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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Kanha Fights A Nag Outside Naglok.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th January 2018 Episode Start With  kanha in the water with jamuna. Kanha says kalya naag is here somewhere, suddenly from inside more poison is released. Kanha says jamuna go hide, I will see who it is. Jamuna hides behind a rock under water, kanha stops as the poison spreads everywhere. In the palace, kalya naag says to paras you are not my child. Paras says father my prabhu is lord Vishnu and I think what garud ji is doing is right, his mother was imprisoned by your mother, for a son his mother is everything, garud ji is not wrong in his place. Kalya naag is very angry and says this child is stupid, I will kill him, he is supporting my enemy. Wife says please swami, he is your child, don’t hurt him. Paras says mother nothing will happen to me, prabhu Vishnu is with me.

Kalya naag gets angry and he opens the jail of his palace under ground and throws paras in it. Wife cries and says swami he is our son! Please leave him, forgive him. Paras is scared in the jail and prays to lord Vishnu, he says prabhu please help me.

There yashoda is on a bed outside Yamuna river and nand and all people are there. Balram is worried. Nand says yashoda wake up. Yashoda is unconscious and in sleep says where is my son? Kanha! Yashoda suddenly gets up and says please save my son kanha, he is in poisoned water nand ji! Please save him. Nand is sad, yashoda faints again. Nand gets up to go inside Yamuna river, balram stops him and says no kaka please don’t go. Nand says balram please get aside, I have to save my son, he is in danger. Balram says kaka I know that but here everyone needs you and even yashoda kaki needs you by her side, all people of gokul trust you and they need you.

Nand says my son needs me balram, he is in danger and can die. Radha says nand baba please believe me, the people of gokul and kaki yashoda need you more than kanha needs you! Kanha is brave and nothing will happen to him but you don’t go inside the water, yashoda kaki is already affected by poison, nothing should happen to you. Nand sits back and cries.
There kansa is in his palace and says I know where my enemy is. Kansa sits on his crow and goes towards north in the mountains, there is snow everywhere. Kansa says Vishnu I am coming to you, I will not leave you. As kansa goes ahead, his crow becomes slow and kansa says what happened you dumb bird? Why are you going slow? Crow says prabhu nothing ever happens to me but here there is too much cold and my wings are not helping me, they are freezing. Kansa says angrily you are bhagwan kansa’s vehicle, how can you be so weak? Kansa uses his power and helps the crow and says now take fast otherwise I wont leave you. Crow flies faster, kansa reaches the place and says land here.

The crow lands and kansa gets down. Kansa says Vishnu I have come here! Come and fight me, I am challenging you, where are you Vishnu?
Kanha is underwater and a nag from the palace comes out, it clears some area on the ocean floor from water and creates space for breathing. Kanha stands there and the nag stands and says kid who are you? How did you come here? Kanha says I knew kalya naag is inside, call him, I am going to punish kalya naag. The nag laughs and says you will die fighting me, I will kill you kid. Kanha says I am ready to fight you. The nag jumps on kanha, kanha punches the nag, he falls down. Kanha then kicks the nag. The nag gets up and jumps back on kanha, kanha holds the nag’s hands and rotates him in air and smashes him to a rock, the nag dies from the impact. The water comes back on the ocean. Kanha goes to jamuna and says jamuna come on, we have to quickly go to kalya naag, my mother must be waiting for me and must be worried, I hope she doesn’t know I am in Yamuna river.

There kansa flies on the crow again and says I know where Vishnu is. As kansa goes on his crow, he reaches the Yamuna river. Kansa sees Yamuna and laughs and says oh it is the Yamuna river below me. Kansa says what a pity, the river which had pure water than anything now lays like a waste, all dirty and black from poison, all people will die. Kansa laughs. As kansa comes ahead, he suddenly sees a circular area in the Yamuna river which is still blue and not affected by poison. kansa says how is that area not affected by poison? kansa says I think Vishnu is right there. Kansa takes crow to that area where some land is there, kansa lands on the land.

There in kalya naag’s palace, a nag comes who is kalya naag’s courtier. The nag says kalya naag where is your son? Kalya naag says I put him in a dark place because he is vishnu’s disciple, it means I am also punishing Vishnu himself. The nag says to kalyanaag, don’t be very proud of your decision kalya naag, you have prisoned your son, Vishnu can do anything, do not underestimate him. Kalya naag laughs.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : kansa is on his crow and he tries to enter a village in brij mandal but cannot. Kansa is angry and says I am bhagwan kansa. There kanha is finding kalya naag as his disciple calls him from the palace.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


Gulki Joshi
Gungun Uprari
Manish Wadhwa
Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
Sachin Shroff
Tarun Khanna
Tiya Gandwani
Vishal Karwal
Chaitanya Choudhury
Deepak Jethi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min