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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with kanha telling balram that brother we need to go as I need your help. Balram says no kanha, first I have to solve this problem. Balram starts using his strength and pushing the wheel. Kanha says even I will help brother. Balram laughs and says kanha you couldn’t pick the mudgal what will you pick this? Kanha says at least I will help even if I am not strong. balram says okay help. They all say jor laga ke and start pulling the bullock cart. As they pull, udkach laughs this is what I want kanha, now you will die. Kanha pushes and suddenly udkach puts all his weight and everyone loose the control, kanha says brother it is coming down on me, please help.

Narad muni says to lord Vishnu, see prabhu how can kanha get pulled under the cart? He is param avtar, what will happen? Vishnu smiles.

There balram says kanha get away from there, come on. Kanha screams brother! Balram says get away kanha. Kanha quickly runs aside and is saved as the cart comes down. Balram says kanha you were nearly saved. Kanha says yes brother but there is something on this cart. Balram says yes kanha, you are right, there is something very heavy or rather someone who is turning this cart as they want. Udkach says you are right balram, I will kill kanha today just like that.

There kansa is with asti and kansa says asti the truth! The truth of your sister prapti. Asti says prapti? Kansa says yes asti, tell me where has prapti gone as I freed her, she left me. Asti says I don’t know bhagwan where she has gone. Kansa says asti you know the truth about her, whom did she love before she loved me, where is she? Asti says bhagwan I truly don’t know where she is. Kansa says okay asti I believe you, kansa acts smiling and says asti you loved me for years and now I will return your love as you are my future, you are my wife. asti hugs kansa and dances with him and says today I the happiest day of my life bhagwan as I got your love back. kansa says yes asti take it all! Kansa puts a dagger in asti’s stomach and removes it. asti is shocked. everyone is shocked. kansa looks at the dagger with blood and throws it away.

There kanha and balram say we will use our strength again. kanha says brother I will go under the cart and you push from outside. Balram says okay. Kanha goes under and uses his hands, they all together push the cart, udkach laughs and puts his weight, the cart starts going under. Kanha says brother the cart is coming one me! Kanha to save himself uses his legs and kicks the cart, the cart now flies in air. Everyone run aside with kanha too. Everyone see the cart, it comes down crashing on ground. Everyone is shocked. balram says how did this cart go in air? Kanha smiles and says brother because of your power the cart went in air. Balram looks at his body and thinks I have become so powerful that I threw the cart in air. Balram says to villager that kaka see I used my power and removed the cart but it went in air and crashed, my work here is over and I shall go with kanha. Balram goes with kanha.

There damodar makes jute ropes for brij bhanu for his 1 lakh cows and says see brij bhanu ji the ropes are made. Birj bhanu says that is right, the jute of gokul is really nice and I always take ropes from here only. Nand smiles. Yashoda comes with butter made of black buffalo and says kirti take this and feed it to radha when you go back to barsana, it will keep her away from bad sights. Radha comes calling kanha. She says kanha! Kanha! Where are you? radha comes and yashoda smiles and says why are you finding kanha radha? It seems you forgave him. radha says kaki I am radha, I don’t find anyone but I don’t know where this kanha has gone, he is nowhere.

Kanha and balram are walking and balram says a demon in gokul? Kanha says yes brother there is a demon named udkach here and I need your help to defeat it. balram says how did you know? Did the demon come and tell you? shridhar is coming singing lord vishnu’s song. Shridhar sees kanha and balram. Kanha says see brahma dev has come, he told me. Shridhar sees and is mesmerized, he then see shesh naag and lord Vishnu in balram and kanha. Shridhar joins his hands and thinks shesh avtar and param avtar together, lord ram and laxman together in this lifetime, I am pure as their darshan only washes away the sins of any person. Shridhar says pranam prabhu! Kanha says brahma dev you told me about the demon udkach! Shridhar tells balram too. Balram says okay brahma dev, which means we have to defeat that demon. Balram says I will use my mudgal and destroy that demon with my strength. Shridhar smiles.

There kansa takes asti and dances as she has been stabbed with dagger. Kansa says asti my dear wife you didn’t tell me about prapti and also asked for my love, this is my love. Asti falls down. Kansa takes the flowers and puts on her and says I know everything, you did not tell me about prapti. Kansa then acts serious and says prapti are you seriously dying? Oh my god what have I done, I have done a crime. Asti says bhagwan the truth. Kansa says yes tell me where is prapti, don’t die before saying. Akrur is angry and sad for asti. Asti dies before saying anything. Kansa says oh my god she is dead. Kansa calls janur and says janur kill me as I had promised while marriage that I will love her and die with her. Janur’s hands shake with the sword and kansa says do it now. janur is scared. Kansa says will you kill me janur? Janur says no who can kill a god? Kansa gets up and says that is right, a god cannot die but asti died because she cheated me when she was alive, she thought something and said to me something else, at least prapti was better as she said and showed what she though but cheated me by running away and what is the punishment for cheating? Janur says it is death. Kansa says right, asti died and now will prapti.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : kanha says to shridhar to tell that demon to meet them on Yamuna river. Radha listens and says Yamuna river? I will know the truth today. Udkach says good kanha, you decided the place yourself, I will come and kill you.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna Details

Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


Gulki Joshi
Gungun Uprari
Manish Wadhwa
Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
Sachin Shroff
Tarun Khanna
Tiya Gandwani
Vishal Karwal
Chaitanya Choudhury
Deepak Jethi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min