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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Kanha And His Friends Ask For Butter From Everyone.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd November 2017 Episode Start With the gas spreading in gokul which has souls of snakes. Yashoda says what is this shadow on entire gokul? There is no fire burning then what is this mist? Yashoda says snakes here? yashoda says Narayan, what is this threat? Even the trees and plants are dying. Yashoda sees tulsi plant get dry. Nand comes. Yashoda says nand ji see what is happening, there is darkness everywhere. Nand says where yashoda I cannot see. Yashoda says now the skies are clear but there was mist here with snakes in it and even tulsi plant has died. Nand says snakes? There are all the signs of rahu. Nand says rahu has entered gokul. Yashoda says what? Nand says yes, rahu is the god of punishment and he punishes those who do crime and it means crime is happening in gokul.

Yashoda says how in gokul nand ji? Nand says rahu may have come to punish people who are hiding the truth. Nand says now go and sleep yashoda, don’t worry, it is late night. Yashoda goes. Nand turns into rahu and rahu laughs and says nand rani, I am in your house, to teach you a lesson.

There kansa is in his palace. Kansa looks in the sky and says friend alambasur. The clouds thunder and alambasur comes in the palace, but this time in his dangerous demon form and not a dancer. Kansa says friend, what is this form? Alambasur says friend, no bhagwan kansa! This form is needed for the gokul people, to take their milk to threaten them, the work has to be done. Kansa says I bless you friend. Alambasur goes. Kansa laughs.

In gokul, kanha and his friends have mud plates in their hand and kanha says friends, today we will start our campaign to take some milk and butter from everyone. Friends say yes, lets start. Kanha and all friends with balram go to an old kaka. Kanha says kaka, we are gwala’s who take care of everyone’s cows, could you give us some milk and butter? Kaka says kanha, I don’t have enough milk to give to maharaj kansa, what will I give you kanha? Kanha says okay kaka it is okay. Kanha goes with his friends to dai maa and says kaki, you look at me as your son right? Could you give me and my friends some butter? Kaki has tears and says kanha, if I give you some butter, I am worried if kansa’s men don’t hurt you all, forgive me kanha. Kanha says it is okay kaki, I understand you. kanha goes to everyone but they deny him butter as they are forced, then he goes to a kaka and says kaka you said when you look at me you forget all fear. Kaka says yes kanha, whenever I look at you I feel happy and forget all sadness and fear.

Kanha says then give me and my friends some butter? Kaka says kanha I would have given you everything but if I give you then what will I give my family? I care about my family. Kanha says its okay kaka. Kanha and all his friends assemble and stand in between gokul. All people look at them and cry helplessly for not giving them butter as they are forced, in guilt they close their doors and cry.

Laxmi says prabhu today the people of gokul denied butter to literally god and it is unfortunate for them that they did so. Lord Vishnu says devi, it is not their mistake they are forced and are in fear of kansa who will otherwise kill them if they don’t give butter to him, it is their fear that forces them but they do feel sad about it devi.
There balram says to kanha, I told you kanha nothing is going to happen with love, we have to steal now. suddenly alambasur comes on his horse with some soldiers and bullock carts, soldiers keep huge drums down. Balram says alambasur? And is angry. Kanha stops balram. Alambasur calls all people of gokul and then looks at the kids and says you gwala’s must have come out to beg for food, but you didn’t get any, alambasur laughs. all people come with their milk in pots.

They start puring it in the drums. Alambasur takes all milk and pushes a man and throws half his milk in pot on the ground. Kanha and his friends are shocked. alambasur pushes people away, the drums are filled with milk. Alambasur says is anyone left? The old kaka comes walking slowly with his share. Alambasur holds him and says you old fag you are coming like a newly married bride, then he looks at the milk and says only half pot? And you even want half grains? Alambasur throws his pot and then holds his neck and puts him inside the drum, then throws kaka down. Kanha and balram pick him and balram is very angry. Alambasur then laughs and drinks milk and says only half grains you all will get. Alambasur then looks at kanha and balram, he says did you never see someone drinking milk? Balram is angry. Alambasur says bal ke dham balram, you want milk? Alambasur splashes milk on all gwala’s face. Balram is angry and says kanha you sais use love, but now I wont, I will not leave anyone. Kanha stops balram and says dau mother says every person is punished but at the right time.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : rahu checks kanha’s room. balram and kanha and his friends steal butter from everyone.

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