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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th November 2017 Episode Start With  kanha says why arrogant gopi how did you like my gift? Kanha goes. Radha says you broke my belief gore and gave such a gift now see what I do. The women from gokul come and say kanha we brought food.
Kansa is thinking about what all he saw and says oh chakradhari don’t think that you fool me then I will get scared, I defeated all gods and everyone fears me, so don’t think I will be scared. Narad muni says since kansa has come back from gokul he is so scared he has been telling everyone he is not scared. Lord Vishnu says you are right, he had basically gone to gokul because I wanted to introduce him to his fear and now his fear will be the reason for his end.

Bhadraksh says bhagwan we came back empty handed from gokul and it is not a good sign.Kansa says yes and if we came empty handed then people wont be scared more so bhagwan has to create fear. Kansa says bhadraksh gokul cheated me and for that entire brij mandal has to suffer. Bhadraksh says yes.
There kanha says to his friends, friends mother says we shall share food then we will become even more united. As friends remove their food, they are sad. Kanha see friend kadam and mansuk and says friends you come here too. the friends come and say we cannot eat with you kanha. Kanha says why? Okay I know you have something delicious that is why you wont come. Kanha says come on with us. The friends come and their food potli falls down with only 2 rotis.

Kansa says to bhadraksh, bhadraksh we will make everyone suffer. Go to all villages of brij mandal and the situation should be such that people shouldn’t get any food to eat or milk to drink. Go and double the providence of food and butter milk etc. and in turn half the grains that they should get.

Kanha says only 2 rotis? Where is the butter friends? The boys say kanha we don’t get butter like you so we eat only roti. Kanha says but how can you eat roti without butter? Friends say kanha we don’t get butter like you because all our butter goes to Mathuraas tax to maharaj kansa as tax and interest. Kanha says what? Radha comes saying oh gore everyone in brij mandal doesn’t get food like you do and butter like you do. Radha says leave the people of brij mandal ask your own friends how much butter they get. Kanha asks his friends and they look down. jeevak says we get a lot of butter because we are kanha’s friends. Dhama says yes but we don’t get any butter from our home. Kanha says which means you get butter only because you are my friends, dhama says yes that is why we always bring jamuns, grapes or some fruits so that we can get butter. Radha says see kanha you are lucky you are the son of nand baba and mata yashoda, if you were in their place you would know the struggle.

Kansa there says from today the life of all gore’s from gokul will become difficult and cursed by me, they wont get milk butter etc and if anyone touches them even then the tax will be doubled. Bhadraksh says now it will be fun bhagwan.
There kanha sees roti and says until all people of brij mandal and gore don’t get butter to eat then even I will not eat butter, it is my promise. All friends are shocked.
In gokul, men say bhadraksh what crime did we do? That maharaj kansa doubled the tax? If we give double food then what will we eat? This is adharma, what will we do? Bhadraksh and janur laugh. Bhadraksh says tell me whose is brij mandal? People say of kansa. Bhadraksh says and whose are the people? People say maharaj kansa’s. bhadraksh says then wont you help your king when he needs food? Bhadraksh removes his rope and hits people saying wont you give? Brij bhanu comes and stops bhadraksh.

There kanha says the butter will go from here which belongs tos us gore’s and it will go to mama kansa, we wont get butter. What to do? Balram says kanha see this butter, it is turned into ghee and then from it mawa ladoos are made which I like a lot, I love their taste. Kanha says brother leave that, what I am saying is important and you are talking about that. Balram says kanha I was just saying this butter is important because if this is not there then we all will get nothing to eat.

There bhadraksh says brij bhanu, the reside and panch of barsana, the owner of 1 lakh cows, I will get all the brij mandal’s butter and so much butter from you is just good. Birj bhanu says bhadraksh tell maharaj kansa we cannot give him double food as taxaxtion, if we give so much then what will we eat? Bhadraksh says brij bhanu, don’t talk about not giving, you have to give and help your maharaj kansa. Birj bhanu says no bhadraksh it is enough now, we will not give double food and let you trouble us brijwasi’s. Bhadraksh laughs and says lets see brij bhanu how much power is there in your stick. Bhadraksh with his power puts a kid in air and says see birj bhanu, save him if you can. Brij says leave him bhadraksh right now, leave him. bhadraksh says either double tax or his life. bhadraksh removes a knife and attacks on the kid but nand comes and says stop bhadraksh, leave him right now we will give you double food. Bhadraksh leaves the kid and laughs and says nand you have a mere 15 cows but more brains than your friend. Bhadraksh goes.

Kanha says brother someone else does hard work and the fruit is given to kansa mama. Balram says yes maharaj kansa is the problem to all this and we shall destroy him. kanha says it is the mistake of all the people of gokul. Balram says how? Kanha says people of brij mandal till now have given food as tax to mama kansa as they were scared, if we make them understand not to give mama kansa the food and butter but to give it to their children then we can do something, we can remove the fear from everyone’s mind. Balram says you are right.
Laxmi says what is this prabhu? How did kanha remove this easy solution for such a huge problem? Why does he think he can solve this situation so easily? Lord Vishnu says devi, till no kansa has created fear in the minds of people and made them do whatever he wanted them to do, now even double tax has to be paid and as people are scared they said yes, kanha is just saying he will make everyone understand that if they stay scared from kansa they will accept defeat from life, kanha is doing what is required from the people to be done and he will bring the people together against kansa which may start the beginning of the end of kansa.

Radha says I don’t believe this, I can once believe that the sun is rising from the west but that kanha will never live without eating butter. Lalita says but radha kanha has made a promise that he wont eat butter until he gives everyone their right and we should appreciate that. Radha says no I know that kanha, he is a cheater and he will make the people believe he did a great thing by not eating butter and will make everyone praise him. radha says but I am radha, we will do something. Radha thinks I will make kanha eat butter from my own hands.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : radha comes to kanha near his house to make him eat butter. Nand and brij bhanu talk over giving double food and milk products to kansa.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


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Gungun Uprari
Manish Wadhwa
Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
Sachin Shroff
Tarun Khanna
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Chaitanya Choudhury
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