion of this village, he asks his men and Babbu’s guard dayya to start fighting but Ritu stops them, he says what you people are doing? he says to Nahar that you lost three times to Tettar and still forgot it? Nahar says why he is leaving then? he challenges Tettar that he will make Babbu lose this time, he leaves with his men chanting for him. Ritu is tensed. Tettar says this Nahar is acting over the top, he orders Ritu to paste Babbu’s posters all over the village.

Ram and Nimki are going back to home, she says Abhimanyu’s house has shower and you said that there is no shower here? we have to go to Delhi? you were fooling me? Ram says its so expensive, this shower is nothing, water is same, we dont have money to use shower and all. Nimki says your thinking is small,when people will know that we bath in shower then our standard will rise. Ram says leave it, see I brought new CD movie for you. Nimki says dont change topic, I want shower. Ram glares at her and stops car. Nimki gets down from car and screams that I will bath in shower only, I wont bath without shower and I wont look beautiful then I will not get married, people will laugh at you then, Ram looks on.

Dublo says to his wife that as soon as I get my gas agency then I will take you to Shimla, she says you cant even walk to next street, if you want some husband kind of respect then do something in life. Babbu comes there, Dublo asks do you want something? Babbu gives him money and says you asked for 5 lacs. Dublo gets happy and says father didnt ask anything? Babbu says just start your agency, Dublo says I am emotional, Babbu says I have arranged for your entertainment, come, he leaves. Dublo gives money to wife and says now my business will start, wife says you are begging your younger brother for money? you will become beggar, he says this father’s money, keep it in cupboard, he leaves. Mai comes there and sees her eyeing money and putting it in cupboard, Mai comes to her and sees her jewelry in cupboard, she says its not mine, he wanted it for business, this is my jewelry. Mai says Dublo took 5lac and I have to keep some guarantee for it, when Dublo gives Babbu’s money then you can have your gols bangles, she takes it and leaves.

In morning, Mauha is filling buckets with water, Ram helps her. Mauha says you keep fulfilling Nimki’s wishes, we are nothing for you. Ram says what are you saying? you all three are my lives, he hugs Mauha and Mono. Ram asks Nimki to come, everything is ready. Nimki comes there all ready, she waves at neighbors’ kids. Neighbors are looking at her in awe and jealousy. She is wearing glasses and looks all good.


Nimki Mukhiya 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nimki has locked herself in room. Ram comes outside and asks if she wants anything? Mauha says if she wanted anything then she would ask easily, she wouldnt do drama like this. Mono says yes, Tunee came to her. Suddenly they hear Nimki’s scream and whimper, they all run to her room.

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Nimki Mukhiya Details

Nimki Mukhiya is an Indian television serial that airs on Star Bharat. Bhumika Gurung, Abhishek Sharma and Indraneil Sengupta play main protagonists in serial.Bhumika Gurung plays the title role of Namkeen Kumari


Bhumika Gurung
Abhishek Sharma
Rita Bhaduri
Indraneil Sengupta
Garima Vikrant Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min