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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Kanha Tries To Convince People Of Gokul.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th November 2017 Episode Start With devki crying in the jail. Vasudev says calm down devki, whatever happened it is not your fault because whatever your mother love did has the same emotions that you have for your son. Devki says no maharaj, today I know my mother love would have been a threat to my son and because of that my son would have been killed. Vasudev says no devki it is not your fault, today our son is still safer than ever in gokul. Devki listens as vasudev says yes devki before I doubted that our son could end kansa, but when kansa took us to gokul then I have become sure that our son will only kill kansa because I have seen that attitude and behavior in our son.

Kansa is coming and says no one will come behind me. Kansa comes scared and says no one will come behind me, kansa hides behind vasudev and vasudev gets up and says what are you doing kansa? Kansa says see jija shree that Vishnu is trying to scare me, I am very scared. Kansa says devki look ion my eyes, do I look scared? Vasudev says shut up kansa. Kansa says no jija shree and then says oh Vishnu, did you think you could scare me by showing my your eagle and a lion in gokul? I am not scared. Kansa looks at devki and says what are you thinking? I am not scared sister this is just me acting because I should know how to look scared when I have to act because I am never scared. Kansa says I want you to scare me sister and jija shree you too. vasudev says shut up and tell why have you come here? Kansa says you both don’t care about me, I have come here as I have planned a chakravyuh in gokul whose solution even Vishnu doesnt have. Kansa says ask me my plan. Kansa says I know vasudev you must be thinking I came empty handed here from gokul but now I am sure and I know what to do vasudev. Kansa says Vishnu that day you came in your peacock feather form and I know even devki loves peacock feather and you too. kansa smiles and says ia m scared and goes. Devki is sad and says maharaj!

Yashoda prays to lord Vishnu and says what a problem is this, those who take care of cows they only don’t get milk and butter prabhu and for this crime only kansa is not responsible but even we are. Kanha comes and says mother don’t blame yourself mother, it is because of change of time but from now the gwala’s will get their rightful milk and butter and for that I need your blessing. Yashoda says kanha till today I stopped you from everything but I bless you that you win your battle against kansa. Devrishi says narayana today nandlal has got blessings from both his mothers for his victory.

There yashoda does kanha’s pooja. Radha sees and thinks gore I knew one day I would make you good but I never knew you would change so soon, now you are rightfully radha’s kanha.
Lord Vishnu says devi now you know right? Everything will work. Laxmi says prabhu I don’t know what you have planned but I don’t doubt you. Lord Vishnu says but devi you live in my mind. Laxmi says prabhu I stay in your heart so I don’t know your plan but I know whatever you do, be it maya or cheat it will be for the good of the universe.

In gokul kanha calls all people of brij mandal and says I have called everyone to discuss who actually deserves the cow products. The people say kanha we already know that, maharaj kansa owns all our cow products. Kanha says okay then the cows must be owned by mama kansa. People say no kanha, the cows are ours. Kanha says then maybe mama kansa’s soldiers must be feeding the cows. Brij bhanu smiles. People say no kanha we feed the cows and their babies are fed by our gwala children. Kanha says then it means the first right on the cow products should be our gora’s. people then agree. Kanha says we serve the cows, take care of them and feed them then obviously we also have the right to their products. One man says but we have to give our king some tax, kanha says that is right but mother says a king should take tax only as much as a honey bee takes nectar from a sunflower, not more than that.

We gwala’s take care of our cows. Birj bhanu says yes, kanha is right people, we own what is ours and we shouldn’t bow in front of kansa just to give him everything and keep ourselves hungry. Kanha says then who deserves the milk? Nand comes and says bhagwan kansa does. Kanha and brij bhanu are shocked. Nand comes and angrily says we cannot afford to go against bhagwan kansa because he is a god and can do anything to us people. We have to save ourselves. Brij says but nand this is not right and it is our dharma to revolt against this decision. Nand says no brij. Kanha says father but it is wrong. Nand says kanha you are small so don’t teach elders. Nand says I just care about the safety of the people and nothing else, people our lives are more important than milk and butter so I have decided all milk and butter will go to bhagwan kansa. A man says maybe nand baba is right, our lives are important, nobody wants to take milk to their funeral pyre. Nand scolds kanha and says come on kanha, you are just a child, he takes kanha. Brij bhanu think I understand the gwala’s are scared but what has happened to nand? Something is fishy, I have to find out.

Nand takes kanha home and says yashoda come here now. Yashoda goes and says what happened nand ji? Nand says yashoda see what your son is doing outside. Yashoda says what happened? Nand says he was telling the people of gokul to revolt against bhagwan kansa, do you think we can do that? Kanha says baba I was just doing what I should with the permission of mother. Nand says kanha you are small and says to yashoda that yashoda bhagwan kansa is very powerful. Yashoda says nand ji how are you preferring kansa over our son kanha today? Nand then stammers and says no yashoda I am supporting kanha, I just want him to be safe because bhagwan kansa has his eyes on kanha and anything can happen to him. nand goes. Yashoda says kanha maybe baba is right. Kanha say mother I understand what baba said but if this was about me I would have listened to him, this is about entire gokul as I have promised them I will give them their right and tomorrow if someone asks you where is your son and where are our rights? What will you answer mother? It is now about keeping yourself respect mother and doing what is right by dharma. Yashoda says kanha you are right, you do everything properly I will talk to father.

Yashoda goes in kitchen where nand Is standing. Yashoda says what happened to you nand ji? Nand turns and says yashoda we have to think about kanha and all people. Yashoda gives nand food and says yes but we cannot undergo this harsh treatment and since devi devki had come to goku to find her son, maharaj kansa has gone crazy. Nand says yes I know, devki came to find her 8th son here. Yashoda says what? How do you know, you came to gokul just now.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : kanha says father is under some effect, that is not my real baba, I think something is wrong. Brij bhanu investigates what is wrong with nand.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


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Chaitanya Choudhury
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