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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha playing in the water. All friends say kanha we are your friends and we are here. kanha gets up with radha and says yes I know. Friends say there is a demon here and we should get back home soon. Kanha says demon? Friends say yes, you didn’t see there were rocks above our heads and we just got saved because you saved us. Kanha says I saved you? you all are dreaming, I didn’t see any rocks. Friends say kanha there were rocks above our head. Kanha says no friends you all are just scared and always thinking about a demon that is why you saw all that otherwise how can rocks fly? Kanha thinks if I tell them the truth then they will tell everyone in gokul and mother will again be tensed and my friends wont play with me. Kanha goes with them.

Radha thinks kanha told his friends it was a dream but I know he is hiding it, I have to know why.
Kanha and radha are coming back to gokul and everyone look at them adorably. Shridhar sees and says prabhu forgave me, but when will mata sita forgive me? If she forgives then I will get salvation. Udkach comes and says you fool, pray to kansa and he will give you salvation! Shridhar says the days of kansa will soon be over udkach, Narayana! Will give him salvation, if you don’t want to die then don’t try anything. Shridhar goes. Udkach says first I will kill this kanha.

Narad muni asks lord Vishnu, who is this udkach prabhu? Why doesn’t he have a body? Lord Vishnu says it is about a long time ago dev rishi, when a powerful demon named hiranyaksh was born. In flashback, hirnayaksh is in universe and laughs and says no one can defeat me, you gods humans , no one can defeat me! Hiranyaksh then saw earth and says vasundhara I want you, you are beautiful and I will have you. then vasundhara as earth said no one can have me you demon, I belong only to lord Vishnu and he is my protector. Hiranyaksh says I will show you then, your Narayana cannot do anything. Hiranyaksh took earth and threw it inside hell and said now where is Vishnu?

Why hasn’t he come to save you vasundhara? Then lord Vishnu says I went there in the form of a boar and fought hiranyaksh and killed him, I took earth and placed it where it was back again! lord Vishnu says this udkach is the son of hiranyaksh and he has seen me as an enemy since! Lord Vishnu says even udkach walked on earth and one day as he was destroying the ashram of rishi’s he came to an ashram which was rishi lomash’s ashram. Udkach was very egoistic of his body power. Rishi lomash said you devil you insult Narayana! Everything is his, don’t do this, then udkach kicked the fire logs and rishi was angry, he said you have insulted fire and prabhu Vishnu I curse you that you wont have a body from now on! Udkach then did not have a body and he realized his mistake, he asked for forgiveness. Rishi lomash was a good rishi and said he would get salvation in dwaparyug when prabhu Vishnu would be born as paramavtar shri Krishna and his toe touch would give him salvation! This way udkach roamed the world for many yug’s and now has forgotten about his salvation. Narad says okay.

There balram is exercising with weights and does it for one thousandth time. Balram says give me ladoo kanha, kanha feeds ladoo to balram. Balram says as much as I eat ladoo I will also exercise. Balram exercises and says kanha give me more ladoo’s I feel tired if I don’t eat. Kanha says I am only doing exercise by feeding you continuously! Balram says that is no exercise kanha, just pick this mudgal once then you will know what real exercise is! Kanha says this mudgal? Balram says yes it has so much power that it can defeat any demon as it has gained power. Kanha smiles and thinks it is easy now as I have brother’s mudgal which can defeat kansa’s demons.

There devki says to vasudev that swami I hope our son is ready because he has a war against kansa in future, he has to fight kansa and defeat him, he has to take his mother with him. vasudev says devki I don’t know if our son is ready or not but I do know that once our son decides something then he will do that for sure because his mother’s wishes have the greatest strength in the world. Devki smiles. From outside akrur climbs in and vasudev helps him inside. Vasudev says what happened akrur? Akrur says maharaj, you know who helped me to get inside here with rani rohini? it was rani prapti. Vasudev says prapti? Akrur says yes maharaj it was prapti, she helped me to get here as she is against kansa too, he has tortured her for years.

There kanha says brother but picking this mudgal for me is a one hand play, it is easy as I can pick it with my inner strength than my muscular strength. Balram says yes? Then show me, show me how easily you can pick it. kanha says I am holding the ladoo’s brother how will I pick it? balram takes the ladoo and says now pick it. kanha says mother always says that if someone more stronger is there for help then take their help and I have you brother, I you can pick then why do I need to pick the mudgal? Balram says kanha I know I can pick it but you said you can pick it with one hand, then show me only then I will believe you. balram says I will tell radha too that you can pick it, if you are unable to show her that you can pick the mudgal then she wont stop troubling you. balram laughs and goes.
Kanha says I will have to pick this mudgal to save myself from radha.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : vasudev says if prapti is free, it means kansa will kill her. Akrur is shocked. there kansa and asti are together in palace and everyone is spraying flowers on them, kansa says asti tell me where prapti has gone, she told you right? Tell me!

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna Details

Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


Gulki Joshi
Gungun Uprari
Manish Wadhwa
Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
Sachin Shroff
Tarun Khanna
Tiya Gandwani
Vishal Karwal
Chaitanya Choudhury
Deepak Jethi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min