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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with kanha sleeping beside yashoda and nand at night. A woman is screaming and making noise with her mouth and hands on a hill. There kanha gets up from the noise of the woman and says whose noise is that? I have never heard of a noise like that. yashoda gets up. Kanha says what is that noise mother? Yashoda says sleep kanha, don’t listen to it. nand gets up. Kanha says baba please tell me what is that noise? Nand says wait yashoda! Nand says kanha it is the noise of a chandalni.

Kanha says chandalni? Who is she? Nand says a chandalni is a woman in the graveyard who burns the dead and she lives on the food that is given to her after a person dies. Kanha says but baba why is she making that noise? Nand says she is making it to call yamraj kanha! She is a chandalni and people say whenever the chandalni goes in any village the people there start to die as yamraj comes there and takes the life of those people, that is why she isn’t allowed in any village. Kanha says yamraj? Baba I thinks she is making that noise pleading to yamraj to give her food. Nand feels sad. Yashoda tells kanha to sleep and nand sleeps too.

There the chandalni makes noise and cries. She says he yamraj, please be a bit kind on me please. It has been a longtime I haven’t had any food, I am hungry, please yamraj give me food please. Chandalni cries. Lord Vishnu in heaven for the first time has a sad face for the chandalni. There chandalni cries and then smells food. She says food? Where is this? Chandalni starts going in the direction of food she smells, she runs as her body is in pain. She falls down and has her palm cut with blood. Chandalni goes ahead in her hut in the graveyard and sees food in the pots, she touches it but it disappears, it was just a dream. Chandalni now further goes ahead and sees a tree with fruits, she sees but doesn’t take the fruits and says I cannot eat them as they are my prabhu’s fruits, I will not eat them. Chandali goes ahead.

Laxmi says to lord Vishnu, prabhu for the first time I have seen your face sad, who is this woman chandalni that has made your heart sad too? Lord Vishnu is sad and says devi she was a woman born in the last treta yug, and her name is shabri. Laxmi says shabri? Lord Vishnu says yes, she is the param disciple of my form of lord ram and she prayed to me. Lord Vishnu says one day when I and laxman were in the forest, she came to me with fruits that she had collected with her hands, I ate those fruits as she was my disciple but as I was busy thinking of you and finding you I forgot to give her what she deserved of her bhakti to me, I did not give her the blessing she deserved, since then she has been doing the work of burning people in graveyard.

Chandalni see the village of gokul and is sad, she says I have to enter gokul in search of food, I am very hungry.
There yashoda wakes up and doesn’t see kanha, she goes out to see kanha and sees him standing look outside. Yashoda says kanha what happened? Kanha says mother that chandalni, she must be alone and hungry. Yashoda says come on kanha, sleep it is late at night. Yashoda takes kanha inside.

There chandalni comes in gokul searching for food and searches all pots and anything she sees, she reaches a house and sees inside but sees a man sleeping and closes the door slowly but her hand print is left on it with blood. Shabri goes ahead. There the man gets up and comes out to check then see the hand print of blood. Shabri reaches kanha’s house and sees fruits, she is about to go in but her alter ego comes and says chandalni you will come inside? You know right the house where you go, the people there will die as yamraj will come, so will you risk the life of the people for your hunger? Shabri then says no I am not selfish I will not go inside. Shabri goes away from there.

Lord Vishnu is sad. Laxmi says prabhu it is time that shabri gets what she needs from you as she is going hungry from your house prabhu!

There kanha comes saying wait kaki! Shabri stops and sees behind, she sees kanha standing with a light coming from behind. Kanha has a pot of butter and he comes to shabri. Kanha says kaki, I see you ae hungry and you were leaving the door of my house without eating anything in hunger. Kanha says kaki take this butter for you, I brought it as you are hungry and you should eat it. shabri sees and smiles but says no child I cannot take this.

Laxmi says prabhu why isn’t shabri taking the butter? Lord Vishnu says shabri has been hated by the people always and it is difficult for her to believe anyone so easily, that is why she didn’t take it.

There kanha says kaki why don’t you take it? I am giving the butter to you which my mother makes and it is very delicious. Shabri smiles and takes it and says thank you child a lot. Kanha says don’t thank me kaki, no one goes hungry from gokul. Kanha goes. Shabri sees the butter and says I just asked for one drop of water but the god gave me the entire sea, it is true god only gives hunger and he only gives the food. Suddenly all people of gokul and women come with sticks and see shabri. They say see it is the chandalni. People say how dare you came in gokul you witch? Our village has become evil now and is not pure, kill her. All people run behind shabri saying chandalni! Shabri runs, she runs ahead but falls down and butter spills. All people come and abuse chandalni. Shabri looks at the butter and thinks for the first time someone offered me food with such love, I will respect the love of that child, I shall eat the butter. Shabri takes butter in her hand but one man hits her hand with a stick. He says you cannot eat anything, how did you dare to enter gokul? Shabri has tears. The people say beat her. They all catch her.

Next day shabri is tied to a pillar and nand is there. People say nand baba she has entered gokul and she is a witch, no one is safe now. damodar says nand baba the punishment for this crime is death, we shall kill her. Nand says please calm down everyone. Kanha balram and radha come and kanha says stop! Everyone keep quiet. Kanha says baba kaki cannot be killed, kanha tells everyone do you the right to give life to someone? Can anyone give life to anyone? No! then we don’t have the right to give death to anyone. Yashoda and nand smile. Kanha says kaki cannot be given death if no one here can give life to anyone. Damodar says that is right kanha, then she is a chandali, she has to be punished for her crime of entering our village. A woman says yes she has threatened everyone. Kanha says crime? What crime did she do? Damodar kaka tell me is eating food a crime? All villagers become quiet.

