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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Khurana will he marry her. They all get shocked. Khurana asks did she lose senses. Naina says no, I came to senses for the first time, will you manage baby alone, won’t you wish someone to manage baby. I was perfect mum according to Ahana. Harjeet scolds her. Naina says I just want to support the baby, for my husband who lost his life to save baby. Khurana says Raghav did not give any sacrifice. She says Raghav lived and died for baby, he would want me to become baby’s mum and raise him, we both lost our partners, don’t you think we should protect this baby for their soul.

Naina asks him will he marry her, she will take his silence as yes. Khurana looks at Harjeet. Naina says pheras will happen today, I will come in your home as your wife. He says but….. She says I want to talk to my Dadi alone. She gives him baby and runs to Dadi. She cries. Dadi says you won’t cry Naina, I will not let you fall weak. Naina cries and hugs Dadi. She says I told Khurana I want to marry him, don’t we have other option, I hate him. Dadi says hatred is also an emotion, we are doing this for your motive, I know this won’t be easy, but we have to do this to get justice for Raghav, wipe your tears, you have to do this, my life has one motive to get those people punished, who snatched our Raghav.

Sudha says sorry Rehaan, you did not do right to agree with Naina. Harjeet says he will not listen to me. Khurana asks are you annoyed with me. She says yes, you agreed to Naina, who is she to decide for our house. He says I know its wrong, baby is little and needs Naina a lot. She says fine, then I will get you married to anyone you like, please not Naina. He says my son feels comfortable with Naina, this is true that Naina raised him in womb.

She says Naina thinks you killed her husband, does she want to take revenge, is she coming with wrong motive. He says maybe, but its true that she loves the child a lot. She says fine, you are marrying against my will. Dadi comes and asks why are you refusing, I lost my grandson, when I m agreeing for this relation and permit Naina to remarry, you are also a mum, and can understand child’s pain, Naina can’t stay alone all life. Khurana has to take care of new born baby, Naina can take care of baby, shall I take your silence as yes.

Harjeet gets shocked. Dadi asks Harjeet not to worry, just come in your son’s marriage. Dadi meets a man and asks him to get this marriage done, do you know some mantras. The man says yes, I will say such mantras that marriage looks real. She says yes, the marriage should look real. She thinks everything will be false in this marriage.

Harjeet thinks what’s happening, how will I kill baby, Rehaan is not leaving him alone. She says I m not agreeing to this marriage, there is no mahurat and kundli match, I feel its big danger sign. He says I m helpless to marry Naina, none can take Ahana’s place in my life, I don’t like to see Naina’s face, I m ready to go through any Agnipariksha.

Dadi makes Naina ready as bride. Naina says I m getting nervous, I don’t trust myself, I can’t do this. She cries and says Raghav passed some days back, how can I do this. Dadi says way is tough, we did not expect for easy way, don’t think much, motives will fall weak, just see the aim and don’t lose courage, enemy will try to break your courage, just remember, you have to take revenge for Raghav’s death.

Pandit comes. He asks Pam to let him do his work and get bride. Dadi gets Naina and makes her sit in mandap. She does the ghatbandhan and angrily sees Khurana. Naina thinks I m making you wear this chain, see how I get you on your knees. Naina makes him wear garlands. Naina and Khurana take wedding rounds. Naina vows to act like Khurana’s wife like today. Naina and Raghav’s marriage rituals are shown in reverse. Naina thinks just Raghav is there in my life, Khurana is allowing me in his life, which is his biggest mistake, I vow to become reason of any problem coming on Khurana, she won’t take care and respect her inlaws, she will snatch everything from Khurana. Khurana makes her wear mangalsutra. She fills sindoor in her maang herself. Harjeet gets angry. Naina thinks of Raghav and cries. Pandit does rituals. He says wedding got completed now. Everyone clap.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina acts to get possessed. Dadi and Harjeet gets shocked.

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