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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with kansa keeping his leg on shridhar. Shridhar says kansa you are not to decide whether I will die or not, it is Narayana who does everything, even in you lord Vishnu lives otherwise you would not be able to do what you do now. kansa says is that so? Then let me kill you, let me see if your Vishnu comes to help you. kansa presses his leg and shridhar screams Narayana! Suddenly the clouds burst and a bright light comes saying stop kansa! Kansa stops and says who dared to stop bhagwan kansa? A demon without a body comes and says it is me, stop don’t kill him. kansa says oh mudkach, you have come? Vishnu sent you? mudkach says I have come to help you kansa, not save shridar, but we need shridhar.

Kansa no we don’t and I have decided to kill him kansa takes spear to kill shridhar but mudkach says we need him because he knows the truth about who Narayana is. Kansa stops and listens. Mudkach says if I get to know from shridhar about devki’s child then I will go to gokul and kill tha child. Kansa says but if you go, don’t belong to gokul, kill that kid. Mudkach says yes and goes. Kansa gives freedom of life to shridhar.

There kanha takes butter and goes to yashoda and says mother see butter! I am very hungry, please feed me butter. Radha is there and smiles. Yashoda sees and smiles but ignores. Radha says why do you keep saying butter? Kaki yashoda knows it, will she make curd of it or what? Everyone laugh including yashoda. Kanha says mother feed me butter. Radha says why will kaki yashoda feed you butter? Kanha says radha don’t try to be my mother. Radha says I am not trying to be my mother, I am just saying what kaki yashoda would, because if you want to eat butter then eat it yourself as you have hands because when you can do all things yourself and give brahma dev the dakshnia at night then you can also eat butter yourself.

Everyone laugh and yashoda smiles. Kanha says you please be quiet. Radha says see kaki yashoda wants to say that only. Brij bhanu says to nand that radha is troubling kanha, I should tell her. Nand smiles and says no friend, they are kids and they fight, let them do what they want, we will just have fun. Brij says okay. Yashoda smiles and goes as kanha tries to stop. Radha smiles. Kanha says okay radha I lost and you won, now take a gift of victory. Radha says I am radha, I don’t take gifts but will take a gift of victory. Kanha gives radha butter and says eat it as it is made by my mother, you will get some brains then. Brij bhanu says bhabi yashoda should talk with kanha. Nand says those who are actually angry can easily be made understand but those who are acting to be angry, they will play the game. Brij laughs.

There kanha now takes a pot having coal burning in it with smoke. Kanha sneezes and comes to yashoda. Kanha says mother see I am sneezing which means someone’s bad sight is on me, please make me fine by giving the smoke on my chest mother. Yashoda sees and is worried but ignores. Kanha sneezes continuously and says as much as I sneeze that much danger I am in, help me mother. Radha smiles and says kanha no one’s bad sight is on you. kanha says gopi you don’t know anything, as mother knows I am under someone’s bad sight.

Radha says people who have a clean heart are affected by bad sight but you cannot be affected because you don’t have a clean heart. Balram says yes radha, kanha even bad sight will think before it hits you, it will think if kanha’s sight falls on me. Balram and radha laugh. Yashoda has tears and goes. Nand and brij bhanu see and brij bhanu says yashoda Bhabhi is being too rough, friend you should make her understand. Nand says okay. Kanha says to balram, brother why do you support radha? Is she your sister or I am your brother? Balram says kanha, it is not about relation, but I am just supporting what the truth is and the truth is what we see about you.

There kanha is sad and goes and sits under the tree. kanha says mother is not yet talking to me. Radha comes to kanha and says boastful kanha what happened? Why didn’t you eat butter? Kanha says whatever my mother makes is like butter to me and I eat it. radha says is that so? If that is true then eat this mud on the ground, show me that the mud taste like butter for you. kanha smiles and says gopi I will eat it. kanha gets down and takes the mud and eats it, radha is shocked.kanha takes all the mud and starts eating. Radha smiles and thinks this is what I wanted, now I will go to kaki yashoda and tell her. Radha goes as kanha enjoys the mud as butter. Kanha says wow it is delicious and actually tastes better than butter. In heaven, narad muni says how is kanha feeling mud delicious? Laxmi says dev rishi, kanha is the form of prabhu Vishnu and as he said what one person thinks of something, he gets from it, so kanha thinks it is butter so he tastes butter.

Yashoda now comes and kanha hides his mouth. Yashoda says kanha I did not feed you butter so you ate mud? Show me what you are eating. Kanha says no. yashoda says I will open your mouth kanha today and see. Kanha says no. yashoda says if you don’t show then I am not your mother anymore. Kanha says okay and says see mother in my mouth. Kanha opens his mouth and yashoda sees inside. Yashoda sees the entire universe inside kanha’s mouth and then sees the entire universe lives in one thing that looks like the peacock feather. Yashoda is shocked and suddenly becomes unconscious.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : yashoda takes kanha in front of everyone and says nand ji see his mouth, some demon power has affected kanha. Yashoda says kanha open your mouth. Everyone say kanha open your mouth let us see. Kanha says no but then opens his mouth.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna Details

Paramavatar Shri Krishna (English: Lord Krishna) is an Indian television series produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and airs on &TV from 19 June 2017.


Gulki Joshi
Gungun Uprari
Manish Wadhwa
Neha Sargam
Nirnay Samadhiya
Sachin Shroff
Tarun Khanna
Tiya Gandwani
Vishal Karwal
Chaitanya Choudhury
Deepak Jethi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min