Kanha says is eating food or searching for food a crime? Yashoda and nand and shabri smile. Kanha says it is not a crime to eat food, if it is a crime then we all re criminals as we all eat food. Radha says does anyone have an answer? No one! Kirti says but kanha, the woman is a chandalni she brings bad luck on our lives! Kanha says who has kept that name? kaki she is a woman like anyone, just her work is different, she burns dead people! A woman says yes that is right, she burns dead people, that is why we should allow her anywhere. Kanha says but why? she is the one who is with our dead people in their last moments, she burns them and gives them salvation, the one who frees the body we hate her! Why? it is her karma just like you all. Then if we hate her for being a woman who works at the graveyard burning dead people then even we don’t have the right to go to the graveyard to bid farewell to our dead people. Radha says yes does anyone have an answer now? don’t people die in our houses? Why should we go to graveyard’s then? Balram says people say! do you have any answer? Brij bhanu smiles.

Nand and yashoda are happy. Kanha says I helped kaki and gave her butter yesterday because she was hungry, we should always help the hungry. Yashoda says you gave kanha? Kanha says yes mother I am sorry but kaki was hungry. Yashoda smiles and says kanha is right. Nand says yes just like our karma is to feed the cattle, her work is to burn dead people. Brij bhanu says yes if she cannot come in any village then even we shouldn’t go to the graveyard as that would be wrong. A woman says kanha is right, he has told us what right is and wrong is. Kanha goes to shabri and removes her ropes and says I ask for forgiveness from the people of gokul kaki. Shabri says no child, you have freed me and given me food, I thank you! kanha smiles.
There kanha and radha are with shabri under a tree and kanha feds shabri butter. Shabri is happy and has tears. Radha says kaki ia m radha and my father has 1 lakh cows, eat butter from my hands too. Radha feeds her butter too.

Laxmi says prabhu because of me in treta yug you forgot to give shabri the blessing she deserved, I had sinned then and now feeding her butter, I hope it washes my sins away. Lord Vishnu says devi your sins have been washed but for me, when shabri will come to heaven and get salvation I hope I am forgiven by her.
There shabri says I should go now. kanha says kaki wait, why don’t you do some other work? Shabri says child for all my life I have known only to burn dead bodies and nothing else. Kanha says kaki you can do something, my mother always says that any work to be done is just around us, when we want to do it our lord always helps us in that work. Shabri says I will always remember that, she goes. Radha says kanha I thought you are just a cheater but you have knowledge too. Radha says where do you get all this knowledge? Kanha says by listening to others, but radha you are radha and you father has 1 lakh cows, you don’t listen to anyone, that is why you don’t have any knowledge! Kanha runs away laughing. Radha says kanha I am not going to leave you.

Shabri whil going again sees the tree with the fruits of lord Vishnu. She says I will sell these fruits and my god will help me. Shabri plucks the fruits and goes in gokul with one basket of it. shabri says take the fruits, fresh fruits. People still look at shabri with hate. All people look at shabri and say get lost you chandalni, do you think anyone is going to take your fruits? 2 men see her angrily and say go away from here. a woman says our kanha helped her but now she sat on our heads. Shabri has tears and takes the basket on her head and goes ahead and sits. There kanha’s friends come and say kaki we are kanha’s friends, give us the fruits. Shabri is happy and says yes take it, they are fresh, as she is giving it. their mothers come and say come with us, you chandalni you want to kill my children? All go. shabri takes fruits and goes on the hill and cries loudly. She says prabhu help me, at least you take my fruits, listen to my sad voice and tears, take my fruits prabhu, take away my sadness.
Lord Vishnu sees this and feel sad.

There kanha who is exercising suddenly hears shabri’s voice. Kanha tops and feels sad and says kaki is crying ,I have to go. kanha runs and runs and reaches the hill. He sees shabri and says kaki why are you crying? I will take your fruits. Shabri says okay child take it, but what cost will I get of my fruits. Kanha says cost? What is that? shabri says you give something in return when you take something. Kanha says but mother gives me butter but doesn’t ask something in return. Shabri says child that is love, how will I survive? Kanha says wait here kaki I will be back. kanha runs to his house. There he searches for something, he then sees grains and takes 2 hands full of them and runs back to shabri.

Shabri says I shouldn’t have ask for anything in return, will he come back? shabri says yes he will, he wont abandon me. Kanha comes saying kaki! Kanha says kaki I brought your cost. Kanha opens his hand and only 1 grain is left as everything falls when kanha was running. shabri says only 1 grain for my fruits? Kanha is shocked to see what is left.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : kansa has put asti’s body on the wood and devki is there. Devki says kansa you have killed your saubhagya, now you wont be safe. Kansa gets angry and presses devki’s neck and says tell me where is your son? There shabri is at the door of heaven and she sees kanha and above him lord Vishnu. Shabri is happy.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna Details

Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


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Gungun Uprari
Manish Wadhwa
Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
Sachin Shroff
Tarun Khanna
Tiya Gandwani
Vishal Karwal
Chaitanya Choudhury
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