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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

The Episode starts with Naina saying you have stood as my shadow, you saved Rajeev, you paid for Asha’s medical treatment, you used your savings to save my house, you helped me a lot, your goodness can’t hide for long. He says I was just helping Asha, I call her mumma and really mean it. She hugs him and thinks I wish I realized this before that you are so good. She gets Ahana’s call. He asks her to answer call. She says its sales call. He asks her to check message. Naina reads Ahana’s message. Ahana asks her to meet, and get 20000 euros in cash and sign papers. Naina replies I will come. Raghav asks Naina to come home, you need rest. She asks him to go, I will get grocery. He says I will come along. She says no, I want to be alone for some time. He says fine, take your time,but come soon. He goes.Naina goes to meet Ahana. Naina signs on the papers. Ahana explains her the contract, its big thing to keep my child in your womb, you won’t have any right on the child, you can’t tell this to anyone. She says if you are ready, we will get operation done soon, where my child will be kept in your womb. She gives her 20000 euros cash. She asks Naina to throw money on that fallen man’s face and free your husband’s patent.

Naina goes to Khurana’s office. He orders coffee. He asks did you come again. They argue. She throws money. He asks what’s this. She says you asked me to get 20000 euros and get patent, you can count it. He says you people need to count it, I can see it and know its 20000 euros. She asks did he sell his tongue now. He says maybe you sold something for this money, I won’t go against my word. She asks him to return Raghav’s hardwork and patent. He says I won’t give it easily. She taunts him. He asks her to get lost, take the patent and leave. She says I m not interested in seeing your face, this document should reach my husband today. She leaves.

Naina comes home and sees Raghav. She thinks no Mehra and Khurana will come in your way, none can stop you from becoming a successful businessman. He asks where were you, you did not answer call, you went to buy grocery and came empty hand, I understand you needed some time alone. She gets Ahana’s message. Ahana writes about the surgery tomorrow. Naina deletes her message. Raghav asks shall we have dinner, where are you lost. She says yes, you do your work, I will serve food.

Its morning, Raghav gets ready and tells Naina that he is going for his interview. She gives him briefcase. He asks her to notice, I have worn bright color shirt. She says you look confident, happy and positive. He asks what happened to you. She says I m fine. He asks her to say truly. She says I m fine. He says liar, look in my eyes and say. She holds his face. Her phone rings. He asks why does your phone ring. She checks Ahana’s message. Ahana asks can I pick you. Naina replies no, I will come on my won. He says I have to be spy now, is my wife having an affair. She says yes, he is tall, dark and handsome. He says don’t let him go, ask him if he has a job for me. They laugh. She says mad, fine I will recommend you, go now, all the best. He asks is he really more handsome than me. He smiles and goes. He wishes his dream gets fulfilled.

Pam asks Sanjana not to drink, think, we can still do something, I called you here to make you marry Veer. Sanjana says I will marry someone who has no interest in children. Pam says please agree, get treatment done, here marriage means market, many come to marry here, listen to me.

Ahana asks Naina to think again, its big thing to give womb for someone else’s child, keeping someone’s child and then giving away child after delivery, its big sacrifice. Naina says its my decision, don’t take tension. Ahana tells Naina that surrogacy is illegal here, we lied to doctor that its your baby, but actually its my and my husband’s child which will be inserted in your womb by IVF, sorry, come.

Raghav talks to Dadi. He says I always believed in all your decision, except one, when you chose Naina for me, now I understood you have seen that in Naina which none has seen, she is my courage, she stands as my shield, I did not know when I fell in love with her. You would have beaten me if you saw these divorce papers, Naina and I signed on this, but I will not get separated, I will never let her go away, I planned a special night with Naina, I will take her for dinner and then propose her, asking her to throw the divorce papers forever, I think it will look very cute, once she says yes, I will give her much love, and fill happiness in her life, everyone will give example of our love, Naina and Raghav happily married, I will leave now.

Sanjana is at hospital and hears doctor saying Naina’s name. She asks nurse about Naina’s treatment. Nurse says sorry, we can’t disclose details. Sanjana thinks to go and see what’s cooking. She goes and sees Naina in OT. Nurse asks Naina to change and remove jewelry. Sanjana thinks its means Naina is pregnant.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghav asks Naina are you pregnant, tell me truth. Naina gets shocked.

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