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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Hanuman Helps Kanha


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Kanha looking for Hanuman. He says Dau’s life will be in danger. Rahu jokes on Balram. Balram thinks to use his mind along with strength. Rahu gives him wounds. Kanha says how shall I find Hanuman, Maiyya says I should concentrate to find a solution. He sits praying. He sees Govardhan and smiles. He shows him the way. Kans sees the place and says I feel I have been here before. He sees a giant idol of himself. He says this is the idol of that Kaal, he has also made his idol, but why do I feel, I met him before.

He hears a woman’s voice and asks who is it. She asks him to recall, he was not Kans before, he shouldn’t get scared but identify himself, its time to take revenge. He asks revenge, who are you. She says I m your power, I called you here,I can tell your truth. He asks what’s my truth, you are Vishnu’s maya, so you doesn’t come in front of me. He leaves. A woman’s shadow with snakes on her head is seen.

Kanha says mum says right, there is no bigger Ram Bhakt than Hanuman. He gets tired. He gets shocked seeing Hanuman. Hanuman opens eyes and sees him. He sees Vishnu in Kanha and gets up. He greets Ram and says I m blessed to meet you today. Kanha says I need your help, will you help me. Hanuman says I m born to help you. Kanha says I m not your Lord, I m Kanha, you can call me friend. Hanuman thinks its your greatness to make devotees your friend. Kanha and Hanuman leave. Balram waits for right time. He gets on tree and jumps on Rahu. Balram says you too three avatars to face me. Rahu scolds him. Balram says Kanha says one who protects Dharm, Dharm protects him. Rahu gets giant and laughs. Rishi prays to Kanha. Hanuman comes and saves Balram.

Rahu says Hanuman…. you… Kanha asks Balram is he fine. Balram says yes. They see Hanuman. Rahu asks why did you come here Hanuman. Kanha says he came to support us. Rishi cries happily and thinks I m blessed to see Hanuman today. Kanha asks Rahu to leave if he is scared, but he has to tell about Nand, else…. Hanuman says else you won’t be able to tell your own address. Rahu says I m not scared of anyone. Hanuman reminds the past. They argue. Rahu says I will show you my power. They fight. Hanuman kicks him. Rahu falls far. Kanha gets glad.

Narad says Rahu is facing Hanuman today, Rahu will know his power and his place in Brahmand. Vishnu says we shouldn’t have ego and misuse of our house. Kans makes his idol again. He says Vishnu is doing this so that I don’t reach Devki’s eighth son. He challenges to stop Vishnu. He says I will find your Ansh and kill him. He says where shall I find him. A man comes and says Rahu’s secret came out. Kans says Rahu also failed in finding Kanha. The man says Rahu will reveal about Nand, what shall we do. Kans says Kanha protects Gokul, if Nand’s life falls in danger, Kanha will come to save him, its so simple, go and get Nand. He laughs.

Balram praises Hanuman. Rahu thinks I can’t fight or run, I should just fly away. Kanha asks how will we stop him. Hanuman asks him not to worry. He flies off.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna Details

Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


Gulki Joshi
Gungun Uprari
Manish Wadhwa
Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
Sachin Shroff
Tarun Khanna
Tiya Gandwani
Vishal Karwal
Chaitanya Choudhury
Deepak Jethi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min