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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kanha Gets Hurt On His Feet.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st December 2017 episode starts with kanha sitting in the dark place and he says om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah!
There rishi gargacharya says to kirti and brij bhanu. Rahu has entered this house, he has come here with a plan in his mind and I am sure he has come for kansa here. brij bhanu says what? Rahu has teamed up with kansa? Rishi says yes maybe, because even rahu hates prabhu Vishnu and he and kansa want the same thing, the end of lord vishnu’s form on earth, that is they think devki’s 8th child as they think he is in gokul.

There as kanha sits and prays he is protected by a shield. It is shown kanha who was sitting in the dark is actually the stomach of a demon woman. The demon gets up and sees the fire in the forest, she says my stomach! I am pregnant which means I have a child and I have to protect it from this fire. The demon runs in the forest to find a safe place from the fire.

Laxmi says to lord Vishnu. Prabhu what is this? Kanha is inside the stomach of a woman demon? Laxmi says who is that demon prabhu? Lord Vishnu says devi, how can you forget her? You have a very deep relationship with her, she is trijata! Laxmi says oh yes prabhu, she is trijata. Lord Vishnu says she was the one who kept you company and always protected your form of sita in dwaparyug when you were kept in the garden by ravana. Laxmi says yes prabhu, I wont forget that day when ravana sent the fake cut head of yours to the garden and I was completely broken, I was ready to die but trijata was the one who stopped me.

In flashback, sita cries looking at lord ram’s head and says if my prabhu is dead what is the use of me living? I shall die too. Trijata says daughter sita, you have called me mother, believe me this is not lord ram’s head, it is a trick played by evil ravana to fool you. sita sees properly and then she understands it is not lord ram’s head, she says yes mata you were right ravana tried to fool me. Trijata says yes sita, you have called me mother then always trust me when ravana does anything! Trijata thinks prabhu ram, sita has called me mother today, I wish one day you be born to me as my son and I get this honor!

Lord Vishnu says that day trijata had with all her heart asked me to be her son! Today she will get what she wanted as since that day she has been living in this forest and has not got salvation as he wish had not been fulfilled.

There trijata runs and says I have to protect the baby in my stomach, she then uses her powers and blows air on the fire but it doesn’t extinguish. Trijata says what kind of fire is this? It is not even extinguishing. Trijata then stops, kanha is inside saying the prayer om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah. Trijata stops and says who is the baby inside me? Suddenly lord Vishnu comes in his form. Trijata is amazed and has tears, she says prabhu you? she does pranam and says prabhu, I always wanted you as my son and today you have made my wish come true, I am grateful prabhu that you fulfilled the wish of an adharma woman like me too. Lord Vishnu says trijata, you asked me as your son with all your heart and my disciple get what they want. Trijata says prabhu, please do me one more favor, please take me under your sharan as a disciple. Lord Vishnu blesses and goes and trijata disappears into light and is taken by lord Vishnu. Kanha sits back on the rock and then he opens his eyes, he sees everywhere and says there is no fire here, the mantra saved me. Rahu sees and thinks how did this little kid still be saved from my fire?

Kanha then goes ahead and sits. He says I am very hungry and wish to eat butter, I wish mother had fed me butter and then removed me out of the house, I feel so hungry. Kanha sits and then says yes mother gave me this potli, there must be butter inside. Kanha opens the potli and sees a pot of butter and says I knew, mother would never send me out of the house without butter. Kanha then remembers his promise that until all gwala’s get butter as their right, till then he wont eat butter. Kanha says I almost forgot about my promise, but I cannot eat butter as mother says our life can go but our promise should never go. kanha then sees a tree full of fruits and says yes I can eat fruits as many as I want. Kanha is going towards the tree but his leg gets hurt by a small prick. Kanha screams in pain and says mother! The sound goes to yashoda who is at home and she says son? Where is my son? What happened to him?

Narad muni says prabhu! Kanha never gets hurt so much but what happened to him today? Lord Vishnu says the area where kanha has got hurt is known as padam, it is the part where all the pain of the body lies and he got hurt there today because only his voice for his mother could awaken her love for her son and make her recognize her son against the power of rahu.
Kanha sits on a rock and screams in pain and cries and says mother! I cannot remove this twig, it hurts,mother!


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : kanha with his friends says to all people of gokul, brij bhanu and radha and kirti that from today people we all have to come together against mama kansa and his soldiers, we cannot stay scared and should unite against our enemy. Alambasur comes and says I will take milk and butter to bhagwan kansa. All people are together, balram and kanha are angry.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


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Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
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